Veteran Nigerian Actress Bukky Ajayi Has Passed Away  image

Veteran Nigerian Actress Bukky Ajayi Has Passed Away

Nigerian Actress Bukky Ajayi passed away in the early hours of Wednesday, according to The Punch, the source refused to disclose the primary cause of her death. She was 82 years of age at death.

Born Zainab Bukky Ajayi, this Nollywood legend has graced our television screens too often with a career stretching on for decades. She studied Drama at the institute of drama, London as a government scholar before returning to Nigeria in 1965 to work in Nigerian Television as a presentation assistant the following year.

She was famous for her role in the TV series Village Headmaster which aired in the 1970s before playing a part in Amaka Igwe’s Checkmate and took home a Merit Award in the recently concluded AMVCA.

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Thelmz Is Giving You A Helping Hand For Eid-el-Fitr image

Thelmz Is Giving You A Helping Hand For Eid-el-Fitr

It’s a holiday today and luckily for us, we sort of have a good weather and that calls for a good barbecue. So during the weekend I organised a bbq, good food, drinks and of course good company. This post will be about how I prepared and executed it. 

Marinating the chicken and meat is very important for a tasty barbecue. This could be done a day or two before your barbecue day. You cannot marinate meat and leave in the fridge for more than 2 days, but you can freeze for longer. 

Ingredients for marinating

  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Scotch bonnet peppers 
  • Stock cubes
  • Salt
  • Curry
  • Thyme 
  • And of course your chicken, beef, pork or fish. 




  • Clean your meat/ chicken and keep aside. Put your chicken in a strainer to drain water.

Peel onions, garlic, and ginger. Chop in small pieces and put into your blender. Add curry, thyme, stock cubes and pepper. Blend till smooth.

  • Make incisions on your chicken, rub a bit of salt on it and pour seasoning on it. Make sure it covers all your meat. 


  • Put chicken and meat in a freezer bag and refrigerate till the barbecue day.




  • Get your fire ready, get all you need out and arrange nicely before your guests arrives. 
    • Start your roasting and enjoy your meat, music, friends and sunshine 
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12 Free Apps That Make Using An iPhone Totally Worth It image

12 Free Apps That Make Using An iPhone Totally Worth It

Droids are cool, there’s no disputing that but even though using an Apple iPhone can sometimes be pretty demanding, they are just better generally. Although 95% of these apps I’ll be talking about can only be found in the Apple App Store, they are totally worth every megabyte which is okay really ‘cause they are FREE too.


Fresh Air


Fresh Air is a beautiful weather app designed with a minimal approach. It beats the pre-installed weather widget hands down, it graphs your weather in a minute by minute graph based on temperature, feels like, wind, humidity etc. It makes it easier to plan your day and sends notifications and calendar changes for your existing event. It makes weather look so beautiful and you will almost wish it was your lockscreen.




Hyperlapse from Instagram is a much needed app for travellers. What this app does is that it creates a time lapse video from already taken videos or series of photos so let’s say you were hiking and you take 5 photos every 5 minutes for 3 hours, it combines these images and creates a beautiful timelapse spanning just about 5 seconds and it magically erases every rough or blurry photo.




Litely is a photography app that polishes your images to get a subtle more refined photo finish. Already comes with over 66 presets you can install so you can get that gorgeous film-inspired look.


Photoshop Fix


The most deceptive app ever to be developed gets its most deceptive feature of all time straight to your mobile app. The power of image retouching is now in your hands. It also allows you sign into your Adobe Creative Cloud and get images from your desktop and export them there also.  




Paper is iOS’ ultimate sketchpad. It is the best way to create a list, capture and connect notes, check details in photos and sketch diagrams with uneatable ease.




Afterpulse is the next generation of mobile gaming, it is a beautiful shooting game very similar to the Call Of Duty we all play in terms of gameplay and all round strategy, and it is specifically built for Apple users.




Bumble is a match finding app much like tinder that I was sceptical to get considering my ordeals with tinder. Upon installation and first use, I figured there was just one major difference between the two apps; with bumble, the female HAS to be the one to initiate the chats which is great lol. So finally, we’re saying goodbye to those pointless “sup babe” conversations.


Fear The Walking Dead: Dead Run


Fear the walking dead puts you inside the zombie apocalyptic fall in L.A. from the AMC show. Relentlessly pursued by the zombies, you have to navigate a way out for yourself while shooting (which slows you down), it’s a very strategic and exhilarating game.




If you’re like me and you have no idea how your money goes, download this app. This app allows you manage your finance in a beautiful way using cool infographics. Track your income and find out where your money goes every month, set a monthly limit and set personal preference lists based on what you need the most.


Todo Movies 4


Todo Movies is the best way to find movies you want to see, avoid the ones you have seen before, create a custom list, and discover new movies. It contains posters and other unique contents like cast profile, release notifications, bonus scene indicators etc.


Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock


If you run a tight schedule daily, you need to get this app, not only does it correct sleeping patterns, it helps you sleep good as you can choose between deep to light sleeps at any time. It finds the optimal time to wake you up, notifies you when you have a sleep debt to pay up, and monitors your phone’s accelerometer to detect which sleep mode you are without you knowing.




This live photo filter video app lets you swap faces to anything on your phone. You can choose from over a hundred faces and meme worthy face swaps.

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Ambode, Hawking And Every Single Facet Of The Dilemma Lagos Is Faced With image

Ambode, Hawking And Every Single Facet Of The Dilemma Lagos Is Faced With

Ambode is chasing hawkers away from the street and into the waiting arms of social vices.

Lagos feels different these days; new laws are put in place every now and then but the latest addition to this collection isn’t looking as good as the governor intended. A ban has been placed on street hawking with the consequences being a fine of 90,000 or 9 months in prison for both buyer and seller.

People are already having their say because not only is buying items on the road a fundamental part of being a Nigerian, it is a source of income for those who still look for honourable ways to make money, and serves as one of the backbones of music distribution in Nigeria. For the love of God, there would have been no Olajumoke the bread seller without street hawking - Which makes me ask, HOW ARE WE TO GET BREAD?????


Why Do People Hawk?

The sad reality is that for most street hawkers, they hawk not because they want but because they have to. It doesn’t take much to become a petty thief in this economy but some will still take their chances making a profit of 500 Naira per day hawking fruits or gala in traffic. Stores are expensive to rent and even more expensive to maintain. An example of a failed project to curtail street hawking is the new Tejuosho ultra-mordern market at Yaba which as we speak has 95% of its store spaces still intact because of the cost implication on sellers.


What Are People Saying?

Everyone has what he believes and I think for the most part we all correct in our own sense.

  • There is the issue of the young sellers being prone to certain things like rape for the young females, young girls who hawk goods end up almost too often been raped. This is not a good thing and it makes it a risky business for most girls pushed into the business by their caretaker but what happens when they quit this job because of the new law? Having no other way to earn a living, some if not most would gladly exchange sex for money... but you can say at least now it’s their choice.
  • There is the issue of highway robbery. Have you ever been robbed on the highway? Personally, no, but I do know a handful of victims. You cannot punish every street hawker for the actions of a few pretend street hawkers and the ineptness of the law enforcement agencies. If anything has to be done about this, it should be strengthening the police and highway patrol, not taking away a job that gives more than it takes.
  • There is the issue of it being illegal in the first place and should not even exist.
  • There is the issue of the street hawkers constituting a nuisance on the road causing congestions almost on every road but really though? You cannot blame traffic congestion on a little human traffic.

Here are my two cents on the issue; this is an attempt in futility much like the past administration’s attempt to get motorcycle riders in helmets. Street hawking may or may not have such negative effect in the society but if this is to end like this, a countermeasure should be put in place so the people who benefitted from hawking don’t resort to worse things to make money.

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5 Amazing Mobile Games For Football Lovers image

5 Amazing Mobile Games For Football Lovers

Do you ever just want to play a not so serious football game to pass time or kill boredom? That’s me most of the time. I’m home or at work and I need the time to go a little faster but  I don’t have 1GB to waste on FIFA ultimate team or Real football or any of those properly established football games for mobile. If you’re like me then this post is for you. All under 300mb, these are the 5 best mobile games for football lovers.


Score! Hero

Rated 4.5 on the Apple App store, this game is a guaranteed boredom killer. It features a young you rising up from trials to becoming a world legend with options to choose which clubs you play for and of course customize your player.


Dream League Soccer

Also rated 4.5 on the Apple App store, Dream league soccer is probably the best thing to happen to mobile gaming. You start off with a handful of unknown players, earn money and purchase as you go. Play it so good and you could unlock legends like pele, maradona etc, what’s more,it has a multiplayer mode that works with Bluetooth and local internet connection for both Apple and Android users.


Flick Kick Football Legends

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were stuck in a 70’s football game? Then this game is for you, perfect retro gaming graphics coupled with comic book interface like its 2007 again and you’re reading the Supa Strikas. Don’t front on this one.


Score! World Goals

Made by the same company which made the Score! Hero game, this is a perfect one for people who watch football religiously as the game takes you back to your favourite matches to relive the goals your favourite team scored, however this time, you can score the goal however you please.


Top Eleven Manager

4 stars, Editor’s choice and with over 100 million players in the world, Top Eleven Manager is perfect for the football manager type people. You can join a football team, build your players and play against any of the 100 million people who use this app.

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The All White Yacht Party, Starring: YCEE and Dorcas Shola Fapson image

The All White Yacht Party, Starring: YCEE and Dorcas Shola Fapson

The All White Yacht Party is the first of its kind ever held in Nigeria. The exclusive event, organized by Amberrich Lifestyle, hosted a few familiar faces such as Tinny Engertainment music sensation, Ycee, actress/ presenter extraordinaire, Dorcas Shola Fapson, Spice Tv Presenter, Elma Godwin, while Chocolate City Dj, Dj Lambo was on deck, amongst other luxury lifestyle enthusiasts. Creative Director of Amberrich Lifestyle, menswear designer, Ifeanyi Nwune, says "the event was put together to give people out here a different vibe of night life and create a situation where every single moment is an adventure they would never forget." The event was supported by Bella Naija, Lasena Water, Billion Champagne and Spice Tv.

The event lived up to expectation as invited guests enjoyed a taste of the luxury life, you can see for yourself.


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Game Of Thrones Recap: Fire, Ice And Everything Nice image

Game Of Thrones Recap: Fire, Ice And Everything Nice

Ever been so moved by the sheer brilliance of what you had seen a week ago, or by the prospect of what you’re about to witness that you let the 145 second theme song blare out in the background while you passionately sing out loud knowing well that this is going to be the last time for a long time? That was me watching the season finale of Game Of Thrones.

Everything about the finale was perfect; the cinematography, the plots, the scripting, the score and the attention to the little details which in general has been the hallmark of this amazing Tv show. I might say “Oooh, not another long wait” but the happenings in the season finale are more than enough to chew on for 10 months.

I had a hard time picking a title for this post but this really does it and don’t worry, my other title options are coming as sub headings in this pulsating recap.


The Weight Of The Crown


Right from the start of this episode, you could sense something special was cooking up especially with the awkward silence hanging in the air, it was Sir Loras and Cersie’s trial day and just one of them was present and you can guess who that was.

Sir Loras had confessed to his crimes and was willing to join the seven fully aware he would be giving up his Tyrell name, his lordship in Highgarden and his bloodline. Missing from the trial was the queen mother herself and her son who she stopped from attending – You could already put two and two together, this wasn’t a trial, it was the greatest plot in the history of television overseen by Cersie herself. Curious and furious, Margaery  who got nervous a little too late demanded that the building be cleared out but the high sparrow wasn’t having any of that, a decision that cost all present their lives and made Cersie a few new enemies. The type that call out for blood right away.

The idea was simple, kill them all... the means, cruel even by her standards. She unleashed a weapon four seasons old as she blew the citadel up with wildfire. At that point, my thought was “Really, Cersie, you don’t need more enemies now, DAENERYS IS COMING”. Having seen what happened from the throne room miles away, King Tommen does what he thought logical; drop the crown and take your own life... This is not a game for little kids.

After the death of the king, Cersie having run out of male children to make king was crowned queen all over the seven kingdoms. That would be a good thing but trust me, her reign will be short...death is coming for her across the seas on both sides.


Ice: His Name Is Jon


Having secured the North, Jon and his half... or is it step now? Ooh, wth? Jon and his stelf sister Sansa made their way to Winterfell. Surveying the great dinning, Jon took a trip down memory lane telling Melisandre how he used to be with the true born Starks. Sir Davos made his way into the scene forcing Melisandre to confess to her earlier crimes working with Stanis. Jon hearing all of that banishes her from the North and that could well be the end of her role on this show.

The North is up for taking and Baelish wants to have it with Sansa by his side but that’s just hopeful talk as the North agree to Jon being the White wolf who avenged the red wedding.

By the way, who is Jon?

In another one of Brandon’s time travel epistles, he goes back this time to see who Jon Snow really is. Apparently, Ned Stark the man of honour isn’t Jon’s father, but rather Ned is an uncle to Jon who is son to Lady Lyanna, Ned’s sister... ugh, I’m sure there must have been a better, less complicated way to put this.


In other less interesting news, Arya strikes Walder Frey off her list as she puts an end to his pervy little run on the show. Also, Sam Tully has found the well of infinite knowledge, where he shall drink and learn to become a maester.


Fire: The Red Capes Are Coming


After the whole thing in Kings Landing, Olenna Tyrell is out for revenge as she sets up a meeting with the Dawnish who have as good a reason as any to want Cersie’s head in a spike... Who set up this meeting you might ask, well, Lord Varys. The only other dickless person on the show that isn’t a soldier.

Why did he set it up? Lol, easy... Daenerys who has acquired ships, dragons, dickless fighters, Dothraki fighters, and the wisdom of Tyrion her queen hand is going to do either of the following:

  • Join forces with the two houses and storm Kings landing all dragons blazing
  • Wait for Cersie to battle the other two united houses and attack when she’s out of resources

Either way, Cersie is in deep deep shit.





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It's Data Wars In Nigeria And Airtel Is Winning, For Now image

It's Data Wars In Nigeria And Airtel Is Winning, For Now

There was a time when 1,000 could only get you 200mb at best on any decent network. Honestly, these times were simple, all you needed was money. After years of throwing away money to the likes of MTN who had pretty sweet internet connection but over the top prices and Airtel who was considerably cheap but very unstable network connection, Nigerians got fed up, at least I know I did.

To our rescue came Mobile wifi routers; first swift then spectranet then smile. Anyone who uses internet for anything serious wouldn’t mind paying through their teeth for internet connection that good; it was 4G LTE after all.

It seemed all was good again, internet users happy. But then something happened. It all started this year and it all started with a network you wouldn’t even think could make it happen.

MTN decided and said ‘you know what, screw this, let’s have a party’, and just like that, MTN subscribers like me could get 1.5GB for 1000 naira, 3.5GB for 2,000 and 10GB for 5,000.

Scary right, the one network who hadn’t changed their plans in years decided to slash prices. I’m sure you can guess what came after, the only network people actually use because of internet decided to join the madness, Airtel raised the bar with this one allowing customers get 4GB for 2,000 and 9GB for 3,500. I actually thought, maybe...just maybe i should have stuck around with Airtel a little longer.

It actually does get better than that. Etisalat came with a crazy offer, and believe me, unlike most other networks, Etisalat’s promotions come with no strings attached and their network can only be matched by MTN’s. 1.5GB for 1,000, 3.5GB for 2,000, and 6.5GB for 3,500. At this point, intensity had intensified and nobody knew what to do... Well that was until Glo decided to end the campaign once and for all, 10GB for 2,500... Doesn’t make any sense to you yeah? Well, me too.

6GB for 2,000

2GB for 1,000

And the mother of all data giveaways, 10GB for 2,500.

You might think that’s all but there’s talks of Airtel selling 11GB for just 2,000.

Picking a mobile data plan just became pretty stressful but it’s the kind of stressful I like.

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