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How To Stay Afloat In This Humbling Economy

That we are in recession is no longer news. We all know how hard this economy is, you can’t actually not notice it, not with every sentence people make ending with ‘in this economy’. Economy is bad and yet the VIP section is Escape is always filled up (I was told). This piece is going to help you save enough money to be able to go to Escape and chill stay afloat in this economy.


  • There is rice at home: This really is the golden rule, if this mantra served you well in the university, why can’t it serve you now? Do you know how much you can save just by cutting down on the amount you spend on food when you go out? It is incredible. I’m not saying you shouldn’t eat at that really expensive restaurant, you worked for your money and you should be able to enjoy it, I’m just saying you don’t have to eat there every day in this economy.


  • Be faithful to your partner: Do you know how much people spend on cheating? From the recharge card, to internet subscription, to cab fees, to random gifts? All that money which could have been saved if you were actually faithful to your partner. The worst part is when you cheat on your partner, you start to feel guilty and you decide to buy an expensive gift to ease your conscience, you do know that is money you could have saved or put to good use if you never cheated in the first place. Come on, you shouldn’t be cheating in this economy.

  • Do you really need it: Before you purchase an item, you really need to take your time and ask yourself if you absolutely need it? I mean, you have that top in Navy blue and sky blue, do you really need it in Turquoise blue? You have the home and away jersey of your favourite sport club, do you really need the third kit? Or the training kit? Luxury isn’t something you should be indulging in this economy.

  • Double your hustle: Yeah, I’m talking about that Orezi song, it is pure flames. This might actually be a very hard one, seeing as it is easier said than done. So, you have that 8-5 job, you wake up before 6AM and get home at 9PM, how on earth are you supposed to double your hustle? To be very honest, I don’t know, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, find what works for you, it might be weekends, just find that extra source of income no matter how small it may seem, it might just go a long way in this economy.

          Alaye double your hustle, no time for ingbatiingbati – SenseiOrezi


  • Buy the naira to grow the naira: This is a very important point, because if the government can’t help us, the least we can do is help ourselves. You know that person who makes shoes on your TL or Instagram, why don’t you buy from them? What of the guy making agbada that is actually not a hooligan, why not patronise him? How about the person making cakes? Beads? Artwork? Buy from them. We really have to buy the naira to grow the naira in this economy.
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The Light Painting Series By Ayo Busari image

The Light Painting Series By Ayo Busari

The light shines bright
It illuminates what it touches
People are so used to it
They forget to appreciate the beauty of light
I illuminate
I turn the light to paintings
I do so without paint brushes and a pallet
I will awaken your mind to new world wonders.

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The Moments That Made 2016

The moments, memes, tweets, and pictures.

2016 has admittedly been a tough year for everyone, from the terrible recession, to the disappointing turn of the US elections, and from the MMM freeze, to the emergence of Bobriskyy. Even Wes from HTGWAM suffered the 2016 blues, when he was killed of the ABC show….*tear*. And we wonder with just a few days to the end of 2016 what does the rest of the year have to offer? Hopefully only good things?

Here are the moments that made 2016 well…2016


Pop Culture

People who rose to fame

Bread Seller to Model

Jumoke Orisaguna’s name was all over Nigeria and the rest of the world after a photo-bomb of a shoot by TY Bello got her a modeling contract and in an instant her life was changed.



Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju popularly dubbed Bobriskyy rose to fame through his extravagant sense of style, his ridiculous snapchat videos and let’s not forget his popular unknown ‘bae’.  You can’t talk about 2016 without mentioning Bobriskyy, from ‘oshey’ to ‘bardest’, the snapchat celebrity has obviously stolen Denrele Edun’s place in the flamboyant and controversial!


Mr Eazi

2016 will definitely go down in history as the ‘Year of Mr Eazi’. ‘Every song was a hit back to back! Singles like ‘Dance for me’ , ‘Anointing’, ‘Sample You’, rocked the musical charts so much so that Mr Eazi was nominated for the Headies’ ‘next rated artiste’ award.


Celebrity Feuds

Olamide - Donjazzy

The feud between the music label owners happened because Reekado Banks won the Next Rated award – and the car that comes with it -- over Lil Kesh.  Olamide showed exactly how he felt about it when he went on a rant telling them to “F**k that shit.” “The streets ti take over. Every f**king single was a hit back to back. From lyrically, to Shoki to Efejoku. Ko ni dafun Iya anybody.” After Olamide ‘expressed’ himself, Don Jazzy replied saying “Egbon Olamide, if you want the car come and collect it. God bless you”.  This made Olamide even more angry, leading to a series of angry tweets where he told the Mavin boss that he can’t come to the mainland again. People thought the fight would go on forever but eventually the label owners settled the matter-- but that wasn’t before their fans had a little fun with it.



Wizkid - Linda Ikeji

Memes, subtle jabs, threats, and the Po-Po. Who can forget 2016’s Starboy vs. Linda Ikeji feud? The squabble started when the model turned blogger published a report about how the Ojuelegba crooner was not in-fact the owner of his home but only a tenant and had been served a quit notice. Wizkid, fueling in anger threatened to send his cousin to beat her up which caused Linda to report the case to the police. According to Linda, reporting the issue to the police had Wizkid and his lawyers begging her and apologizing. Eventually, both stars were asked to come to the police station where Wizkid reportedly had to put it in writing his apology and statement saying the threat was only a joke. Though the two have now settled the issue, we still can’t forget these pictures of Linda, Wizkid posted on his snapchat.


Big Music Moments

Albums on Albums on Albums

Lemonade.  Life of Pablo. Anti. Views. This is Acting. Coloring Book. Life is Eazi. These are just a few of the albums that our ears will be eternally grateful for. 2016 was the year of the comeback. Frank Ocean, Lady Gaga, Solange and Bruno Mars came back from their hiatus’ stronger than ever, dropping chart topping albums.



2016 was the annum The Weeknd shocked us all with his haircut, but what was even more shocking especially to the Nigerian music community, was when he named his new album ‘Starboy’. Of course Africans and Wizkid fans all around the world went ballistic, jumping to the defense of their ‘original Starboy’. Words were traded and arguments were held but Wizkid seemed to keep a cool head about all this. When asked by a fan what he thought of the Weeknd naming his album Starboy, Wizkid replied saying “Everybody is a star!”. Quite interestingly enough, it was discovered that neither of the two famous singers, had a legitimate claim to name ‘Starboy’ as it was revealed that the name was originally used by Mavado.


International Collaborations

When Wizkid was not busy touring the world he was collaborating with artistes abroad and creating even more fire music. The ‘pakurumo’ crooner made music with the likes of Drake, Tine tempah, Justine Skye, and Trey Songz just to name a few. Wiz Baba was even nominated for a Grammy for his work on One Dance making Nigerians all over the world proud. Davido too, wouldn’t be left out of the international collabos of 2016. He and Tinashe joined their voices for their song ‘How Long’ which currently has over 1 million views on Youtube.


OMG Moments

Donald Trump

It’s impossible to say anyone had a bigger year than the US President-Elect, Donald J Trump. The billionaire businessman turned politician, rose above all critics and nay-sayers, when he won the US Presidential elections against his opponent Hilary Clinton. The news of his victory shocked the entire world – well everyone except the unreasonable people that voted for him that is. All the negative tweets, memes, even songs proved they couldn’t stop him at the end of the day.



Brexit, a shorthand way of referring to the exit of Britain from the European Union became official in June.  A vote was held to decide whether the UK should leave or remain in the European Union.  The leave won by 52% to 48%. The turnout of people was 71.8%, with more than 30 million people voting. After the voting results were released the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron resigned from office as he was not in support of Brexit. Britain now currently has a new Prime Minister, Theresa May.


Black Lives Matter

2016 was the year when many African Americans lost their lives to brutal police killings. As if the killing of several innocent lives wasn’t sad enough, there was actually video evidence for almost all of the killings. Social media went crazy and Countless people around the world, gathered so that their voices could be heard. The videos that were posted is clear evidence that racism is more than still prevailing in the United States and now to top it off they’ve voted a man who is clearly a racist against any race, except white, as their president, let’s just hope the President-Elect remembers #AllLivesMatter


Shirley Ceaser

If you’re familiar with gospel music, Shirley Ceaser is a name you must have been hearing quite often. A little while before thanksgiving, the gospel singer was recorded innocently talking about food we assume would be served on the thanksgiving table. Little did she know that she would become an internet sensation. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook…YOU NAAAME IT!!! Wasted no time in creating memes, making videos, gifs…literally – you name it!


Kardashian Drama

As if the famous family couldn’t be controversial enough, Rob Kardashian, Kim Kardashian’s little brother, started dating Tyga’s Baby Mama – Blac Chyna. This seems to be quite a mess because Tyga is dating Rob’s little sister Kylie Jenner. Everyone thought Blac Chyna and Rob’s relationship was just a publicity stunt till the announced they were engaged. And even more dramatic? She was pregnant! Throughout this year the couple has had their ups constantly making headlines with their merry-go-round relationship. Blac Chyna gave birth to their daughter Dream Renee Kardashian on November 10, 2016.


Brangelina split

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were an example of true love in Hollywood. Somewhere deep within us, we all thought that their love would last forever and their divorce proves that if they can split, anyone can. Between the two Oscar winners, they have 6 children; 3 adopted children and 3 biological children. Brad and Angelina are reportedly divorcing of an incident between Pitt and their adopted son Maddox. Pit and his son allegedly had an argument on a plane which is when Angelina claims that Brad hit their son. The Hollywood megastars are currently in court fighting for custody of their 6 children however, investigations into Brad Pitt for child abuse has been closed.  


Tiwa Savage's husband scandal

Earlier this year Tiwa Savage’s former manager and husband took to Instagram to express himself in a rant about his wife. In the rant Teebillz insinuated that Tiwa had slept with Don Jazzy, Dr. Sid and Tuface and accused the Mavin first lady of many other wrong doings. Things escalated pretty quickly when Teebilz almost took his life attempting to jump off Lekki-Ikoyi Bridge, reportedly Peter and Paul Okoye were there to save the star from himself. Tiwa could no longer maintain her silence on the matter and invited Pulse TV to her home for an interview. Tiwa gave her side of the story explaining that Tunji (TeeBillz) was millions in debt, using cocaine and was also cheating on her.



Do the words Ponzi Scheme mean anything to you? If you are well educated, you probably heard them once or twice and didn’t pay them any mind. But then again, if you participated in MMM, you’re probably well-educated on the matter. Millions of Nigerians fell victim of what Wikipedia calls ‘The world’s largest Ponzi scheme of all time’. The Russian-made company closed off operations ‘for a month’ in Nigeria, leaving several individuals without a penny to their names. Ironically Nigerians are notoriously known for their scamming, now it seems that the scammers have been scammed… if that makes any sense?


2016 was the ultimate rollercoaster but if you’re reading this then you obviously came out a victor! Here’s to better days in 2017!

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2017 Movie Sequels We Would Rather Not Have image

2017 Movie Sequels We Would Rather Not Have

If we are being honest, 2016 wasn’t a great year for movies, we are hoping 2017 is going to be better, but going by some of the movie sequels coming out in 2017, it might as well be 2016 all over again. This is a non-conclusive list of movies we would rather not have in 2017 and when we do get them, we hope it is the final one.




If you don’t know what movie this is, I don’t really blame you, it is the final instalment of the Divergent series. Let’s do a quick recap, this is a book adapted into a movie, the book is a trilogy, but this is the 4th movie. How? The people at Lionsgate decided to take a page out of the Twilight and Harry Potter franchise by dividing the last instalment of the book into two parts and it backfired. The last movie, Allegiant while being the least grossing movie of the entire series also had a rating of 13% on rotten tomatoes, so the expectations on this one is already pretty low… If you’re going to make a part 4, just call it Allegiant Part. 2 for Christ’s sake.


Pitch perfect 3

Following up to the original Pitch perfect was always going to be a tall order, but we got pitch perfect 2 and it was very decent, so the directors had a great idea, ‘why don’t we do a pitch perfect 3?’ Come on, with each movie release after the original release, it taints the legacy of the first one. That being said, I’m definitely watching it.


Fifty shades Darker

Yes, it is a sequel to the Fifty shades of grey movie and there is another one coming out after it. When you have a movie that is better than the book it was adapted from you know you have a problem. The fifty shades of grey movie was so bad, it is actually scandalous that they are going ahead with the sequel. The only thing good about the first movie was the soundtrack, and now we have to sit through another punishment they call sequel. Just check out how many Golden Raspberry nominations and awards it won. God help us.


Fast and Furious 8

The fate of the furious is what it is being called, and that’s exactly what I am, furious. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the fast and furious franchise, when it was all about the car races that got your adrenaline pumping, then they switched to making heist movies and I still managed to enjoy it and they switched again to making the intelligence community inspired type of movies, nigga please. If there was ever a time to bow out gracefully, it was after Fast 7, with Paul Walker dead and grossing over a billion, but no, they decided to punish us with more of the same overstretched story-line. Please let this be the last one.


Transformers: The last knight

There is no point arguing that, the last transformers is the worst one in the series so far. Yes, it grossed over $1 billion but it doesn’t take away the fact that it sucked balls. We all love the decepticons and the autobots in all their machine voice glory but if this new instalment is anything like the last one, then we are in trouble. This is the last one Michael Bay is expected to direct, so we hope a new director comes with fresh ideas and gives a new spin to the Transformers franchise.


John Wick: Chapter 2

A man goes on a rampage and kills at least 76 men because his dog was killed. Of course, this deserves a sequel. I’m not angry that there is a sequel though, I’m just putting it out there. As a matter of fact I would love to watch it, Keanu Reeves seems to have finally found a movie that showcases his considerable talents in all his glory. This one comes out February 2017, so we get to know early what we are getting.


Kingsman: The Golden Circle

You may never see a better terrible secret service movie that the first instalment of this movie. The action sequences were almost out of this world. But take that out and what do you have? Spy Kids for Adults.

This movie is the Paralympics version of the James Bond franchise and quite frankly would be a lot better if they exchanged all the plots for fight scenes.


There are other movie sequels coming out in 2017, but I just felt like I needed to point these ones out. Not all of the movies coming in 2017 is all doom and gloom though, there are some movies to certainly look forward to, like Star wars: Episode VIII, Thor 3, Wolverine 3 (aka Logan), Creed 2, The Equalizer 2, Frozen 2, GOTG Vol.2, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales to name a few.


Do you think I left a movie out, or I added one unfairly? Let me know in the comment section.



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10 Christmas Movies Everyone Should See Every Year image

10 Christmas Movies Everyone Should See Every Year

Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year. It is the one time you can expect kindness and love from your neighbour even when they know your parents wouldn’t allow you eat the food they give you. There’s something really special about Christmas. Asides the birth of Jesus, there’s a feeling it brings which goes beyond the street decorations and Christmas carols we attend; It is the feeling that for once, we Lagosians and Nigerians in general can take life slow and enjoy life and what it’s worth with family and people we hold dear.

For some reason, over the years, it hasn’t been as it used to be. Every December feels less Christmas-sy than the previous so much so if you ask me what time of the year it was, my guess will be somewhere between May and August.

Usually, when this feeling comes around, I attend carols but those aren’t until next week so I tried to invoke the spirit of Christmas passed – Which worked for me btw, so I’m sharing with you the same recipe of classic Christmas movies that will definitely bring back some of the spark you’ve lost.


A Christmas Story (1983)

Follow young and witty Ralphie Parker on his amazing Christmas quest dodging his neighbourhood bully and daydreaming about his ideal Christmas present a "Red Ryder air rifle". Always at odds with his cranky Dad and loving Mum, Ralphie tries to secure his ideal Christmas present in a freezing December full of love and hope.

A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)

Classic Christmastime play for peanuts fans. Charlie Brown just like most Nigerians is suffering from the Yuletide blues so he takes Lucy’s advice and decides to direct the school Christmas play. Needing a Christmas tree, Charlie sets out to find his ideal tree and on getting back, everyone laughed at the short, spindly “thing” he brought until the true meaning of Christmas found its way into the hearts of the little children.

Elf (2003)

Buddy (Will Ferrell) was accidentally taken to the North Pole as a toddler and raised to adulthood among Santa's elves. Feeling out of place amongst elves, Buddy travels to New York, in full elf uniform to find his real father (Walter) whom he finds. After a DNA test proves this, Walter tries to start a relationship with his long-lost son who hasn’t done much growing in the North pole.



Holiday Inn (1942)

The Holy Grail of Christmas musicals staring Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire, and Marjorie Reynolds. Overshadowed by its overrated and needless remake, the 1942 original musical which is responsible for the popular term “White Christmas” holds a special place in my heart.

Home Alone 1 (1999)

I don’t need to give a narrative, yes? We all watched this and we all should… EVERY SINGLE CHRISTMAS.

It’s A Wonderful Life (1946)

George Bailey, a small-town resident of Bedford Falls lives a life so tragic he contemplates suicide. He had always wanted to leave Bedford Falls to see the world, but circumstances and his own good heart have led him to stay. He sacrificed his education for his brother's, kept the family-run savings and loan afloat, protected the town from the avarice of the greedy banker Mr. Potter, and married his childhood sweetheart. As he prepares to jump from a bridge, his guardian angel intercedes; showing him what life would have become for the residents of Bedford Falls if he had never lived.

Love Actually (2003)

How complex is love? This movie tells nine intertwined stories which show how a single act of love can cause a ripple of effects.

Miracle On 34th Street (1994)

The remake of the 1947 Christmas Classic which follows the life of Dorey Walker and her daughter Susan neither of whom believes in the spirit of Christmas until Dorey who is charged with hiring the mall Santa as Macy’s found old man named Kriss Kringle. He does a remarkably convincing job, and he soon reveals that he actually believes himself to be Santa Claus. Authorities threaten to place the old man in an insane asylum, but a young lawyer comes to his defense. 

Tangerine (2015)

Not your conventional Christmas movie but spell-binding nonetheless, Tangerine follows the life of a transgender sex worker who discovers her boyfriend and pimp have been cheating on her. The movie was shot with three iPhone 5s smartphones.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

The Nightmare Before Christmas, also known as Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, is a 1993 American stop-motion animated dark fantasy musical film directed by Henry Selick, and produced and conceived by Tim Burton.


Did I miss anything? Let me know about your favorite Christmas movies so I can watch them.

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Tobi Sunmola's "Childhood Culture EP" is out and its Mad!! image

Tobi Sunmola's "Childhood Culture EP" is out and its Mad!!

UK-Based Nigerian Rapper, Tobi Sunmola is one of the most exciting and unique young recording artists to emerge from the North West England rap/alternative scene to date. Originally from Nigeria, now living in Manchester, Tobi fuses thought-provoking lyrics with catchy chants and innovative production. He is fast gaining notoriety not only in the streets of Manchester but also throughout the UK – and for all the right reasons.

Tobi first caught the attention of the public with the release of his single “Hear Me” which was heavily supported by UK regional radio stations and newspapers throughout the North West, including Metro, Manchester Evening News and Unity Radio, to name but a few. Since then, Tobi has gone from strength to strength, getting airplay on BBC Radio 1xtra, BBC Radio 1 and Classic FM. After winning the “Adidas: Take the Stage” competition, Tobi Sunmola had the opportunity to make music with BET award winner and UK charttopper WRETCH 32, Jacob Banks and producer Wizzy Wow. Tobi also performed at the Royal Albert Hall earlier this year.

His latest work Childhood Culture EP which is available on soundcloud is explained by him as a sonic sounding project which is a fusion of his heritage and where he's come from to his present environment.

Tobi Sunmola’s ancient vocals and lyrical chants are that of a new culture; he is definitely one to watch. 

So for the lovers of good music out there, Childhood Culture EP is a must listen.

We loved it... you'll most likely love it too.

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What Is The Value Of Education In Nigeria? image

What Is The Value Of Education In Nigeria?

So, you know how you are supposed to go to school, get good grades, get a good job… and so on? We have all heard that mantra before but we also know how Nigerian schools actually are. In this article, I’m trying to stick mainly to a tertiary institution setting. A typical Nigerian university is not a place that will prepare you for life outside school.

In Nigeria, learning is mainly aimed at passing exams and not actually acquiring knowledge, you have lecturers who don’t care about students getting an A in their course any more than they do students learning.

So, you know how to define the ‘Theory of special relativity’ but do you understand it in depth? Of course, not. That question is not in the past questions for the last 5 years, they probably won’t ask it and even if they do, you can answer the other 4 questions whose answers you have crammed.

Nigerian schools are so far away from the level of education required academically that the Nigerian schools on any list of ‘best schools’ are there in spite of the Nigerian system rather than because of the system. You have final year students in schools doing the projects done by students of other schools with all confidence because ‘they can’t know’ or just grab the whole thing online, it is not like they check for plagiarism (public universities mainly).

Okay, you kill yourself in school doing a program in school that you would rather not do but you have done JAMB thrice and you just take any program given to you, you work extra hard because you have no flare for the said course, you do extra research online in your spare time into what you’re being taught and find out your lecturer is teaching the wrong thing but you can’t tell him because he will think you are acting like ‘you know more than him’ and you sure as hell know we can’t have that. You make sacrifices, give up playing the guitar, drawing and singing just because you want good grades.


You finish school with a good grade and want to get a job but they won’t hire you without an NYSC certificate, so you go to the other end of Nigeria to spend a year and you are posted to a secondary school where the students can’t spell the subject they are having but the principal tells you that you have to help them during exam periods because ‘they are your younger ones’ but even though you know that your younger ones are at home, you help them because your principal said so and that’s what everybody is doing. You finish your NYSC and the students’ situation haven’t improved but you convince yourself that it is the work of the government and that you can’t really change anything.

You go back home and start job hunting, you apply for 20 jobs a day and you are not called for any interview because they are looking for 23 year olds with 5 years of work experience, after 3 months, your friend/uncle/aunt hooks you up with someone who asks you to come for an interview, you are so happy that things are finally looking up, it doesn’t matter that you studied engineering in school and the job has to do with accounting, why? you convince yourself that you can adapt, you get to the interview and find you are competing with 37 other people. The person whom you’re supposed to put down your name with has only an SSCE certificate, is rude and screams insults at all of you just because, but you take it because you need the job and insults won’t show on the face when you start making money. You take the exam and find out that the questions don’t have anything to do with the job you’re applying for. You pass anyway because you’re sort of bad like that and you go for the oral interview, which you also pass and the people conducting the interview tell you how exceptional you are and how they would love for you to work for them, you are so happy and say you would love that too and they tell you they will pay you 40k per month, you try to see if they’re joking and realise that they are not and you make some calculations in your head. You see that if you accept the job you will be spending 20k on transport per month, that’s half of your salary gone already without thinking about food, other expenses, and God forbid you have to pay tithe out of what is left. You suck it up, after all the alternative is a company that wants you to come and work for free for 6 months and then they ‘might’ employ you after as a full staff.

You get home and tell your father who blows up and tells you that it is unacceptable, that the school fees he paid for you per semester in school was more than that – Even though you know that’s clearly a lie, you attended Unilag but can understand his frustration. He decides you are to do your masters now so as to increase your chances of getting a well-paying job. But this fills you with dread because you remember Nigerian schools and just the thought of this kills you. How are you supposed to find a well-paying job in the same market as Femi who graduated from Stanford University three years ago but still unemployed? You try to convince your parents to put $20,000 into your Master’s program but even you know that’s a huge ask – that could be anything from 6 to 20 million in Naira…If you can even make it into the school with your half-baked knowledge. You’re not entirely sure your parents have the money but then you realize even if they do, can they afford to part with it, and in exchange for what anyway? A probable shot at a 300k monthly job? Which on a global scale adds up, or rather down to about $650. You then realize cashiers at Walmart make over two times that amount and you’re depressed… Why did you even go to school in the first place? How valuable is education in a country such as this?


Photo: Theuntappedphilosophy

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'Better Call Saul' Spoilers, Updates: Walter White Is Playing A Part In Season 3  image

'Better Call Saul' Spoilers, Updates: Walter White Is Playing A Part In Season 3

The Third instalment of Better Call Saul airs next Spring and along with that announcement, fans of Breaking Bad can have more reason to be happy because Bryan Cranston (Walter White) himself will be directing the first episode of the show. As explained by the showrunners Vince Gilligan & Peter Gould, the idea of Cranston directing an episode will be exciting for both them and the viewers. "I think he'd love to direct one. He wants to - it's just a matter of fitting it into his schedule," Gilligan added.

Directing isn’t something new to Cranston as he has helped direct several shows including Modern Family, The Office, Malcolm in The Middle, and of course Breaking Bad.

Previous Seasons have kept fans happy with the resurfacing of characters we fell in love with in Breaking Bad. However, with the show’s interesting and not surprising interconnection with Breaking Bad, fans are waiting to see if we indeed will get to see the W.W. Meth empire take center stage or any stage at all.

Although we can’t confirm Cranston’s character being played out, according to Newseverday, one of these three Breaking Bad stars Gustavo "Gus" FringChuck McGill, and Mike Ehrmantraut will be responsible for Jimmy McGill’s unsurprising transformation into the Saul Goodman we all want to see.


Bob Odenkirk teased about Saul’s transformation saying saying that "Innocence gets Torn Away" implying Jimmy might have been put to the limit with the Mesa Verde's case, whatever the reason will be, we should find out next spring.

Teaser images for Better Call Saul season 3 shows Saul with his new mustache and Cinnabon outfit, don’t get ahead of yourself, that’s just Gould showing us Saul’s transformation into Gene, the manager of Cinnabon.

There was also a photo of Jimmy in the same room with his brother Chuck whose electromagnetic hypersensitivity seems to have gotten worse.


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