12 AM While You Sleep - The EP image

12 AM While You Sleep - The EP

After a brief hiatus following the release of his debut single in April (Now That We're Here Ft Toby Grey), the rapper, singer and songwriter Martyn who turns 22 today the 26th makes a comeback with this six track body of work titled 12 A.M While You Sleep - The EP, as a gift to his fans. The project serves a wonderful fusion of Hip-Hop, Rap, House and Electronic Techno. His intellectually tasking lyrics, soulful melodious voice and beautiful compositions make this a must listen. 
Twitter & Instagram official handles: @Martyn_YNS

1. While You Sleep 
2. No Nights Off 
3. Living The Life 
4. Magic Friday
5. City Lights 
6. Seven (Instrumental) 
7. Seven


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The Best Trailers From Comic-Con 2016 image

The Best Trailers From Comic-Con 2016

Comic-Con, the popular gathering of Comicbook followers and men with no chance of ever getting laid anytime soon took to San Diego and has already seen some pretty crazy exclusives from both Marvel and DC. It's a bit of a challenge for fans who are struggling to keep up with the recent upsurge in Comicbook movie adaptations.

We did a round up of all the exclusive trailers you should be seeing from the recent craze.


Justice League 2017


Wonder Woman 2017


Suicide Squad 2016


King Arthur: Legend of the Sword


Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them 2016


The LEGO Batman Movie 2017


Kong: Skull Island 2017


Blair Witch 2016


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Entrepreneurship: The New Password to Global Productivity image

Entrepreneurship: The New Password to Global Productivity

Entrepreneurship according to Professor Howard Stevenson, “is the pursuit of opportunity beyond resources controlled”. Entrepreneurship has to do with creativity, discipline, willingness, invention, and management of resources inclusive. It is the capacity and willingness to develop, organize, and manage a business along with any risks that come along with the business in order not only to just make a profit but also to expand its horizon for further opportunities unrevealed. Entrepreneurs create jobs, drive the economy to increase its opportunity, and most importantly entrepreneurs transform lives.

To be involved in entrepreneurship is hard work and it requires certain skills which include:  

  • Creativity
  • Self-confidence
  • Ability to identify opportunities
  • Vision and influence
  • Ability to undertake risks
  • Efficient and realistic decision-making
  • Financial management skills
  • Flexibility of ideas and structure

Being an entrepreneur goes beyond being able to discover or create innovative ideas, it also takes diligence and hard work to produce results of a successful entrepreneur.

Society benefits from the works of entrepreneurs in many ways and some benefits include:

  • Increase in job opportunities
  • Encouragement of innovative thinking rather than a fixed business thought process.
  • Increase in economic profits
  • Increase in standard of living
  • Management of resources to produce greater profits

The advantages of having entrepreneurs in the society cannot be overemphasized and these benefits need to be considered in every sector of the economy. In order for the world to increase in opportunities and growth, we need individuals who are ready to take risks for potential opportunities that can be beneficial to the entire globe. Entrepreneurship is the global password to increased levels of social and business productivity.

Photo: Ceoblognation

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Art: A Growing Brand In Nigeria image

Art: A Growing Brand In Nigeria

Nigerians are a people of a million talents. We're footballers. We're musicians. We're scientists. We're comedians. Yet still we're artists and some of the damn finer ones at that. Sadly, creativity hasn't always been extolled in our stifling and restrictive environment and a lot of folks with the skills had been content to remain just regular office workers with their amazing superpowers hidden away like Clark Kent behind the glasses.

The times seem to be changing albeit ever so slowly. It may have taken a while but it's clear that people are finally realizing that there are ways to market your skills in ways that make it lucrative. It's usually a slow grinding process of honing and selling. Honing yet again and selling for higher. The cycle is endless. You can chuck it up to the pitiable state of the economy or the incredible growing influence of social media in shaping our everyday lives but the fact is more and more Nigerians are beginning to take the initiative and sell themselves, their goods, their brands. Entrepreneur is a word that comes to mind but it's so overused these days and connotes a certain image so it's best left avoided. Even folks that have paid jobs aren't been left out of this trend and it is a welcome sight to see that Nigerians truly cannot be defeated.

Art is finally making the kind of waves it makes in European art houses. Exhibitions are creating a lot of buzz consistently and more artists are finally getting paid their due. The creativity on display is also very stimulating and expressive. It's a real joy to see art steadily rise in Nigeria for the past few years and it's sure to continue.

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Five Reasons You Should Join the Nigerian Team image

Five Reasons You Should Join the Nigerian Team

Our Family Culture  A.K.A Ohana

I do not know about other countries and peoples, but one important element that matters most in the lives of Nigerians is family. This is a platform where love is shown, tradition is passed down, and memories are shared. There are ups and downs but nevertheless, the family still wins all trials and tribulations. No matter how far any members travels the bond of family still stays strong. We bless one another, comfort ourselves, and make sure that no matter what one does, everyone is carried along hence the Igbo term “OHANA” which implies family and no one is left behind.


Our Sense Of Humour

You can never ever get enough of Nigerian humor. Somebody once said our humor keeps us strong and persistent even in hard times. Our jokes are global and everyone can relate to them. We always have a reason to laugh. One major thing I miss about Nigeria are the jokes and sometimes I feel the urge to teach non-Nigerians the difference between dry statements and actual jokes. Nigerians are just too much when it comes to making anyone laugh and one thing that beats me is the thoughts of those who actually create the jokes. We can just say Nigerians are crazy for laughter.


Our Adorable Jollof Rice and Plantains

It’s all about the Jollof rice and plantains always. With these two, you can join the Nigerian gang. It is so serious that without having these two in any kind of celebration, it can be said that your event flopped badly. Funny enough, this has become a national struggle with our Ghanaian neighbors to see who has the best Jollof rice. You know who has the best already, only NIGERIA.  Please don’t mess with this part of our lives if not our other country members will come after you.


Our Fashion Consciousness

Our fashion game has always been strong for so many years to the extent that people can identify us by our unique ways of dressing. We can never go wrong with slaying when it comes to colors, designs, and accessories. Just for the records, sometimes some of our country members go wrong in this art but eventually bring up new trends. So you see, Nigerians are fashion trend makers.


Our Global Identity

It’s so cool to belong to a country that has its members spread across the globe. As it is casually said, “Nigerians taking over the world”. This is who we are; we dominate, we stand out, and are role models to other people and countries. Anywhere Nigerians are absent should actually not exist because it shows there is nothing really going there. We are global people who continually create opportunities where other people cannot envision progress. We are Nigerians indeed from the land of the Green which signifies growth.


I understand that Nigeria is in a state of turmoil presently but let us not neglect some of our attributes that have kept us going in the struggle. One love Nigeria!

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Farewell To Kickass Torrents image

Farewell To Kickass Torrents

The day we feared the most is finally upon us; the most visually appealing torrent site has been taken down. Artem Vaulin, Ukrainian owner of file-sharing website KickassTorrents (KAT), has been arrested by Polish police on U.S. charges of criminal copyright infringement and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

With millions of daily unique visitors, KAT which was founded in 2009, has become the world’s number 1 torrent site beating even Pirate Bay.



The 30 year old Ukrainian was arrested in Poland on Wednesday and will stand trial in the U.S. after he has been extradited by the United States. According to BNO news, A criminal complaint filed in U.S. federal court charges Vaulin with one count of conspiracy to commit criminal copyright infringement, one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering, and two counts of criminal copyright infringement.

Leslie Caldwell of the U.S. Justice Department had this to say about Vaulin:

"Vaulin is charged with running today’s most visited illegal file-sharing website, responsible for unlawfully distributing well over $1 billion of copyrighted materials, in an effort to evade law enforcement, Vaulin allegedly relied on servers located in countries around the world and moved his domains due to repeated seizures and civil lawsuits."


The complaint further reveals that the feds launched an undercover investigation and posed as an advertiser, which revealed a bank account associated with the site.

It also shows that Apple handed over personal details of Vaulin after the investigator cross-referenced an IP-address used for an iTunes transaction with an IP-address that was used to login to KAT’s Facebook account.

It wouldn’t be hard to initiate a Pirate-Bay-ish comeback but with investigations still ongoing, it would be a foolish and risky decision.

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7 Common Misconceptions Movies Taught Us About Love image

7 Common Misconceptions Movies Taught Us About Love

Love doesn't happen at once

Love at first sight? it doesn't happen all at once, it takes more than one shoot. Sometimes you don't even know when it’s happening. They could be your best friend and one day just a little wink of theirs would change it for you and you start seeing them differently. True love builds, as you learn and lose and you learn again. Most times, true love is a crescendo, always rising but never ending and no definite beginning.  


Love is not always deserving

Good people don't always love good people and the same goes for bad people too. You can't help who loves you and whom you love. You might fall in love with someone one who doesn't treat you right; you might fall in love with a person who is way out of your league. Love doesn't respect lanes or comfort zones. Princesses don't always end up with a prince, sometimes the prince ends up with the witch and sometimes the frog that’s been kissed still stays a frog and you still love it either way. Angels fall in love with monsters everyday and fight for each other and with each other. We accept the love we think we deserve. 


Love is not enough

Love is the beginning and the end but sadly not the entire story. Honesty, communication, endless forgiveness and sacrifices are the other paragraphs in a love story with a happy Ending. To want to be with someone takes more than love because on the days you can't love them what else can you give offer them? Trust me, those days always come. You have to be able to give someone more than love. Love is beautiful but not enough to survive on.


Love has an organic span

Allow people to come into your life and change it; allow them leave when it is time. Everything has an organic span, fight for things but don’t force them. Someone might appear into your life for 5 minutes, 5 days, 6 hours, 6 weeks, 7 years or a lifetime, let it bloom. Love is a flower with a cycle, we are the petals and some of us fall off while some of us stay together until the end of that season. And no matter how they leave you grudgingly or with abandon absorb it and let it change and prepare you for the next season.


Love hurts but always it can heal

Love will either break you or make you whole, either way it will always build you. 9 out of 10 times love hurts you but 10 out of 10 times it can teach you if you let it. In the movies if you lose it all, someone usually has to come heal you but that’s not true. You learn to love yourself better after every romantic experience and with that evolved love you learn to love people better. Like you trust that your skin will heal after a wound trust that your heart will too.


Love is a sacrifice but not the ultimate sacrifice

Yes, to a large extent love is a continuous sacrifice but unlike the movies you shouldn’t give up everything in the name of love. Love would never push you to the extent of losing your identity and individuality. When you can compromise – do, but when you can’t – don’t. You do not always have to compromise for someone who comes into your life. Love must be earned not sacrificed for.  Because when you are in love nothing feels like a sacrifice.  There are 7 billion people on earth go find your soul mate don’t compromise for one.


Real love can never be threatened

Sometimes it gets hard you know? Movies either depict love as a breeze of success or as a storm of destruction. Love is real and it is difficult to preserve but it is real. Every diamond has imperfections and so will the best relationships and marriages. There will be tears, torture and turbulence but it will always come with redemption, remedy and resurrection.

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Rebecca: A Two Man Love Tale That Just Manages To Captivate image

Rebecca: A Two Man Love Tale That Just Manages To Captivate

Now Award seasons are over in Nigeria and Ghana, it was worth the wait to see how some highly anticipated movies faired in the awards before actually seeing them and Shirley Frimpong-Manso’s REBECCA is one of the few.

REBECCA tells the story of a egotistic city man Clifford (Joseph Benjamin) who keeps to this mother’s death wishes and travels home to marry a timid looking village girl Rebecca (Yvonne Okoro) to whom he is betrothed, on their way home they get lost in the middle of nowhere and he gets to realise that this girl he has married just a few hours earlier is anything but ordinary. The synopsis could be deceiving and make you believe this one is a usual cliché but the well put together trailer will pique your interest and make you want to see it.

Shirley Frimpong who co-produced and Directed this movie with Ken Attoh and also wrote the screenplay can only be described as an unconventional risk taker, who just hears voices in her head and begins to pen over a hundred pages of screenplay based on fresh dialogue between two casts and one scene with different cuts, for a film market like ours in this part of the world it is a heavy risk that only she and maybe Leila Djansi can pull.

Seeing the trailer of this movie, you could be drawn to believe that the screenplay and the performances of both casts should be award winning but when you see this picture you will get to understand why not. The dialogue was fresh and worth listening to from Clifford’s perspective but for a supposed village girl who we get to learn was trained to read and write by a ‘village teacher’ her use of words were rather too heavy and probably will give Joke Sylvia’s choice of words a run for its money, how about use simpler terms like ‘happy’ in lieu of ‘excited’ and ‘tall grasses’ instead of ‘shrubs’, this would have brought a proper imbalance in the dialogue of the cast which was what was expected but this was not offered even in the scene where Clifford asks ‘ how did you learn to speak so well?’ this simply did not cover up for this major shortcoming, reason why the script which had great potential did not get any nods at the major awards this year.

For the performances, at some point you can notice that the Director was trying ceaselessly to extract the characters from the cast rather than the cast doing it for themselves, you could feel Rebecca look sometimes as though her attention was divided, it felt like she did not do  a proper research on the character in order not to simply explore Rebecca’s complexities but to also show that proper ‘village side’ that would have given her an easy award nod, Yvonne Okoro probably felt she could do it and just went ahead being that the character seemed easy to interpret. Joseph Benjamin did impress at some points but overall it was the usual Benjamin Joseph the one we have seen over and again.

As stated earlier, the efforts of the Director were visible in this picture, no wonder the AMVCA nomination, the sound and video editing was very properly done and would have been a tough one been that this was a one long scene movie that has great potential to be tedious but it managed not to be so much of a bore with the dialogue. The choice of music scores was also very brilliant and added taste to every scene a score was required. However, the scene where a supposed wild animal was chasing them was in all candour a joke, an unapologetic joke that could have been better thought out and executed. Highlights were the ‘sex in the rain scene’ and the scene where we could hear Shirley through Rebecca when Clifford asks ‘ are you a virgin?’ and she retorts ‘are you?’ It felt painstaking to watch before  the climax but the end, the very end of this movie saved the day, the happenings and the very last dialogue between Rebecca and Clifford was enough to pardon any of the flaws one could have put together viewing this the movie.


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