A Lot Of Nigerian Teenagers Are Watching Pornography And This Is A Huge Concern image

A Lot Of Nigerian Teenagers Are Watching Pornography And This Is A Huge Concern

Apart from being a business and brand strategist, Subomi Plumptre who heads the corporate and social media practices at Alder Consulting finds the time to tackle some of Nigeria and the world’s problems through her frequent research work.

Not so long ago, I stumbled upon one of her works where she wrote an extensive report on an issue most parents would rather shy away from.

The Rise of Internet Porn & its Generational Impact caught my attention and I began reading. Subomi brought in some hard to argue with facts which initially made me giggle but the afterthoughts sent chills down my spine.

In 2015, the popularity of Nigerian Google searches for porn (relative to other searches) on a scale of 0 to 100 was above 80. (Google ranks as 100 any item that constitutes 10% or more of all searches in a country.) The number of average monthly searches by volume was 135,000 and the States with the greatest popularity for porn searches (from high to low) were: Enugu, Oyo, Ogun, Rivers, Lagos, Abia and Cross River. The relative popularity of rape porn videos was also above 80, with Lagos State leading the charge and in 2014, Nigeria ranked third globally for the most Google searches for Gay Porn. (We were ranked second in 2013.)"

Very disturbing statistics, yes, but it doesn’t stop there, since 2009, porn search popularity has been on a 70% annual increase with Nigeria overtaking the U.S. (a country twice our size and with more than double our internet users) in 2014 and 2015.

Now how does this affect your kids?

Nigerians do not only use the internet, they love it; from bbm to twitter to facebook and instagram, there’s no way you can go a day without checking feeds especially with the current slash in ISP tariff plans. 40% of the Nigerian population have access to the internet and majority of this 40% comprises of the youth because quite simply, they got there first and that’s a truth we all have to live with. While working on the Jack & Jill Therapy platform (a free telephone based platform for those seeking sexual counselling), Subomi disclosed in her report that addiction to porn and masturbation had been the most reoccurring issue but the sad and undeniable fact of this is that habits take quite some time to form and with our kids all exposed to the dangers of direct or indirect pornography, how soon do we expect them to get hooked to this?


Just weeks ago, Subomi had a talk with cable about a friend of hers who happened to have a teenage son. She talked about how she was forced to have “the talk” with the teenager after she caught him watching pornographic material on his mobile phone.

She made mention of how her recent discovery of Game of Thrones; a popular tv show among the teenagers has made her more aware of the position parents should be taking concerning the issue at hand by taking little things like movie restrictions more importantly. She spoke about how Nigerian parents should be there to give the kids knowledge rather than have them find out through the wrong media.

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Game Of Thrones Is Coming To An End Season 8 But Here Are Some Brilliant Spinoff Ideas image

Game Of Thrones Is Coming To An End Season 8 But Here Are Some Brilliant Spinoff Ideas

With the end coming soon for Game of Thrones, there have been talks or rather speculations about a soon to be spinoff to keep the beautiful franchise afloat. With the show runners David Benioff and Dan Weis revealing that the show would indeed come to an end after its eighth season and even considering shorter final two seasons for the remaining two, it leaves fans waiting to see if there would indeed be a spinoff sometime soon.


Asked about the possibility of a spinoff, David Benoiff and Dan Weis remained adamant they were simply just rumors.

“I know that [HBO programming president] Mike [Lombardo] made off-the-cuff comments to that effect,” says Weiss.

“No. If that were to happen it would have to come from [Benioff and Weiss] really feeling something, or [author George R.R. Martin] really feeling that it was the right thing to do. Not knowing how this particular story ends, I don’t know. There are plenty of characters, secondary characters, [that] you could build a world around. We’re always going to be drawn to a strong creative vision. But we are not going to do that unless we feel their passion. “

(Lombardo told reporters at the Television Critics Assn. press tour in January that “there’s enormous possibility to be mined” in a prequel.)

Lombardo’s position remains unchanged and comes as a relief to most of us here because in as much as we would love to see and explore certain terrains of the show which have been in the dark, most spinoffs end up been conceptualized and focused mostly on raking in huge cash for the cable companies.

With Lombardo confirming that this isn’t an option yet, at least till the show is over, here are a few unexplored parts of the show people want a little light shed on.

Prequel one could be the rule of Daenarys’ father aka The Mad King, it would definitely be great to see him in action, as well as Robert Baratheon's rebellion. This would bring back dead characters Robert, Dany’s brother Viserys Targaryen, and Ned and Catelyn Stark. Additionally, a two handed Jaime Lannister would be a big character, as he served in The Mad King’s Guard, eventually assassinating him to save the Kingdom. 

Prequel two could be the way of the North as a lot of viewers believe we were snatched away from the peaceful protocols the north observed too early. This of course will bring back over 80% of the Stark family who have been killed including their wolves and of course two-legged Brandon.

We know that a lot of fans we disappointed with the decision to end the season sooner than we expected and with the possibility of a spinoff not in the table for discussion yet, let’s just enjoy what is left of the show.


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Lucifer Is Coming Back This September And Here Is The Trailer To Go image

Lucifer Is Coming Back This September And Here Is The Trailer To Go

Having told you earlier in June that our beloved Supernatural show Lucifer had been renewed for a second season slated for fall 2016, we are following that up with more good news for #TeamLucifer, At the San Diego comic convention, there were some great trailers at display for both film and TV show viewers and we brought you our pick of the bunch from the Film section.

There was just about enough time to squeeze in a trailer for the second season of Lucifer as well as a release date which isn’t too far away, here is the season trailer for Lucifer which returns on the 19th of September.

“We got picked up for Season 2, so obviously. What they came up with for Season 1 worked and was successful and it worked well enough to get us a second season that looks like it’s going to be longer than the first season.” D.B. Woodside, who stars as angel Amenadiel.

The TV show created by Tom Kaponis scored high with the viewers rating it 7.6/10. Rotten tomatoes gave the season one a 49% and IMDB an 8.4 out of 10 based on 42,800 user votes.

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The Importance Of Prayer image

The Importance Of Prayer

We are in the world even though we are not of the world. In order to survive and excel in a world that is not ours we need to stay connected to our original source which is heavenly. One major way of staying connected is through prayer. As we know, people define prayer according to their perspectives. Simply defined, prayer is communicating with God and through this we increase our knowledge of Him, present our thoughts and requests, ask for repentance, and also give thanksgiving. It is so important to pray as it is to eat but unfortunately, many of us discount the importance of this act. Sometimes we cannot be blamed for ignoring the power of prayer because the world makes us believe that we are capable of being successful through hard work and persistence. The truth is, we cannot do anything except through Christ. It is true that we have to work hard and persevere through the process but prayer makes the difference. It distinguishes great works from ordinary works. It elevates situations that have been condemned and reveals situations that are yet to occur to those who are constantly on their knees conversing with their creator. Remember, while Jesus was on earth, He prayed. He prayed all the time because He understood the importance and role of prayer in His life, ministry, and destiny. The same applies to us because we were created in God’s image. Hence, prayer is a necessity for us to overcome the trials and tribulations of the world. Your life should be a life of prayer. Sometimes we do not feel the need to pray because we feel we have prayed enough. This is false because just like it is necessary to begin a new day with new grace from God, it is also necessary to begin each day with new prayers for every situation. Hence, our prayers need to be renewed all the time. In all that we do, when we pray we must understand that our prayers need not be long or short but need to be from a sincere heart. God sees our hearts so He knows which prayer is genuine and which is not.  In our prayer life, there will be challenges and time we do not feel the need to constantly pray but here are five important reasons to constantly pray.

  • Prayer destroys unknown strongholds and powers of the evil one.
  • Prayer protects us evil plots planned for us in advance.
  • Prayer heals our souls and gives us hope in God.
  • Prayers makes people friends of God because they converse constantly with Him and get to know Him personally.
  • Prayer is the key to every situation in and out of our control.

Let us all now approach the throne of God in prayer and rest in His presence with the assurance that prayer is all we need to begin a connection with our creator.

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What Edtech In Nigeria Should Be All About image

What Edtech In Nigeria Should Be All About

In these past few months, I’ve followed several Edtech solutions/companies closely and while their effort is laudable for having achieved some success, I strongly believe their approach is flawed. This is not to specifically claim that they’re doing the wrong things but simply that they would have greater impact on the Nigerian education system if they refocused their efforts. There is a lot of attention being paid to the lower levels of education – primary and secondary schools – as well as the transitional exams into higher institutions yet the greatest problem lies within the tertiary education system. This is after all, the system supposed to equip individuals with the necessary knowledge and its industrial applications in order to be more productive in the outside world.

Of course, it’ll be quite easy to point to the Western world’s focus on computer based courses and conclude, “Presto, that’s what we need” but that would not only be ill-advised but also uninformed. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that some of the top qualifications in the Western world are computer-based skills, hence the spotlight on such. With a much different system at work in Nigeria, it’s not effective to adopt a similar strategy if you want to provide indigenous value on a large scale. We must look into our biggest industries and prevalent practices in order to devise a solution that provides the most impact. Industries such as Agriculture, Real Estate as well as Engineering – Petroleum/Chemical in particular – are excellent starting points in which technology can provide better equipped potential employees that can add value to their employers, improve existing systems and provide nationwide economic growth.

Let us focus on what the market needs from graduates, find experts who can provide this ‘education’ and link them up with those still in the tertiary education system. If this strategy is successfully executed, we’ll have more individuals who upon leaving higher institutions are better suited to fulfil the country’s needs thereby increasing their chances of getting jobs and that needful work experience, as Mr Tayo Oviosu stated. This is crucial in improving your chances of creating a sustainable and successful business in due time. It’s a pretty efficient cycle if you ask me: Educate undergrads with useful and applicable skills, thus making them increasingly employable which in turn leads to an individual with the right work experience and skillset to educate another generation of undergrads.

I may be wrong though or maybe there’s already someone out there who knows this and is working on it but I strongly believe the Edtech companies will not have truly fulfilled their potential until they are able to successfully employ this strategy to transform the Nigerian education system.

By Venn

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Papa Omisore's P.O.C Proudly Unveils Latest ‘Essentials’ S.S’17 Collection image

Papa Omisore's P.O.C Proudly Unveils Latest ‘Essentials’ S.S’17 Collection

Following the critical acclaim of his immediate past LFDW 2015 Zebra collection, Papa Omisore upped his creative ante by delivering entirely new designs, while maintaining his brand’s fluid and laidback appeal, and what resulted is the vibrant and colorful ‘Essentials’ collection. 

Everything from the intricate mix of art and functionality to P.O.C deliberately opting for a campaign shoot, instead of a look book, featuring the original P.O.C man, Omisore, instead of professional models, is to show the everyday Nigerian man how he too can wear P.O.C on a daily basis. 

Also it was important to Omisore to portray his connection and relationship with the pieces, from conception to final execution, in the campaign.

P.O.C’s ‘Essentials’ collection is not just stylish and eye catching; it is also diverse, casual and necessary for the Nigerian man’s wardrobe.

Photography @lakinogunbanwo

Creative Direction @ifeanyinwune

@papaomisore @p.o.c_lagos


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All That’s New And Bubbly In TV Land image

All That’s New And Bubbly In TV Land

Okay so hi guys! A new TV season is coming soon, a season that will be full of superheroes and lawyers and PRISON BREEAKS! Okay, I’m a little excited but why won’t I be when all this glorious deliciousness is about to appear on screens once again.

What’s new in TV-land


Suits kicked of their 6th season this July and have already aired 2 episodes. Episode one showed The Pearson-Specter-Litt family handling the realities of Mike Ross leaving to jail. Virtually all of their staff was gone (except that one cool IT guy with the glasses) and they just got served a law suit for every case Mike ever touched (can they even count how many cases he’s touched?). Yikes!

  • According to, Mike Ross can expect to find many troubles in prison during the course of this season. In episode one, he meets Paul Schulze, an inmate who presents himself as an ally but was secretly out to get Harvey, and doesn’t mind using Mike as pawn to get to him.
  • Details are not clear yet on how Harvey, Jessica and Louis are going to pull through their respective ordeals but, trust them to put up one hell of a fight.

The Flash

         Season 2 ended on the biggest of all cliffhangers, when Barry went back in time. So what can we expect in season 3 when it returns March 2017? Here’s what we know

  • The first episode of season 3 will be called ‘Flashpoint’ and is already shooting.
  • There are going to be new speedsters. Yup! Get ready to meet Kid Flash, as Wally West. There will also be a new evil speedster.
  • New characters! If you’ve missed Tom Felton’s gorgeous blonde hair, get ready to see it again! The former Harry Potter actor will be introduced to the show as detective

The Vampire Diaries

Finally! Finally! The Vampire Diaries is ending. After 8 years and 7 seasons of the series that brought you witchcraft, romance, blood-sucking and so much Vampire drama,  its final season will start October 21st 2016. I feel so emotional.  This was the series that made me start watching series. It’s the end of an era you guys. #TVDForever.

What to expect in the 8th and final season

  • “This season, get ready to meet evil herself.” Were the words we were teased with from the Season 7 finale.  Julie Plec hinted that the ‘Evil’ who we can only assume is a woman because of the ‘herself’ part, is rooted back to ancient times.
  • Our two favorite bad boys, Damon and Enzo will be, and I quote “doing some gnarly s—t”
  • Bonnie is still magic-less and trying to find herself,  Stephan is sulking and missing his big brother and Caroline is busy helping them both find Damon and Enzo.

The Originals

It’s been confirmed! Like I suspected, there’s going to be a time jump. Specifically 5 years. This was strategically arranged so that Hope could grow. We can now, expect Hope to be a larger part of the show instead of just being a giggling baby.  So what might we hope for in Season 4?

  • According Hope is made very aware of her family’s suffering and misses her dad very much.
  • Hayley is still on the journey to save everyone and has to locate the seven werewolf pack.
  • We can expect to learn more about the powerful Vincent
  • Still no word on where Marcel stands in season 4.
  • Last and certainly the saddest, Hayley and Elijah grow apart. After all the relationship goal vibes they were giving us, it seems 5 years in a coffin was enough to separate these two love birds.

Prison Break

My, my. It gives me so much pleasure to be writing about this. I can’t even explain how happy I am this series is coming back!! For those of us that followed this legendary series we know that at the end of season 4 Michael Scofield lost his life to a brain tumor and even though it was a sad, tragic death, we all made our peace with it. But, it turns Mr. Scofield is alive and well and wait for this major plot twist *drum roll*… he’s in jail, again! Here’s all we know about the upcoming season 5:

  • Michael is locked in a prison cell in Yemen and his older brother is determined to come to his rescue
  • Almost all our favorite characters are coming back! You can expect to see Sarah, C-note, T-bag and others when the show resumes 2017
  • Michael is coming back with new tattoos as well as Lincoln
  • This new season will deal with ISIS and what’s going in the world of terrorism today.


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GOLD Review: Adekunle Gold Is Here To Stay And Thankfully So image

GOLD Review: Adekunle Gold Is Here To Stay And Thankfully So

Adekunle Gold in Beyonce like manner decided he wasn’t going to wait till the 28th before releasing his much anticipated GOLD album. Yesterday evening, the album became available for purchase on iTunes and we listened to it to see just how good Adekunle is.

A career that started off with a One Direction cover has come a long way in the right direction with a 16 track album titled GOLD which just about does justice to the album title. The album features just one artiste and yes, you guessed right... Simi who mixed and mastered most of the songs on the album was the only artiste featured on her “lover’s” debut album. One thing that stood out for me during my first listen were the beautiful guitar riffs in most of the tracks especially on friend zone.  Amongst the new tracks on the album, here are a few of my choice selections.

Ariwo Ko: This song shows Mr Adekunle’s ability to handle even the most difficult instrumentals. The pseudo reggae track produced by YBNL faithful Pheelz confirms what I’ve always asked myself about Adekunle.

Beautiful Night: A classic Adekunle song about love with a beautiful synth afropop vibe.

Fight For You: Easily one of my favourite songs from the GOLD album, Fight for you talks about Adekunle gold fighting the battles facing his beloved who he somehow missed out on.

Friend zone: A fast tempo song that describes the struggles and thoughts that run through a Nigerian male when the girl he desperately wants refers to him as “Brother”.

My Life: At this point, I’m asking myself “How does a musician sound the same and so different on every track?” Adekunle presents a much different approach to music that even the older folk can relate to and this song really shows how.

Nurse Alabere: Just about my favourite track on the album. A beautiful soulful song even complemented by the talking drums and flutes.

Temptation: Adekunle does something most Nigerian artistes don’t, he tells stories also... Purely hypothetical but he is able to convey his message from the voices of total strangers that don’t even exist.  

No Forget: If you were like me who thought Falz had taken Simi from Adekunle, think again. Simi who is the only artiste featured on this album proves her worth and significance in the life of Adekunle with unreal synergy.

Paradise: Adekunle feels like he’s enjoying paradise and why not too? His songs in the mouth of most Nigerians why shouldn’t he?

Indeed Christmas came early for lovers of good music. If you ever had any doubt that Adekunle is a man on a mission then you should give this album a listen. For $10, the GOLD album is a bargain.

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