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Why Everyone Is Talking About Stranger Things

I have to be completely honest, I usually don’t take television show recommendations from friends let alone twitter and the reason is simple; The Flash, Gotham and Empire, which was why I knew I was on to something when I took a particular interest in Stranger Things off a thread compiled by one of my followers. I saw the poster and immediately made a mental note to check it out. A couple of days went by without me implementing – much to the delight of my bad habit but just like in the show, something kept calling me; something I had no choice but to answer to. So with a heart full of hope and a head full of doubts I decided to binge watch this show and to my surprise, how good the episodes turned out to be left me agog for the next one.

Set in 1983 and filled with popular culture references, Stranger things enters the minds of four or would I say three geeky high school kids considering that one was abducted 15 minutes into the first episode by an alien from an alternate dimension opened by the scientists at Hawkins. This alien drags Will into a different dimension the kids call the “Upside Down” and they are left with trying to find a gate to the other dimension and save their friend who somehow still communicates with his mother Joyce.

Will’s mother Joyce is played by Winona Ryder who made no mistake in all 8 episodes. Joyce having lost her husband to the city stays alone with her two kids and has to work at a grocery store everyday even on Christmas and Thanksgiving Day to make sure the boys lacked nothing. Undoubtedly the star of the show so far, Joyce remained unhinged and edgy as expected and even when the show got crazy, it really never was anything near her own crazy. The scene where she had to take in two weeks advance to get Christmas lights in an attempt to communicate with her son remains one of my favourites. Thought crazy, Joyce was alone with no one to share her beliefs until Chief Police Hooper who lost his daughter to cancer earlier before the incident began stumbles upon the secret laboratory and blows their cover open. Hooper bonds with Joyce and they both begin a series of investigation which would lead to Will’s discovery.

There’s no way i can talk about this show without making mention of Eleven, aka L. It’s sweet when a character can win your heart with as little as 50 words all season; she barely said anything but her eyes did most of the talking.

Eleven was taken from her mother who was a volunteer in the Hawkin test programs. Unknown to her mother, she was pregnant at the time of the test and before L was born, she was taken away. She somehow develops super telekinesis abilities and is taken to be groomed into some weapon. She runs away through the sewer and finds herself mixed up with Will’s friends Lucas, Dustin and Mike to complete the quartet and assist in the search for Will.

You’d be surprised to find that in the middle of all this mess, there’s still the triangular love thing happening. Intelligent and attractive Nancy falls in love with charming bad boy Steve and during a party night she loses her tag along friend to the alien. In an attempt to find her, she teams up with nerdy-timid Jonathan Byers, Will’s brother and Steve gets jealous... LIKE C’MONNNN CAN’T YOU SEE THERE’S BIGGER FISH TO FRY?

The rest of the supporting characters really did a good job.

Everyone was brilliant. Lucas’ scepticism, Dustin’s appetite for adventure and other things, even mad scientist Dr. Martin Brenner was excellent. Although Netflix haven’t started the renewal process for a second season, I honestly can’t wait for this one to return.

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Why Men Desperately Need Feminism

Men and women are biologically, sexually and psychologically different and those are facts, facts beyond human argument. Coming down to economical, mental and political aspects which is in human reach, men and women still aren’t the same but the difference is they could be and they should, which leads us to the feminism movement purely centred on the equality of rights politically, socially and economically between men and women. Women have fought for feminism for almost 200 years with little or no help from men. But this article isn’t for women and it’s not for the ignorant men who have willingly refused to understand feminism, this is for the men who want to understand more and the men who are scared to be labelled feminists. This is what feminism means from the views of a man.


Gender Expectation


Male roles are centred in strength, honour and action, which are healthy themes, but they have all evolved as humans do to concepts such as arrogance, lack of conscience, violence, hyper aggression, objectifying sex and restricting emotions which all fall under the umbrella of hyper masculinity. Young boys are wounded by a world that demands them to be this invisible concepts but ever-present concepts. Emotional neglect is what lays the groundwork for emotional numbing which later explodes into a wild ego of hyper masculine misbehaviour i.e. rape, brutality, rage, discrimination, arrogance and wilful ignorance which are all normalized by people with phrases like “boys will be boys”. These boys become men and these men become responsible for the world. Feminism is a breath of fresh air, a window into the spectrum that gender roles fall into.


Rape Culture and Mental Health


3 out of every 10 men were molested as little children, 1 out of every 10 men has been raped and just 14% of men raped share their experiences. In 2014, 75% of suicides were committed by men, male to female teenage suicide is currently 3:1 and less than 40% of men who died of suicide ever had psychiatric help. Feminism is restructuring gender roles and helping us fine tune what masculinity is defined by. Current male gender roles force a man to always be strong even when he isn’t, to uphold the masculine themes of strength, power and impregnability. But that is a lie, sometimes men are weak and vulnerable and they need help. Vulnerability has been made to look like a limitation but it is purely a symptom that something needs to be handed more delicately. Feminism is also taking men to a higher standard. Women are inherently wrong when raped, wrong for being a woman, wrong for being at the wrong place at the wrong time but why are men allowed to be such savage animals, why aren’t their morals immediately questioned as opposed to the victim?  Instead of attacking the dress codes and morals of women, why do we not attack the vile behaviour of a man to defile a woman? If men take up the role of provider and protector why do we irrationally and unconsciously protect guilty men? Let the standard of feminism teach us better.


Income Inequality


Money is what gives us men the power that we have, it used to be physical power but now it is economical power and giving the right opportunities and a fair playing ground economical power is up for grabs to anyone. In Nigeria, statistics have shown that for every 1 naira made by a woman a man makes 1.08 naira more, though there have been a continuous increase in women who are now in the labour force there haven’t been an increase in women going to school which can be argued that men are encouraged and sponsored more to go to school than women are. Men with children are significantly paid more than women with children in fact statistically their pay reduces after childbirth. Tinuke (2013)

As fathers, brothers and sons we want the best for the women in our lives especially the women who sole breadwinners. Do not handicap women because in this time they carry the same economical and family burden a man carries but are still not eligible for the full economical profits. Let my mother, sister and daughter get what they deserve let them be able to support themselves and the men in their lives not because they have but because they want too. So many men have been forced into a life of crime because of the burden of responsibilities both men and women can share.


Parental Roles


gender roles proposed the current day roles and stereotypes when it comes to parenting. Women were boxed into the role of a domestic caregiver and housekeeper, which left men to be the provider and protector of the family. Thanks to feminism, women can strive to be just more than someone’s wife and someone’s mother, she can aspire to be anything under the sun though, yes, she will still have more obstacles than men would. Nonetheless there is still a stigma on single fathers and stay at home fathers. Fathers who question the idea of the sole custody of their children belonging to their mothers in a divorce, husbands who choose to sacrifice their careers to be a stay at home parent not because they have too but because they want too, fathers who have lost their wives and are pressured to remarry because only a woman can raise a child. Historically speaking yes women do make the best parents because of responsibility was forced on them and it is woven into how they are raised but if we can start to decimate the stigma of men taking on more domesticated paternal roles years to comes things would be much different.

This also applies to single mothers who are looked upon as incapable of keeping a man or labelled a careless slut, which in effect psychologically harms the sons they raise. As they see people subject their mother to stigma and pressure that impairs the way they view themselves and other women. Let feminism embolden men to not also be boxed into categories and stereotypes.


Feminism brings to the table the idea and notion that spectrums exist in the way we identify ourselves. There are no two sides to anything when it comes to human behaviour, there are 7 billion people on this earth and no 2 people act the same way so why do we let culture categorise people before they are even born, before they can even experience life. Human nature isn’t stagnant it is dynamic so social politics should be dynamic also. Feminism is the notion, which highlights that men are from earth, women are from earth deal with it and let everyone live.

submitted by Douye Fumudoh

Photo: odyssey

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America Is Now Home To ATM Pizza image

America Is Now Home To ATM Pizza

In a world where food and cutlery are now printed with 3D printers, nothing fascinates anymore... Well not nothing, the United States; home to the New York cupcake ATM just acquired another food dispensing monstrosity.

Xavier University in Cincinnati is now the place to be if you’re hungry for a hot slice of pizza at any time of the day. As reported by mashable, the $55,000 ATM is located in the dorm Fenwick Hall and will be available every hour on the hour come fall 2016.



"We were looking for a way to solve this problem of having a late-night pizza option on campus," Assistant Vice President for Auxiliary Services Jude Kiah told

Seventy pizza flavours will be prepared by the Xavier University's dining staff each day and put into the ATM for students and other hungry folk.

The mechanics behind the machine is simple. Pizzas are stored in an inbuilt refrigerator until someone inserts $9 and makes a selection. Then, the pizza is transferred into a convection oven, where it spends three minutes getting “dressed” before coming to the party.

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Nike Is Selling $1,200 Sunglasses Just For The Olympics image

Nike Is Selling $1,200 Sunglasses Just For The Olympics

This special pair of sunglasses designed for Rio athletes goes for $1,200 on the Nike store and although it was designed for athletes, you can get yourself one too. It is called the Nike wing and it is designed to wrap your face right around your temples to thrash the tingly feeling you get at the tip of your ears.

Sure, this doesn't sound like a big deal but when you think of this being at least 400,000 naia, you chill a little. The product which is designed in partnership with German optical manufacturer Zeiss features a ventilated silicone brow-bar to prevent fogging. The Nike Wing also weighs four ounces less than your average pair of sunglasses which could come in super handy if you’re trying to win the same race Mr.Bolt’s a part of.

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Everything You Need To Know About The iPhone 7 And 7 Plus

In recent months, we’ve learned a lot of circumstantial things about the next iPhone. So much, we think Apple should really consider firing their security team. It seems as though half of the internet today has an iPhone 7 shell, one might speculate Apple allows these leaks to happen on purpose, maybe for extra publicitybut iPhone leaks are everywhere, and here’s what we know so far.


it was long rumored that Apple would be releasing three iPhone models this September: the iPhone7, 7 Plus and 7 pro. We however don’t think this is going to happen. Apple is very likely to stick to the expected two: the 7 and the 7 plus.


This one, we are absolutely certain of, it’s been leaked way too many times.

Both iPhone models will feature a raised camera edge, a larger camera on the iPhone 7 and a dual lens (yes you heard that right) on the iPhone 7 plus. Unlike the horizontal antenna bands found on the previous iPhone models, the antenna bands on the iPhone 7 and 7plus will wrap around the top and button of the phone, giving it a cleaner appearance. The headphone jack will be gone, and a smart connector is rumored to happen on the iPhone 7 plus; they would look just like they do on the iPad pro. This would open up the door to a world of potential features and third party accessories, maybe even wireless charging and what not.



The display resolution isn’t rumored to go up, however Apple may go ahead to increase the color gamut to p3 spec, such as they have on the iMacs and the new iPad Pro.



Both cameras will feature new improvements, but in different ways. The iPhone 7 will feature a larger sensor, optimal image stabilization, and have larger pixels so it will probably do better in low light. However, Apple isn’t likely to increase the mega pixel count. The 7 plus will feature a dual lens camera with many added benefits, such as optical zoom, better low light capability, and better focus. The raised edge on both cameras also appears slightly more noticeable than the one of the iPhone 6s and 6s plus.

Head phone jack

Yes people, the headphone jack is gone, and you’re going to have to deal with it!

For months now, rumours have swirled in about the lack of headphone jack on the iPhone 7. Wired headphones will connect to the iphone using its lighting port, and Bluetooth headphones will connect wirelessly. This means that lightning earpods are well underway, and other proprietary products will follow suit.However, sources confirm there would be a 3.5mm lightning adaptor shipping right out of the box.



The Apple A10 chip will definitely come to the iPhone 7. According to geek bench results, it will be on par with the A9X chip found on the latest iPad. The IPhone 7 chip is going to focus on power and efficiency. This means more battery life and improved speed for you.



 The battery will be getting bigger. 14% to be exact, from a 1715mAh model, on the iPhone6 to a 1960mAh model on the iPhone 7.



Apple will be ditching the 16GB in favor of a 32GB base model.


Release date

We might actually know the exact release date for the iPhone 7. To be this exact is a little unusual. We usually don’t know when, but @evleaks on twitter, is claiming to know the exact date. @evleaks is very prominent and reliable veteran, he’s been leaking news like these form many companies for years and years, and he’s saying it’s going to happen on the week of September 12. September 16th to be exact.


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Five Things To Know When Applying To Study Abroad

As a student who studies abroad, I must acknowledge that applying to college abroad is a big adventure that tests one’s persistence and character in general. When applying to schools about two years ago, I almost gave up so many times because of the many processes and requirements needed to ensure proper processing of my application information. Having scaled through this phase of life, I believe it will be great to drop some hints on how to begin your application to schools abroad. The thought of studying abroad could be exciting and could lead to wishful thinking but it requires hard work. So, first things first if you are not hard working you may like to reconsider your desire of studying abroad or you could put on your armor of hard work. There are a lot of things to know about application processes of school but here are five important things I believe anyone who intends to apply to a college abroad should know.


1.    Begin Your Application Process Early.

Many people will testify that the application process is a process that needs to be carried out wiith care and not in a rush. It may feel like you have many months before the application deadline but trust me the days will run by quickly before your very eyes and you’ll be in a state of rush. So like I said before begin early.

2.    Have a List of Potential Schools.

There is nothing like having a specific view of where you intend to study. It takes a great time to get a comprehensive list of schools that may be the right schools for you and this is why step one should be applied. When you begin early, it gives you the opportunity to select your schools rather than just applying to random schools abroad.

3.    Have a Checklist of all Your Requirements.

Each school has its unique requirement and if applying to different schools you will want to have a detailed checklist which will enable you to keep track of your progress.

4.    Know Your Deadlines.

This sounds like information that should always be remembered but I have heard of high-flying students who missed their opportunity to apply to a school just because they missed the deadline. Have these dates on your calendar and try to submit at least two days before the deadline. It is better to be safe than sorry and you will not want to miss a deadline after so much hard work too.

5.    Your Essays Represent You.

I understand not everyone loves to write a lot especially when there are a lot of questions to be answered. Personally, I struggled with my essays and had a very challenging time getting my essays to be on point. Despite the struggles I encountered with writing my essays, I learned that essays serve as a connection between the admission council and the applicant. This means even if you are a high-flyer academically, your inability to package yourself through your essays will most likely hinder you from being accepted to your dream school. Seeing that this is a major aspect of your application, you really want to begin early and work on those application essays not only by yourself but also with people who can help criticize the essays.

These tips are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to applying to schools. If you can get these five things right, then your journey in the application process will be made easy. Although it may seem easy, remember it takes hard work first before ease comes in. I wish you the best as you begin your study abroad application process.

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Why Is Richard Mofe Damijo Taking Jumia To Court? image

Why Is Richard Mofe Damijo Taking Jumia To Court?

Richard Mofe Damijo popularly known as RMD, has voiced out his unhappiness with Jumia’s usage of his Instagram photos without his consent. Although Jumia has taken down the photos in contention, RMD’s lawyers are set to sue the e-commerce platform for punitive and exemplary damages for the infringement of his image rights.

Jumia’s Instagram team admitted using photos of the veteran actor alongside hashtags promoting JumiaFashion but when his representatives indicated disapproval, the pictures were immediately taken down. Following the actor’s disapproval in re-posting his photos on Jumia Fashion Instagram page, the insider said the company “apologised” took down the photos and “has responded to subsequent letters informing them of this.”

A trusted source disclosed that earlier this year when RMD’s solicitors first contacted Jumia, “Jumia Fashion’s Instagram page has not re-posted any of his photos” while stressing that none of his images were ever used on the website of the company for any commercial purposes.

The source further disclosed that aside from complaining about the act, lawyers of the actor asked Jumia to “offer conciliatory compensation”.

After this notification, RMD’s team went on an online search to determine the extent of the alleged infringement, and they found out the use of the hashtag – #Jumiafashion – “which connotes that he’s endorsing Jumia.” The actor’s legal team also asserted that some other brands may not be able to approach the actor for endorsement deals because they may not be inclined to “share a brand ambassador” with Jumia Fashion.

According to the brand/image representative of the actor, the use of RMD’s photos on Jumia’s social media platforms with the accompanying hashtags cost an endorsement deal and possibly prospective ones.

“We were talking to a couple of fashion brands who want him to be an ambassador and one of them actually pointed it out, that apparently RMD was endorsing Jumia Fashion,” she said.

“Since that conversation with one of the fashion brands that wanted RMD to endorse their products, their communication with us has slowed down a great deal.”

The Instagram Posts in Question


Photos: the cable

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Instagram Is Waging War On Snapchat

If you are already pissed off by Snapchatters constantly having their phones extended trying to capture life’s every moment, your life is about to get a whole lot worse. Instagram today announced they are releasing something called “Instagram stories”; that is Snapchat for you if Evan Spiegel isn’t willing to sell yet.

What techcrunch is calling Snapchat for adults, instagram stories are rolling out over the next few weeks.

“Today, we’re introducing Instagram Stories, a new feature that lets you share all the moments of your day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile. As you share multiple photos and videos, they appear together in a slideshow format: your story.” Much like snapchat, this new story feature isn’t going to hang around for the longest... They apparently leave after 24 hours.”

“You’ll see stories from people you follow in a bar at the top of your feed — from your best friends to your favorite popular accounts. When there’s something new to see, their profile photo will have a colorful ring around it.

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