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Stock Market 101

We all hear news regarding various stock exchanges and come across stock market terminology like IPOs, wall street, stock, dividend, market value, etc. every once in a while. I’m also pretty sure we’ve all seen ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ at least once. Do you however know what goes on in the stock market and the basics of trading stock? No? Then this is for you.

We cannot get into the basics of the stock market without first gaining a little knowledge on stock. A stock is basically a document representing a share of ownership in a company. It signifies a claim to a company’s assets or earnings.

The stock market is therefore a platform or a trading ground allowing individual members of the public to receive part ownership in a public company of their choice in exchange for a price of course. It allows for the buying and selling of stock. Offering up a company’s stock for sale is generally a means of raising capital.

So how does it operate? Before a company can be listed or qualified to trade publicly on the stock market, depending on the governing body, there are criteria that would have to be met. The company in question will then put up an Initial Public Offer (IPO) where the company first issues out its shares to the members of the public for sale.

Imagine a company called Sam’s Hair Co. Ltd, which has recently met all the listing requirements to trade their shares publicly and issue an IPO. This would mean that shares of Sam’s Hair Co. would be open to general members of the public to buy and sell. As long as Sam’s Hair Co. remains profitable, the shares of stock bought will most likely increase in value and can be sold on the stock exchange.

So how can you make an investment in a profitable company and how do you even know if a company is going to be profitable? The answer to this is a STOCK BROKER. Brokers are agents charged with the responsibility of buying and selling shares on behalf of clients for a fee/commission.

There are typically two kinds of stock brokers; high-end brokers who offer investment advice and are relatively expensive and discounted brokers whose services are generally more affordable but do not come with investment advice. More recently however, there online brokers that work through online brokerages; they provide investment database information for their clients. Brokers trade stocks for their clients through a brokerage account. With a little research you can find brokerage firms and agents that best suit your needs and begin investing.

There are 60 major stock exchanges in the world. The largest of these is the New York Stock Exchange, which is home to quite a number of leading firms in the world such as Ford Motors, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, etc.

Investing in stock is generally risky as there is no certainty of a company’s profitability or appreciation in value of its shares. However there are those who have made millions by making the right investment. With the right brokers and right information you too can cash out from trading stocks.


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10 Awesome Shows To Keep You Busy During The Long Sallah Break image

10 Awesome Shows To Keep You Busy During The Long Sallah Break

One of our favourite holidays is around the corner. Everyone in Nigerian anticipates Sallah. Not just for the two day break we get off our daily routine. Sallah is a time to care and share, and thanks to the benevolence of our muslim brothers, even the Christians can look forward to this time of the year with glee.

Unfortunately because of the constant economical decline and price fluctuation of food stuff, I suspect this Sallah break may not be as extravagant as it used to be in years past.

If you’re alone in the world with no muslim friend to share some of the meaty goodness Sallah has to offer or you just simply don’t feel the need to go out, we have prepared you a TV show all-you-can-eat buffet comprising of some of the best things to see on TV.


BoJack Horseman

Bojack Horseman is a Netflix original that focuses on the life of a humanoid horse – BoJack who is famous for a TV show he did in the 90’s. Drowning in a puddle of self hate and emotional ruins, BoJack is forced to confront his past mistakes one after the other.

The shows starts off like the regular satirical cartoon but slowly turns into this very deep show about a horse whose childhood was a mess and his 15 minutes of fame filled with regrettable decisions and no regard for the next person.


Stranger Things

Another Netflix original, Stranger Things is a must watch for you.

Set in 1983 and filled with popular culture references, Stranger things enters the minds of four or would I say three geeky high school kids considering that one was abducted 15 minutes into the first episode by an alien from an alternate dimension opened by the scientists at Hawkins. This alien drags Will into a different dimension the kids call the “Upside Down” and they are left with trying to find a gate to the other dimension and save their friend who somehow still communicates with his mother Joyce.



Yet again, Netflix.

Narcos follows the life of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar and his ordeal with the Drug Enforcement Agency behind his tails. A definite watch if you love movies like American Gangster.


Silicon Valley

HBO’s Silicon Valley is a pretty lovely show about tech entrepreneurs trying to build a brand in the very dense Valley filled with hugely successful companies modelled after real life organizations. As nerdy as this might sound, it isn’t BBT nerdy and can be enjoyed by tech noobs too.



Lucifer on FOX, I’m sure you’ve seen that somewhere. Lucifer which was a DC Comic book for as long as I can remember has recently been turned into a show with the leading role played by the elegant and charming Tom Ellis.

Lucifer follows the life of Satan in L.A. living undercover with his sidekick Mazikeen and his brother trying to get him back to hell. The second season kicks off in a few days and oh God, how excited I am for this. You can watch the trailer here.


The Preacher

When Seth Rogen decides to direct anything, you can expect weirdness. The Preacher follows the life of a preacher and his search for God in a world inhabited by “holy, hellish, and everything-in-between characters”.

Jesse Custer fulfils his late father’s wish and decides to take over his church but this soon becomes difficult when his body becomes home to a dark and cryptic force.


Rick and Morty

Take away all the unnecessary Pop Culture iterations from your favourite cartoon show. In fact take away all of it and fill it with absolutely anything you think up, mash it up with an incredible plot and science-y things; that is Rick and Morty.

Rick and Morty is a show about genius outlaw Rick Sanchez *burp* who moves into his daughter’s *burp* *burp* home and decides to use their garage as his laboratory. Follow Rick and his grandson Morty as they go on insane, mind bending and time looping adventures. *burp*


Madoff (Miniseries)

Richard Dreyfuss plays the role of Bernie Madoff in an absolute rocker of a 4 episode show. The show shows the rise and fall of Bernie and captures everything about his personal life including his family’s battle with cancer.

Madoff's Ponzi scheme, which had global consequences, is considered the largest financial scam in the history of the U.S. as the former investment adviser stole 50 billion dollars during his time of operation. He is currently locked up and serving a 150 year jail time with no hope of release.


The Get Down

The Get Down is a music-driven drama that documents the emergence of a new art form. Set in the late 1970s, when New York was at the brink of bankruptcy and disco was dying out, the rise of hip-hop is told through the lives, art, music and dance of a group of young people in the South Bronx.

Behind the show is the multi-talented Baz Luhrmann and a team of collaborators -- Oscar-winner Catherine Martin, legendary MC Nas, Grandmaster Flash, Pulitzer-winning playwright Stephen Adly Guirgis, and hip-hop historian Nelson George.



U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhoades goes after hedge fund king, Bobby "Axe" Axelrod in a battle between two powerful New York figures. The show which is somewhat based on the activities of crusading federal prosecutor of financial crimes in the southern district of New York, is a high intensity drama between two men who try to use their intelligence, resources, power and influence to outsmart each other.


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Game Of Thrones Characters: Then & Now image

Game Of Thrones Characters: Then & Now

Here’s a little treat for the Game Of Thrones fans. All the characters you love, have a positive and negative shade to them. You love them at times, you even hate them at times, but no matter who lives or dies, you want to keep watching the TV Series that has broken all barriers of being the Best TV show ever and you waiting for the next episode.

The performances make you so engrossed in the story that you often forget that there are real people hiding beneath Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow and Cersei Lannister. Often these actresses and actors have appeared in many other productions prior to their appearance on HBO’s most popular series. Check out the actors of the greatest show before they became a part of this historical phenomenon.

Take a look at the list and see if you can find your favorite GoT character before they arrived in Westeros


She used to look a lot less sinister, innocent even...


Who knew he had a giddy side..

       3. ARYA STARK

So innocent... so innocent... 

       4. JON SNOW

He actually looked like he knew a lot more than he knows now.... oh well.


Oh Margaery... Oh innocent sweet Margaery with your crystal blue eyes how you blossomed into a beautiful lady.. too bad you met a fiery demise.

       6. SANSA STARK

Lady Sansa with hair of red who knew you used to be golden haired bred.

       7. SER DEVOS

A long time in service as a knight. 


A movie made in '92 i know black don't crack but damn!!


Before and after the Khal.... #enoughsaid


Beardgang hides a weak chin


A lifetime as a wildling puts hair on your chin and death in your eyes.. rightfully so


The armour and misdemenor hides this 6ft 3in beauty


Such a strong jaw line model worthy... too bad you're turning into stone.

       14. RAMSAY BOLTON

Looked a lot less crazy.. good thing the dogs ate his face.. #justsaying


For someone who hates his own child cos he's a dwarf you have some skeleton's in your closet don't you think

       16. KHAL DROGO

Hearthrob today... yesterday... and in the future..


Lady Tyrell your beauty is ageless and timeless.

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Positive Change is coming for Nigeria, We Believe So image

Positive Change is coming for Nigeria, We Believe So

During the early nineties, Nigeria was seen as a leader of the continent economically and probably a potential world leader after many years of development. These were indeed big dreams and high hopes for a country that had constantly been robbed of its greatness by bribery and corruption. Some years felt like the country was advancing to its foretold dreams and some other years made this dream seem impossible. Presently in 2016, the question is not about being the best but about discovering ways to maintain itself and its citizens. Things have grown worse economically, health-wise and in other aspects of the economy. The poor are getting poorer and there are many killings of innocent citizens. A lot is going on and it seems like people’s efforts are worthless at this time. Some Nigerians may even say the country has no escape route while others may say separation is the answer. Personally, I am lost of thoughts and words to categorize the state of the country. From the state of recession it has found its self in to the barbaric traditions that still exist to the corruption of its leaders. It seems too much, but one thing I know for sure is that Nigeria is in a season and needs to learn the lesion of this season. For everything there is a season and a season comes with lessons and blessings. We may be too shortsighted to see these lessons and blessings, but we need to understand that greater is coming up for Nigeria. I believe that for a seed to grow, it has to die first. It is difficult to experience a season as such but when we go through such seasons, the returns are always great. I believe and have a dream that Nigeria will rise far beyond the world imagines because God has blessed us with human resources, capital and initiatives to not only develop our country but to develop the world. Let us not lose heart and look up for the change that is coming. God bless Nigeria.

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Growing Importance of Big Data and Big Data Analysis in Business image

Growing Importance of Big Data and Big Data Analysis in Business

Big data is an emerging trend shaping the future of data-driven businesses. I hadn’t heard of it up until a few months ago in a documentary. Big data is playing a huge role in the success of quite a number of multi-national firms around the world. Some could even argue that for firms to maintain their competitive advantage in the present day business environment, they would have to adopt the use of Big Data Analysis Technology (BDAT).

What is big data? Big data is simply a term for large amounts of data sets that cannot be analyzed merely by traditional analytic methods but require more complex methods of analysis.  This data is voluminous and rapidly growing as it obtains its source from cheap and countless information-sensing devices such as our phones, cameras, microphones, radio frequency identification readers, etc.

Big data analysis when applied properly allows for more efficient decision making, spotting of emerging business trends, prevention of diseases and even combating crime. It all sounds very futuristic and complex. The truth is that it is. The era of big data is still emerging and there haven’t been any core breakthroughs on analysis. According to IDC’s Digital Universe Survey, by 2012 only 0.5% of the world’s data was being analyzed.

Value creation has however been a proven result when businesses adopt big data in marketing strategies, making decisions and evaluating situations and stakeholder behavior thereby improving efficiency, profitability and reducing risk. In fact, according to some research if the U.S healthcare system were to use big data to push efficiency and quality, it could result in the creation of $300bn in value every year. Imagine that! Some even argue that by the year 2020, big data will enable scientists predict individual behavior.

The possibilities are endless with big data and leading firms such as Amazon, SAS and Macy’s and even small firms are making it a core part of their marketing and business strategies.

Big data is here to stay so why don’t you look into it today.  Take part in this new trend and see what value it has to add to your business.

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20 Famous People And Their Famous Last Words  image

20 Famous People And Their Famous Last Words

Famous people are famous for living fascinating lives.

Most of the time, these people during their hour of death somehow find a way to drop some of the most amazing and thought provoking words of their lives. Out of the very many, here are my best.

  1. Composer Gustav Mahler died in bed while conducting an imaginary orchestra. His last word was, “Mozart!”
  2. Frank Sinatra “I’m losing it.”
  3. George Orwell “At fifty, everyone has the face he deserves.” died at age 46.
  4. Nostradamus’ final prediction, “Tomorrow, at sunrise, I shall no longer be here.” He was right.
  5. Steve Jobs “Oh wow, Oh wow, Oh wow.”
  6. Murderer James W. Rodgers in front of a firing squad in Utah was asked if he had a last request. He replied, “Bring me a bullet-proof vest.”
  7. Archimedes, mathematician, killed while working on a mathematical problem “Stand away, fellow, from my diagram.”
  8. Bob Marley “Money can’t buy life.”
  9. Leonardo Da Vinci “I have offended God and mankind because my work did not reach the quality it should have.” Really? Really?
  10. Prince during his last public appearance "Wait a few days before you waste your prayers on me."
  11. Karl Marx “Last words are for fools who haven’t said enough.” I guess he was right.
  12. Osama bin Laden “Don’t turn on the light.”
  13. Marilyn Monroe “Say goodbye to Pat, say goodbye to the president and say goodbye to yourself, because you’re a nice guy.”
  14. Corey Monteith “I want to get better.”
  15. Hugo Chavez “I don’t want to die, please don’t let me die.”
  16. Elvis Presley walked into the bathroom for another “reading” session. That was what he said when he wanted to pop pills. Before he died, his fiancé who saw him enter into the bathroom said “Don’t fall asleep in there”, his response, “OK, I won’t.” – But he did.
  17. Malcom X “Brothers! Brothers, please this is a house of peace!!” just before his assassination.
  18. Martin Luther King Jr’s last words were to ask musician Ben Branch "Make sure you play 'Take My Hand, Precious Lord'. Play it real pretty."
  19. Marvin Gaye "I'm going to get my things and get out of this house. Father hates me, and I'm never coming back." Shot by his father as he stepped away.
  20. John Lennon “I’m shot.” Duhh?
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"god" From A King image

"god" From A King

With his unique sound, 27-year-old LA based Nigerian Rapper Chauncey Amaechi known by his stage name ‘King Chuck’ is breaking musical barriers, by any means necessary.   Having recently released his single “god”, the independent artist is basking in the success of what many supporters believe is a ‘hit record’. Without hesitation, I believe the same.

A proud Nigerian, King Chuck says he began to incorporate his culture into his music following his three year visit to the country.

“[While there] I basically embraced the culture. It became a part of me and the basis of why I was doing African music,” he told TNJ in an exclusive interview.

While having the talent to indulge in both, King Chuck says his love for music surrounds more around rap than it does singing.

“It’s weird when people say that I sing. [To me] a singer is my sister. I grew up in the church, so we used to be in the house [singing]. You know, Brandy and Monica. [laughs] But the groundwork of my love was definitely rap, since I was like 5.”

Influenced by the sounds of the greats, ranging from Biggie Smalls, Big Pun, Big L to Lauryn Hill, King Chuck says his music has always been different. His new single is a testament to that statement, as ‘god’ possesses a different sound, a different delivery and a different message.

“Every time we listen to the radio, most of the songs are about the same thing. A girl broke your heart or you’re trying to pop some bottles, so [his producers] were like “let’s do something where we actually have a message as well as something people can repeat. So that’s how we came up with the concept of ‘god’.”

King Chuck says he doesn’t want to short live his single and when he feels it has received the proper buzz, he will release his anticipated EP.

“[I’m] courageous. I say that because I have an interesting story, all from my journey. All based off music. I’m from New Haven [Connecticut] and people don’t really support, it’s like a bucket of crabs. When you do something left-field, people don’t always receive it. My music has always been different, I dropped out of school for this. There were a lot of things I had to go through to keep this thing going and I kept that courage and kept pushing.”

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The Coolest High Resolution Photos From Mark Zuckerberg’s Visit To Co-Creation Hub image

The Coolest High Resolution Photos From Mark Zuckerberg’s Visit To Co-Creation Hub

Following up on our previous story, Mark Zuckerberg did spend a couple of hours checking out what the folks at CoCreation Hub were up to, he shared some intelligent thoughts to some of the younger ones and did a little motivational talk before leaving.

Here are the coolest photos from his visit taken by our very own creative director




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