The Hallelujah Challenge: God Is Trending! image

The Hallelujah Challenge: God Is Trending!

#Hallelujah Challenge: #GodIsTrending #Olowogbogboro

The hallelujah challenge is a fast rising trend that has got all of social media buzzing and talking.

Gospel artiste, Nathaniel Bassey started the hallelujah challenge earlier this June on his Instagram. Contrary to what some people initially thought (some people being me) no, it is not a live video of people shouting hallelujah for one hour straight. Lol. The challenge is simply a one hour session of praise, worship and prayer, which starts at 12 midnight and ends by 1 am. It's kind of like an online night vigil.

According to the ‘Imela’ crooner, “the hallelujah challenge is a 30 day midnight praise, set to lift the name of God and bring Glory and salvation upon his people, as they exalt His holy name.” He went on to talk about the inspiration behind the challenge. “This Hallelujah Challenge is inspired by the biblical story of Paul and Silas who got freedom from prison after they engaged in praise and worship to God.”

The challenge completed its 14th day of praise just last night and managed to have a whopping 67,000 people watching live! 67k is the highest views it has gotten since it started. Nigerian celebrities such as Don Jazzy, Tiwa Savage, Uche Jumbo, Funke Akindele Bello, Ice Prince, D’banj and many more have shown their support for the challenge and have also been worshipping live.

The Challenge hasn't yet reached its half mark and already numerous testimonies are emerging. Testimonies after testimony have been swarming Nathaniel Bassey’s Instagram these past weeks, so much so that the ‘Onise Iyanu’ crooner has opened a blog specially dedicated to testimonies. “These things are living proofs from a loving God” said Bassey.

Though the challenge has tremendous support, there are also people who have kicked against the online worship sessions. Quite a number of people have questioned it, labeling it weird and ritualistic. Amongst the hallelujah challenge critics, media entrepreneur, Joy Isi Bewaji is perhaps the most popular. The entrepreneur went on a rant about the online praise and prayer session. According to Bewaji, “this cute online revival will change nothing.” She went further to speak on how Nigeria needs other things apart from prayer “We have had too many spiritual revolutions. What we need is a mental one. You cannot pray Nigeria to greatness.”

“Religion is like soda. It’s like Coca-Cola…and like Coke we are addicted to this feel-good process.” She also went on to say “Revivals are our biggest achievement…stop being so shocked that people want to serve God. When we are done, we go back home and justify pedophiles, or delay the transaction of a debt or bear false witness.”

In her rant, Bewaji suggested a different challenge. “Try #ScienceChallenge, a hashtag that hopes to promote facts through experiment and observation….90% of our daily needs are imported. Even toothpick. But prayer is key. Smh”

Bewaji raises some strong arguements, but I don't think this means we should stop worshipping God. If anything, Nigeria needs all the help it can get.

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