Harrysong Leaves Five Star Music image

Harrysong Leaves Five Star Music

Nigerian singer, songwriter, and performer, Harrison Tare Okiri, better known by his music name, Harrysong, has dumped Five Star Music our sources tell us. The award-winning artiste who was formerly signed to Questionmark Records has had a successful career with chart-topping records credited to him even bagging an endorsement deal with ‘Gala’ Beef Roll making him the first ever brand ambassador for the household brand.

His career climaxed in 2014 after he released his groundbreaking single “Betterpikin” which went viral for a very long time. Mr Songs, as he is called, has worked with colleagues in the industry especially with ex-label mates, KCEE and Skiibii.

The announcement of his exit from Five Star Music was seen in an Interview with PlanetTV and on his Instagram page where he posted a logo and captioned it “Alterplate”.

“We are unveiling a new platform; it’s a music platform not a label, it’s a music company owned by Harrysong. It’s not supposed to be surprising, my contract expired longtime ago, no no no no I’m not renewing”, he said.

In the interview, Harrysong sounded upset and unappreciated for efforts he had put into the success of his former label. He revealed that he was signed to Fivestar Music as an artiste and he was also in charge of song writing, vocal coaching and music directing stating he has contributed more than his fair share of music and not being acknowledged for it.

“What bothers me is not the work, what bothers me is the appreciation. You are helping someone that knows nothing and the person is feeling like he is helping you, he is not even feeling, he is telling you that he is helping you”.

You write a song for someone and the person is telling you if I don’t sing your song you don’t blow, it’s childishness, it’s……I don’t know” he added.

Apparently after sharing the Gala and the booze he wasn’t appreciated for it… well Mr. Harrysong we appreciate you and we wish you he best in this new phase of your career.

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Twitter Now Allows Any User Filter Out Hurtful Tweets image

Twitter Now Allows Any User Filter Out Hurtful Tweets

Twitter is saying NO to harassment and is allowing everyone choose what they want to see. Users can now choose to limit their notifications to only the people they follow – this doesn’t necessarily stop harassment but puts a limit to how much of that you have to deal with. Once this is put in effect, twitter will automatically block out tweets from strangers including those of them who practice cyber bullying. On the down side, this will make it very difficult for old friends to find you. Once you get a follow back tweet request from people whom you know, it will not be visible from your notification tab.

A second anti-harassment tool is the expanded ability of the twitter quality filter which aims to “improve the quality of Tweets you see by using a variety of signals, such as account origin and behaviour” this way, newly created accounts and accounts involved in suspicious activities will have a limited reach as they will be filtered out of your timeline and notification tabs.

These features aren’t exactly new; they have been in place for years but only to verified profiles. Twitter is basically allowing everyone enjoy the cyber peace and sanity most high-profile celebrities enjoy.

photo: Huffingtonpost

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Nike Is Selling $1,200 Sunglasses Just For The Olympics image

Nike Is Selling $1,200 Sunglasses Just For The Olympics

This special pair of sunglasses designed for Rio athletes goes for $1,200 on the Nike store and although it was designed for athletes, you can get yourself one too. It is called the Nike wing and it is designed to wrap your face right around your temples to thrash the tingly feeling you get at the tip of your ears.

Sure, this doesn't sound like a big deal but when you think of this being at least 400,000 naia, you chill a little. The product which is designed in partnership with German optical manufacturer Zeiss features a ventilated silicone brow-bar to prevent fogging. The Nike Wing also weighs four ounces less than your average pair of sunglasses which could come in super handy if you’re trying to win the same race Mr.Bolt’s a part of.

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Why Is Richard Mofe Damijo Taking Jumia To Court? image

Why Is Richard Mofe Damijo Taking Jumia To Court?

Richard Mofe Damijo popularly known as RMD, has voiced out his unhappiness with Jumia’s usage of his Instagram photos without his consent. Although Jumia has taken down the photos in contention, RMD’s lawyers are set to sue the e-commerce platform for punitive and exemplary damages for the infringement of his image rights.

Jumia’s Instagram team admitted using photos of the veteran actor alongside hashtags promoting JumiaFashion but when his representatives indicated disapproval, the pictures were immediately taken down. Following the actor’s disapproval in re-posting his photos on Jumia Fashion Instagram page, the insider said the company “apologised” took down the photos and “has responded to subsequent letters informing them of this.”

A trusted source disclosed that earlier this year when RMD’s solicitors first contacted Jumia, “Jumia Fashion’s Instagram page has not re-posted any of his photos” while stressing that none of his images were ever used on the website of the company for any commercial purposes.

The source further disclosed that aside from complaining about the act, lawyers of the actor asked Jumia to “offer conciliatory compensation”.

After this notification, RMD’s team went on an online search to determine the extent of the alleged infringement, and they found out the use of the hashtag – #Jumiafashion – “which connotes that he’s endorsing Jumia.” The actor’s legal team also asserted that some other brands may not be able to approach the actor for endorsement deals because they may not be inclined to “share a brand ambassador” with Jumia Fashion.

According to the brand/image representative of the actor, the use of RMD’s photos on Jumia’s social media platforms with the accompanying hashtags cost an endorsement deal and possibly prospective ones.

“We were talking to a couple of fashion brands who want him to be an ambassador and one of them actually pointed it out, that apparently RMD was endorsing Jumia Fashion,” she said.

“Since that conversation with one of the fashion brands that wanted RMD to endorse their products, their communication with us has slowed down a great deal.”

The Instagram Posts in Question


Photos: the cable

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Farewell To Kickass Torrents image

Farewell To Kickass Torrents

The day we feared the most is finally upon us; the most visually appealing torrent site has been taken down. Artem Vaulin, Ukrainian owner of file-sharing website KickassTorrents (KAT), has been arrested by Polish police on U.S. charges of criminal copyright infringement and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

With millions of daily unique visitors, KAT which was founded in 2009, has become the world’s number 1 torrent site beating even Pirate Bay.



The 30 year old Ukrainian was arrested in Poland on Wednesday and will stand trial in the U.S. after he has been extradited by the United States. According to BNO news, A criminal complaint filed in U.S. federal court charges Vaulin with one count of conspiracy to commit criminal copyright infringement, one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering, and two counts of criminal copyright infringement.

Leslie Caldwell of the U.S. Justice Department had this to say about Vaulin:

"Vaulin is charged with running today’s most visited illegal file-sharing website, responsible for unlawfully distributing well over $1 billion of copyrighted materials, in an effort to evade law enforcement, Vaulin allegedly relied on servers located in countries around the world and moved his domains due to repeated seizures and civil lawsuits."


The complaint further reveals that the feds launched an undercover investigation and posed as an advertiser, which revealed a bank account associated with the site.

It also shows that Apple handed over personal details of Vaulin after the investigator cross-referenced an IP-address used for an iTunes transaction with an IP-address that was used to login to KAT’s Facebook account.

It wouldn’t be hard to initiate a Pirate-Bay-ish comeback but with investigations still ongoing, it would be a foolish and risky decision.

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Jet Fuel Scarcity: A Tale Of Missed Flights image

Jet Fuel Scarcity: A Tale Of Missed Flights

In recent times due to the recent drop in the price of crude oil there has been some sort of a ripple effect where there is either a spike in price of its constituents (e.g. Kerosene, PMS, AGO) or an outright scarcity. For the case of Aviation fuel it’s the latter, this past weekend a lot of Nigerian Domestic flights had to either reschedule or even cancel their flights as a result of the scarcity.

The scarcity of aviation fuel, popularly called Jet-A1, did not only disrupt flight activities at airports across the country, but also affected private and government programmes in the Federal Capital Territory. It was learnt that several programmes in Abuja were either postponed or delayed as key personnel who were to anchor strategic meetings could not arrive on schedule or did not arrive at all.

A large amount of travellers were left stranded at the domestic terminals of the Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos, some stranded passengers leaving Lagos had to wait till as late as 10pm before they could actually travel, airlines siting the scarcity as the key factor contributing to the delays.

At the Federal Ministry of Transportation in Abuja, a programme that was meant to hold around noon did not commence until around 2.30pm despite the fact that the Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, was seated for hours waiting for committee members who were supposed to make presentations at the event.

It was later gathered that the committee members could not make it to Abuja as a result of the problems caused by the non-availability of aviation fuel, which affected their flights.

Arik Air announced that it was grappling with flight schedule disruptions due to the severity of the situation across the country.

It stated that since the beginning of the year, the country had been grappling with inadequate supply of aviation fuel leading in most cases to severe shortage of the product and consequently the disruption of flight operations.

According to Arik Air, for the past week, it has had to face another round of aviation fuel scarcity, which got worse over the weekend, leading to many flight delays and cancellations. The airline operates an average of 120 daily flights requiring about 500,000 litres of fuel each day.

Arik Air stated, “Due to the large number of domestic and international flights, it is the most impacted by the inability of oil marketers to meet its daily fuel requirements on a timely and consistent basis. This has forced the airline to postpone flights, while waiting for the fuel marketers to source and deliver the product. “On many occasions, despite all efforts in engaging the marketers if fuel cannot be sourced, the flights may eventually be cancelled, causing not only revenue loss for the airline, but also inconveniencing or stranding the passengers.”

According to the carrier, at the root of the fuel supply crisis is low stock due to the inability of marketers to source for the foreign exchange to import more Jet-A1 fuel into the country.

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The Governor Of Oyo State Is Hanging Out With His “God Daughter” image

The Governor Of Oyo State Is Hanging Out With His “God Daughter”

This isn’t Satire, no; this is live from Instagram, Malika Haqq American star from E!’s Keeping up with the Kardashians posted a photo of her and her supposed God Father who is none other than the governor of Oyo state; senator Abiola Ajimobi.

Malika who is also known for her role as Penny in the 2005 film sky high co-starring her twin Khadijah posted this selfie with senator Ajimobi who isn’t fondly talked about anymore in his state.


Reunited with my God Father @abiolaadeyemiajimobi #NigeriasFinest #OyoStateGovernor

A photo posted by Malika (@forevermalika) on

Senator Ajimobi has not paid the civil servants in his state since the beginning of the year and just weeks after the unpaid workers began a state wide strike, rumour has it that he replied saying “If you don’t have money, how have you been getting to work for the past 6 months” now i’m not here to validate that but really though, is that really his God daughter? Nigerians aren't having any of that, that's for sure.

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Russian Billionaire Offers $1 Billion To Breed Lebron and Serena image

Russian Billionaire Offers $1 Billion To Breed Lebron and Serena

A report circulating on the web suggests a white billionaire is ready to splash $500 million apiece to have a super sport baby courtesy 22 grand slam winner, Serena Williams and Lebron James. According to Cremebmp, Russian billionaire, Vladist Sugarin is going to invest $1 Billion in acquiring a baby that would dominate all sports.

The billionaire is giving the pair till the end of the week to give a feedback and he is even willing to offer some ownership in his company which is worth over $15 Billion.

Now, I know genetics might not work this way... and even if it does, they aren’t horses, or dogs.

Now the story which was published by Cremebmp, which is a website that specializes in parody stories is somewhat fake, but what if...what if.

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We Aren't All Leo Messi: This Popular Football Star’s Final Attempt To Dribble Justice image

We Aren't All Leo Messi: This Popular Football Star’s Final Attempt To Dribble Justice

Everyone who has been alive for at least 10 years has surely heard the name Lionel Messi. He usually makes the news for doing something no other player has done but these days, although he still does that, it’s not been for the greater good. Lionel Andrés Messi just recently lost yet another national final after losing to Chile on penalty shootouts, having lost three international finals in three years, Messi decided to hang his boots and call it a day, at least for international football.

Just 4 days ago, the 29 year old footballer was dealt another major blow; he has been sentenced to 21 months in jail for tax fraud. The Spanish court came to this decision after months of investigation which led to Messi and his father, Jorge earning a fine of (£1.7m; $2.2m) and €1.5m respectively for defrauding Spain of €4.1m in 2007-09.

The pair also face millions of euros in fines for using tax havens in Belize and Uruguay to conceal earnings from image rights gotten from deals with Pepsi -Cola, Procter & Gamble, and Adidas which date as far back as 2005.

Although neither of them is expected to serve jail time because under the Spanish legal system, prison terms less than 2 years can be served under probation, Messi’s lawyer says his client and his father will in fact be appealing the court’s decision in an attempt to clear the air.

"The sentence is not correct and we are confident the appeal will show the defence was right," Messi's lawyers said in a statement after his client was found guilty.


Fc Barcelona’s Position

Barcelona believe for some reason that their talisman is innocent and have devised an elaborate scheme to get people to show unwarranted sympathy to their star player.



All we know for now is that this plan requires people take photos of themselves in Barcelona prints and tag #WeAreAllLeoMessi

Twitter has gone off on this as majority see it as a senseless campaign to let a guilty man go free just because he's popular.


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Veteran Nigerian Actress Bukky Ajayi Has Passed Away  image

Veteran Nigerian Actress Bukky Ajayi Has Passed Away

Nigerian Actress Bukky Ajayi passed away in the early hours of Wednesday, according to The Punch, the source refused to disclose the primary cause of her death. She was 82 years of age at death.

Born Zainab Bukky Ajayi, this Nollywood legend has graced our television screens too often with a career stretching on for decades. She studied Drama at the institute of drama, London as a government scholar before returning to Nigeria in 1965 to work in Nigerian Television as a presentation assistant the following year.

She was famous for her role in the TV series Village Headmaster which aired in the 1970s before playing a part in Amaka Igwe’s Checkmate and took home a Merit Award in the recently concluded AMVCA.

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Now That Brexit Has Happened, What Could Be The Implications? image

Now That Brexit Has Happened, What Could Be The Implications?


Britain has voted to exit the European Union following a referendum held on Thursday. The decision to leave the European Union is believed to be what’s best for the nation in terms of moving forward, re-establishing the nation and redefining its place in the world. Although the re-establishment has begun following this decision, it hasn’t been for the best so far.


What is the European Union?

The European Union began in 1951 as the European Coal and Steel Community after the World War II, it was an effort by six nations to foster unity through duty-free trade. Six years on, the Treaty of Rome created the European Economic Community, or Common Market.

Britain tried to join later, but President Charles de Gaulle of France vetoed its application in 1963 and in 1967. Britain finally joined in 1973.



Why Brexit?


The referendum asked voters whether Britain should remain a part of the European Union or not.

The reason is this; those who voted to stay think that in order for Britain to have any real influence on the world, the nation has to be a part of a larger piece consisting of other likeminded countries that have the same goal but cannot function as efficient if standing alone.

Those who voted to leave share the thought that European Union has been reformed over the last four decades with regard to the size and the reach of its bureaucracy, diminishing British influence and sovereignty... Here is where the problem lies; both parties have pretty genuine reasons to believe they are right.

Leading the campaign to remain is Prime Minister David Cameron who later resigned after Britain decided to leave. Although with the backing of the Labour Party, the Liberal Democrats and the Scottish National Party, the campaign to leave edged them out having 51.9% of the total votes.

The leave camp was led by Michael Gove, the justice minister, and Boris Johnson, the former mayor of London, over half the Conservative members of Parliament , and the members of the U.K. Independence Party, or UKIP, and its leader, Nigel Farage. Their main concern being sovereignty and immigration.


Who Voted


  • British citizens 18 and older.
  • Citizens abroad who have been registered to vote at home in the last 15 years.
  • Residents of Britain who are citizens of Ireland or of the Commonwealth which consists of 53 countries, including Nigeria.


What has happened since Brexit?


The pound plunged to its lowest level since 1985.

• Investors fled risky assets and turned to the dollar and the yen.

• The Bank of England earmarked £250 billion, about $344 billion, for potential stability measures.

Oh, yeah, Asos crashed due to Nigerians and other opportunistic set of individuals taking advantage of the precarious currency sway.


What happens to British tourists visiting Europe?


“Open skies” represents one of the most tangible benefits of European Union membership. Since 1994, any EU airline has been free to fly between any two points in Europe. If Britain is to continue enjoying this benefit, Britain must rejoin the European Economic Area and negotiate terms based on bilateral benefits.

That’s just one, accommodation will be a lot more expensive, passenger rights could be affected and British citizens might need to queue up at embassies to obtain a visa.


Looking Forward, What is Article 50?


Before any state can leave the European Union, the rules for exit which are contained in Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon must be satisfied. Triggering Article 50 by formally notifying the intension to withdraw, it starts a two-year clock running. After that, the Treaties that govern membership no longer apply to Britain and according to Telegraph, the terms of exit will be negotiated between Britain’s 27 counterparts, and each will have a veto over the conditions.


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There’s A Movie Showing At Silverbird Today And It’s Not Inside image

There’s A Movie Showing At Silverbird Today And It’s Not Inside

It’s just common sense to pay your debt.

AMCON, The Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria this morning took over all the assets of several companies belonging to Senator Ben Murray- Bruce. The companies to be affected by this are Silverbird Galleria Limited, Silverbird Promotions Limited and Silverbird Showtime Limited.

To save you the stress of reading a lot of legal jargon, here is the gist.

Murray-Bruce borrowed several sums of money from the Union Bank of Nigeria Plc using these companies in 2005 and 2007. Since then, he has defaulted in paying back the money he owes which is estimated to be around 11 billion Naira.

“The said loan was purchased by AMCON in 2011 after the capital base of Union Bank was terribly shaky and the common sense senator has persistently failed to pay the loans and yet has been pretending to be concerned with the welfare of Nigerians whom he has been skinning alive in order to remain relevant and live like a king,” Adegoke said to SaharaReporters.

Mr. Adegoke who is counsel to Dr. Muiz Banire (SAN), the receiver/manager over the assets as appointed by AMCON, was part of the agents who ensured the affected companies were shut down earlier this morning as a result of the court order.

 “The exercise of this morning has all the paraphernalia of legality. Aside from the fact that the receivership was done pursuant to deeds of legal mortgages duly executed by the three companies and guaranteed by Ben Murray-Bruce and four of his brothers, there is a court order backing same up.  

 "It must be borne in mind that innocent depositors’ money is what the common sense propagator and his brothers have been living large and feeding fat upon without recourse to the interest of the real labourers who own the money,” Adegoke said.

With that rusty old place locked down for good, I guess it’s hello FilmHouse.



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*737*Where Did All My Money Go: GTbank’s Mobile Portal Is Taking Everyone’s Money, Illegally image

*737*Where Did All My Money Go: GTbank’s Mobile Portal Is Taking Everyone’s Money, Illegally

GTbank launched a quick and easy way for customers to top up airtime, send funds from their bank account to any person’s without a token and we all loved the idea.

At least until last week, GTbank customers who use this feature started noticing some fraudulent transactions been made with their account in guise of Airtime purchase. Tolu who doesn’t use this feature decided to see what would happen if he did. I sent a couple of people money and bought airtime with this platform and lo and behold, at work today I got an alert saying I bought airtime and my account was debited.

Pretty intense stuff, they fell for my bait.

Then i headed to twitter only to see a sea of complaints from people, in fairness to the bank, they are aware of this and are trying to rectify the situation.



So if you use this portal, take all your money away and lock it up somewhere, really, you’re safer tucking your money inside your pillow or in your bra.

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Uber Cupcake Update image

Uber Cupcake Update

For those of us that patronise cupcakes and lack the motivation to go out and get it ourselves, Uber has now announced they would be partnering with Rum ‘n’ Passion to create UberCupcake, an initiative that allows you to order cupcakes and they would be delivered to your location for free. This initiative would kick off on the 15th of June 2016. It’s currently just for Uber users in Lagos but we are looking forward to them sharing the sweet love all around the country real soon.

Here’s Uber’s guideline on how to get your cupcakes


  • Open your app on Wednesday, June 15th between 11am – 2pm 
  • Slide over to UberCupcake, hit “Set Pickup Location” and request on-demand deliciousness for you, your friend, or your colleagues!
  • An UberCupcake car will arrive at your location and deliver a cupcake to you for FREE
  • Note: Due to high demand, only 1 cupcake per request!

And it doesn’t just end there, an extra special treat for the social media faithful to sink their teeth into! Capture the UberCupcake by taking and tagging a picture with the hashtag #UberCupcake and mentioning @UberNigeria & @Rumnpassion on social media. Three lucky winners will be chosen to win a box of cupcakes from Rum’n’Passion and credits from Uber!

So tell a friend to tell a friend… Happy cupcake hunting

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Everything You Need To Know About Grimmie's Killer image

Everything You Need To Know About Grimmie's Killer

Grimmie who contested in the sixth season of NBC’s The Voice was shot dead on Friday at around 10:30 pm after concluding a performance in Orlando. From young Youtuber to third place on The Voice, Grimmie was loved by many.

Police announced her death early Saturday morning on Twitter.

“With deep regret, we have confirmed Christina Grimmie, @TheRealGrimmie has died from her injuries,” Orlando police tweeted.


The Killer



Kevin Loibl, 27, had been carrying two loaded handguns, two magazines, and a large hunting knife when he fatally shot the 22-year-old singer, Orlando Police Chief John Mina reported.

Police have identified the suspect who on Friday night shot and killed singer Christina Grimmie, a former contestant on NBC’s The Voice, while signing autographs after a concert in Orlando.

Orlando police believe the suspect; Kevin came to the show with the sole intent of killing the musician.



Several witnesses say that Loibl approached Grimmie and shot her and when Grimmie’s brother, Marcus, instantly tackled him, Loibl killed himself.

Orlando Police Chief John Mina said during a press briefing on Saturday morning that officers received a distress call around 10:30 p.m. Friday at the Plaza Live venue, and responded within two minutes but when they arrived, they found that two people had been killed, including Grimmie.

“This isn’t a crowd that you would suspect would be carrying guns into an event like this,” Mina said.

Police said the 27-year-old had no known ties to Grimmie but still travelled to Orlando from his home in St. Petersburg to commit the crime.

Investigators continue to search through Loibl’s phone and computer to see if there was a motive for him carrying out such action.

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Nigerian Football Legend Stephen Keshi Dies At 54 image

Nigerian Football Legend Stephen Keshi Dies At 54

It would seem death is on a rampage for the famous this year.

Days after the death of Muhammad Ali, Nigeria loses one of her most cherished football icons. Both as a football player and as a coach, Stephen Keshi or "Big Boss" as players fondly call him has reached the heights of African football by taking Nigeria all the way to winning the CAF trophy.

He also managed Togo and Mali, and his playing career included some time at Anderlecht in Belgium.

Reports say he suffered a heart attack which led to his death.

As a player, Keshi was part of the Super Eagles team that won the Nations Cup in 1994 and narrowly missed out on a World Cup quarter-final place the same year.

And as coach, he coached the national side over three spells, famously leading Nigeria to the 2013 Nations Cup title in South Africa and the last 16 at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.



Although his contract was not renewed after the World Cup, he later returned on a match-by-match deal following the team's failure to reach the 2015 Nations Cup finals.

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Who Needs Fuel When You Can Run Your Generator On Cooking Gas image

Who Needs Fuel When You Can Run Your Generator On Cooking Gas

It seems God has a plan for us after all. Just days after the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) disappointed us and suspended the strike action, I began looking for an alternative way to live in a country where there’s an average of 2 hours of electricity supply every day. Just as I was about giving up, I saw a tweet which read “RUN YOUR GENERATOR ON GAS”, I didn’t pay much attention to the tweet but the attached video did what it was put there to do – persuade me to open the link.

Then I saw what my eyes have not seen before, a generator... an actual generator running on propane tanks and making almost no noise. This new development ranks up there with other amazing Nigerian technologies like the new easy to open peak milk container and sachet tomato paste so I’m sharing it with you.

Its advantages are numerous really. Running your generator on gas is cheaper and more economical. It is eco-friendly as it makes your generator produce zero smoke. The engine oil used lasts longer and it allows your generator last longer before it requires servicing.

According to the distributors, “12.5kg gas of N2,500 gives you 35-40hrs of electricity on 2.5Kva gen - that's about N63.00/hr or 7days, if you run gen for max of 5hrs/day”

The technology is simply, it’s an easy to install hybrid carburettor that converts your existing petrol generator to also run on domestic/cooking gas.



Lots of Nigerians are still afraid of gas, as some think it could cause explosion. Truth is a running propane gas cylinder on generator is safer than running it on cookers. Cookers naturally generate flame (naked fire), yet do not cause explosions, as the cylinders are built to handle the generated flame, whereas your generator doesn't generate flame. Again, if there's a leakage from your cylinder/hose in your kitchen, gas can easily accumulate and any ignition can cause fire, being that your kitchen is an enclosure, whereas your generator and cylinder, being outside, has adequate ventilation, which will naturally circulate away any leaked gas - reducing the chance of fire and explosion, in case of fire ignition.

Although we recommend you keep your generator and cylinders outdoors to avoid overhearing, and use a hose of 3-5 yards. Also, avoid having your generator in a cluster of running generators, like we have in some apartments.


This device isn't compatible for 'I better pass my Neighbour' (the smallest tiger generator) and generators with capacities above 10kva. Yamaha generators are not compatible also).

The device costs N30,000 for 2kva - 3.5kva generator capacity or N40,000 for 4kva -10kva generators

You only need to buy a gas cylinder, regulator and hose (if you don't have already).


If you’re interested in making your life a whole lot easier, contact any of the closest distributor to you.


20 Adeniran Ogunsanya, Surulere |08069718569 | 08027196002


The Palms Mall (Shoprite), Inside Game Discount Store - (Left Wing), Lekki - Lagos. 09091113000 | 08093001818


Suite 207, Better Living Plaza, Beside NSCDC Headquarters, Wuse Zone 5 | 08060003475 | 08102989009 | 07056585376


Luli Mull: 20, Rumuorla/Rumuadolu Road, Port-Harcourt: 08063365500 | 08091050928 | 08135250579


38 IBB Way, by Rabana | 08065957992 | 08108977531 

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NLC Strike:The One Day We Need Lagosians To Be Irresponsible, They Are Not image

NLC Strike:The One Day We Need Lagosians To Be Irresponsible, They Are Not

The Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) gave the government till 11:59 Tuesday to revert back to the old fuel prices following the government’s decision to increase fuel prices by 67%. The NLC threatened to force another nationwide strike – something every Nigerian is all too familiar with.

Given the same precursor, this strike was supposed to be as huge as the 2012 #OccupyNigeria movement which saw the nation shut down for weeks following former president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s decision on the 1st of January 2012 to remove the subsidy on petroleum products but when Wednesday came, we were shocked to see that public schools, banks, markets and many government offices resumed work in various parts of the country even in the nation’s capital.


How did Lagos take the strike?



Lagos is undoubtedly Nigeria’s powerhouse and home to some of the most hardworking people in Africa. There’s hardly ever any time to rest in Lagos and once anything bad befalls Nigeria, Lagosians are the first to feel its impact. This has been the tale for over 5 months now as Lagosians have been bearing the brunt of Nigeria’s petroleum and power crisis. You definitely cannot catch a break here in Lagos and with prices of commodities and standard of living increasing virtually every day, Lagosians have been clamouring for any form of rest to keep their minds away from the horrible reality you are exposed to on the streets of Lagos.

So how did Lagos take the strike? Banks were packed, with workers reportedly resuming work as early as 7am. Customers not sure of the situation arrived just around the same time to make sure they get their transactions done before the NLC showed up at the scene.

Activities in Ojuelegba, Mushin and Ikorodu road remained as normal as can be and although later in the day there were reports of protests breaking out in Ikeja, Yaba and Ikorodu, the business situation in Lagos didn’t change much.

We can understand Nigerians’ hesitation to take part in the strike as the government termed the strike action “illegal” and vowed to invoke the “no work, no pay” action on those involved if caught.

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How The Chibok Girls Have Raised $2.5Billion For Girl Child Education image

How The Chibok Girls Have Raised $2.5Billion For Girl Child Education

Yesterday made it 2 years since the kidnapping of over 200 girls from a Government secondary school in Chibok, Nigeria. Although it was an event we wish didn’t happen, it has prompted the world to take female education a lot more seriously.

The first lady of the United States, or FLOTUS as some say, Michelle Obama has called for the education of every girl child during the Let Girls Learn event in the World Bank Group-IMF Spring Meetings.

The call was well received, alongside a commitment from the World Bank Group to invest $2.5 billion on the education of the girl-child – an amount that will be spent during a 5 year period on education projects that directly benefit adolescent girls, whose empowerment is central to the Bank Group’s development efforts.

The announcement, made at the Let Girls Learn event during the World Bank Group-IMF Spring Meetings, was followed by a call to action from the First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama, urging key policymakers and influencers from around the world to commit to urgent action in support of adolescent girls.

“It’s an expression of our belief in the power of education to transform the lives and prospects of millions of girls worldwide — as well as the prospects of their families, their communities and, of course, their countries,” FLOTUS said.

“I’m very excited to join the First Lady in announcing this major boost in funding for adolescent girls’ education,” said World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim. “Empowering and educating adolescent girls is one of the best ways to stop poverty from being passed from generation to generation, and can be transformational for entire societies. This increased funding will help provide countries, especially in regions like Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, with the tools to expand access to quality education so that all adolescent girls can go to school and reach their full potential.”

Obama said the drive to educate all girls is not just about resources, but about whether “we truly believe that girls are worth educating in the first place. And that’s where this issue becomes personal for me...When I travel the world and I meet girls who are so bright and so hungry to go to school, I see myself in these girls. I see my daughters in these girls.”

“Make no mistake about it. These girls are our girls. Every last one of them. These girls are our responsibility.”

The event was held on the two-year anniversary of the abduction of 200 Nigerian schoolgirls by the terrorist group Boko Haram.


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15 Million Naira Ransom Demanded For Release Of Channels Tv Correspondent image

15 Million Naira Ransom Demanded For Release Of Channels Tv Correspondent

A sum of N15million was demanded for the release of Temitope Kuteyi, a correspondent of Channels Television abducted by gunmen in Owerri, Imo state capital on Monday.

Temitope was abducted in his house which is located along Umuguma Specialist Hospital, Owerri, in the early hours of Monday, and his whereabouts has been unknown.

According to an eye witness, the kidnappers were about eight in number and jumped through his fence to gain access to where he was.

“I was in the security room with my brother when someone opened the window and pointed a gun at us and ordered us to open the gate, but I refused,” said the eye witness, Thomas.

“While I was arguing with them, I didn’t know that other members of the gang had climbed into the compound through the fence; they broke into my ‘oga’s’ house and brought him out.

“After that, they entered into the next bungalow and smashed all the window glasses, but the man there escaped through the fence at the back.

“They took his car and drove away with my Oga.”

Hours later, the kidnappers contacted a friend of the victim demanding a ransom of N15million.

According to thecable ng, a press statement issued by Sam Onwuemeodo, chief press secretary to Rochas Okorocha, governor of Imo, the government said it was aware of the incident.

The statement reminded the kidnappers that the victim was only a reporter, accusing them of deciding to inconvenience the victim and his family – “A journalist cannot afford to pay any ransom. To us he must have been a victim of mistaken

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Nike To Release Mamba Day ID In Honour Of Kobe's Last NBA Game image

Nike To Release Mamba Day ID In Honour Of Kobe's Last NBA Game

Kobe Bryant’s last NBA game will soon be upon us. April 13th has been dubbed “MAMBA DAY”, marking the five-time champion’s final NBA battle after two history making decades. Right at tip-off, Nike will celebrate Kobe’s incredible career with the “MAMBA DAY” design option on NIKEiD which features gold/black graphics which illustrate his career achievements since he started his career in 1996. The Kobe 11 Mamba Day iD will be available for a limited time just after tip-off on Wednesday’s game between Lakers and Jazz.


The design includes a graphic element highlighting 8 of Kobe’s notable stats which include the dates of his first and last games (11.01.96 and 4.13.16), five world championships, four All-star MVP awards, 18 All-Star appearances, 81 points scored in a game, 20 years played in the league and 24 for his jersey number.

Here’s a look at the Mamba Day iD.


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University Of Lagos Shuts Down Indefinitely image

University Of Lagos Shuts Down Indefinitely

It’s always one thing or the other in the University of Lagos when examinations draw closer, every graduate of Unilag can testify. This time it began with a peaceful protest by members of the ULSU (University of Lagos student union) a few days ago following the lack of proper power supply and ongoing scarcity of petroleum products – problems the whole nation has had to bear with for a while now. As angry protesters marched through the roads of Unilag, other more reasonable students well aware of the nature of the crisis stayed indoors to wait it out. This aggravated the ULSU protesters ever more as they went straight into hostels forcing and apparently beating students who decided they weren’t taking a part in the whole thing.

With the whole school turned on its head, management of the University of Lagos, Akoka announced earlier today at around 10 a.m. that students are to vacate the hostels immediately.

With the school gates closed shut, students have had to “scale” the fence to get out of the university premises.

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Foreign Trips: A Nomadic President Isn't What The Country Needs Now image

Foreign Trips: A Nomadic President Isn't What The Country Needs Now

Almost an entire year of the newly elected administration that promised change and I believe I speak for the rest of the nation when I say we are fed up. You can’t say we haven’t been patient enough but I suppose in the administration’s defence, they have brought about a level of change already, albeit not in the direction we hoped.

An administration that showed so much promise right from its inception but has done little to bring to life all that was promised to us if we believed in change – An administration that has been reduced to nothing more than a conglomerate of different people with different ideas overseen by a “nomadic herdsman”.  I want to believe that the current unliveable state the country is in right now is a side effect of the administration clamping down on fraudulent transactions done under the noses of previous administrations but am I just being hopeful? Does President Muhammadu Buhari even know what he signed up for?

I remember December 2014, I was a staunch believer in GEJ and I hoped he would win the elections but APC launched a campaign so good, I quickly became a believer in the change revolution and picked sides with Muhammadu Buhari and Prof. Yemi Osinbajo.


Photo Credit: Thewhistleng

I thought to approach this write up from a different angle but 3 a.m. petrol queues and power supply so bad you cannot put in words made me loosen up a little. Now what can we really say our beloved president has done over the last 308 days? I’ll tell you what... our president had been on 12 trips before the New Year and another 12 just after, and it’s only just April, he has proven to be quite the nomad.


Our President’s Travel Journal

June 2015

Niger: Talks with President Mahamadou Issoufou on security and how to curb the activities of the terrorist group, Boko Haram in the region.

Chad: Talks with his Chadian counterpart, Idris Deby, as Nigeria and neighbouring countries find lasting solutions to the lingering Boko Haram insurgency.

Germany: G-7 meeting, accompanied by a 20-person delegation including former Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State, former Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant-General Abdulrahman Dambazau (ret.), his personal photographer, Bayo Omoboriowo, and his cook named ‘Anne’.

South Africa: African Union (AU) summit in which he was the chairperson of the Peace & Security Council meeting.

United States: Special invitation from The White House enjoining the President to discuss Boko Haram and how to tackle insurgency.


August 2015

Benin Republic: President Buhari paid a one-day visit to Benin Republic in continuation of the effort to curb Boko Haram insurgency. He was conferred with a traditional title ‘Manahouwhe’ Gbede’, which means “I will never forget you. He was also conferred with the national honour of Grand Croix du Benin (Grand Cross of Benin), which is the highest award in that country.


September 2015

Ghana: Press conference with President Mahama.

France: Three-day official visit following an invitation from his French counterpart Francois Hollande. They both had a closed door meeting where they decided on military cooperation.


October 2015

India: 3rd Summit of the India-Africa Forum.


November 2015

Iran: Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) summit.


December 2015

South Africa: China-Africa corporation forum.

United Kingdom: Undisclosed medical reasons, London.



Ethiopia, Kenya, UAE, France, Britain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, China, Equatorial Guinea and the U.S.

Boy does our president travel, which brings me to ask, as a president, are there really avoidable trips? From these visits, one can assume that the country should be making progress however little but it seems to get more difficult by the day in Nigeria.

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Egyptair Plane: Hijacker Seizes Plane To See His Wife image

Egyptair Plane: Hijacker Seizes Plane To See His Wife

p>An EgyptAir plane (flight MS181) flying from Alexandria to Cairo earlier today was hijacked by a passenger claiming to be wearing an explosive belt.


After further examination, the belt was dismissed to be a fake and although the hijacker's motives remain unclear but the Cypriot president said the incident was not terrorism-related.

An official at Egypt’s ministry of foreign affairs ruled out a terrorist motive, saying: “He’s not a terrorist, he’s an idiot. Terrorists are crazy but they aren’t stupid. This guy is.”

The flight MS181 had 55 passengers on board during the time it was seized and all were safely released by the hijacker. The plane was hijacked 30 minutes into its flight and in less than 1 hour, Local tv already covered the happenings showing 40 of the 55 passengers being freed.

Reports identified the hijacker as Seif Eldin Mustafa. Motive behind the hijacking remain unclear but authorities say Mustafa wanted to talk to his estranged Cypriot wife who lives on the Mediterranean island, while others said he was seeking the release of female prisoners in Egypt.

Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades when asked about the motive behind this responded by laughing and saying: "Always there is a woman involved."

Statement from the Egyptian civil aviation ministry said foreign nationals onboard included eight Americans, four Britons, four Dutch, two Belgians, a French national, an Italian, two Greeks and one Syrian. Three other foreigners could not be identified. The nationalities of those who remained on the plane were not given.

The Hijacker was arrested later during the day at Larnaca airport and thankfully, the remaining 15 passengers were also unharmed.

All Images: Getty

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