Mr Eazi - Taking Banku Music To The World! image

Mr Eazi - Taking Banku Music To The World!

This Yoruba boy is making waves in the music industry and he’s just getting started.

        When Oluwatosin Ajibade was just the age of 21 he started his journey into the music industry. 5 short years after, the Ghana/Nigerian native has taken his music beyond the borders of Africa, breaking into the international market, much like his friend and boss Wizkid. 

      Mr Eazi dominated the music scene last year with hits like Leg Over and Skin Tight but he’s not looking to slow down anytime soon. The Starboy Entertainment artiste’s music has been described as Reggae, Afropop but Mr Eazi begs to differ, creating his own genre of music called ‘Banku’ after the traditional Ghanaian dish made of cassava and corn. Mr eazi describes his genre music as a fusion of “Ghanaian bounces, Ghanaian highlife, Nigerian chord progressions and Nigerian pattern” and says his music is inspired by the chilled out vibe of Ghanaian life.

You might have heard of Apple Music’s new feature ‘Up Next’, which is a monthly series focused on not just promoting up-and-coming artiste but also giving them an avenue to spread their music to people all over the world. This month Mr Eazi is at the focus of series, being named by Apple Music ‘afrobeats movement’s rising star’.  The feature includes a 7 minute documentary where he talks about his life and what got him into singing, a video of a live performance in London and an interview the star had with Julie Adenuga of Beats 1 Radio.

During his Interview with Julie Adenuga, Mr Eazi shared his plans to do an acoustic version of his album. “I’m doing 10 songs. 10 fan favorites.” He then went on describing his acoustic performance at the Apple store in Williamsburg, New York which was what inspired his decision to make acoustic covers. “I made it stripped down. And I saw people from all like cultures, and they could connect to the music because it was in its purest form and I said you know what, let’s do this. We have to record this”

The singer also recently took a trip to Los Angeles, California where he gave an electrifying performance at James Corden’s ‘The Late Late Show’ of his songs Leg Over and In The Morning in the form of a medley.

Mr Eazi also has a ‘Life Is Eazi ‘Culture Festival coming up soon, which promises to be the first of its kind taking place at London’s Roundhouse, famous for its incredible live performances. The concert is set to have an African theme. “When you get into the concert venue there should be a feel. You should almost be scared. The feeling should bring goosebumps. You should feel like you’re in some shrine. Do you understand?” The singer described enthusiastically.

If 2016 was a ‘good’ year for Mr Eazi then definitely 2017 is fantastic for him. Already apparently accomplishing all of his goals for this year as he tweeted “I have achieved everything I wanted to achieve this year! Now I gotta set new goals I mean the year still got 5 months”

    The Banku artiste is rumored to be dating oil tycoon’s daughter, Temi Otedola. So far however all we have for evidence are flirtatious tweets between them both as there has been no confirmation from both parties. We hope it’s true because they’re just so cute together.

Temi Otedola and Mr Eazi celebrating his 26th birthday

If his stage name is anything to go by, Tosin Ajibade surely has life ‘Eazi

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Headies: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly image

Headies: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

The Headies awards has come and gone but as always it has left us with a lot of talking points. After the drama at the last awards show early this year, expectations were high for this one. This year’s Headies was praised when the nomination list dropped, it felt like the first time they actually got it right apart from the uneven number of nominations in different categories. This post is just a minor recap of the major talking points and has been divided in 3 parts; the bad, the ugly, and the good.


The Bad

Organisation: It seems we get to complain about the same things at the Headies every single time, this is the 11th edition and they still can’t start on time, get quality pictures/videos, get good audio, at times we couldn’t hear what they were saying and you had to be with your remote all through to increase/decrease the volume as the situation requires. Headies organisers, please we are tired of complaining about the same thing every year.


Award winners: Can’t have an award show where there isn’t controversy about the awards being given out itself. This year’s major gaffe has to be Brymo not winning anything. For those that know, Brymo’s last two albums can stand toe to toe with any album released in its time frame, so not winning an award for 2 years in a row is nothing short of a travesty.

Then ill Bliss won the two rap category awards, including ‘Best rap Album’

Headies wyd, their fragile credibility takes a hit again with this award? This comes at a time when SA Hip-Hop scene is laying claim to being the best Hip-Hop scene in Africa and our best rap album is Ill Bliss’? No disrespect to ill Bliss but he doesn’t have the best rap album in the country. 


The Ugly

Artiste boycott?: It couldn’t have gone unnoticed that a lot of artistes didn’t attend this year’s awards, most of the awards won was picked up by people other than the artistes themselves, there was no major YBNL, Mavin, Choc city artiste (the three biggest labels in Nigeria) there, which begs the question of whether it was an intentional boycott which we hope it isn’t, because as AY Makun explained, it was due to the fact that it was an end of the year event and artistes have already been booked for shows and they couldn’t neglect their obligations they had been paid for just to come to the awards. We sure hope that is the reason.

I have to touch up on the fact that Phyno, who surprisingly was there got an award, came on stage to pick up his award, said he has no acceptance speech and walked away.

Mr Phyno, you might as well have stayed in your house seeing as you want to be childish, the least you can do when you don’t have a speech is to thank your fans who buy your music and those who voted for you. Do better, Phyno.


The Good

Throwbacks: Nobody can complain about the throwback theme in this year’s award show, we got a remedies comeback, a Jazzman Olofin and Ayuba monster performance, a Daddy Showkey performance, a Raskimono performance and so on, it was without doubt a great thing to see these legends on stage once again, definitely highlight of the night. This was some all-round good stuff. Kudos to the Headies for pulling it off.


Award Winners: There is always bound to be controversy when giving of awards is concerned but Headies got more things right than wrong at this year’s edition. The Kiss Daniel wins, Wizkid’s, Darey’s, Simi, Falz, to name a few are awards won that could hardly be contested. The contestable one was the next rated, but we all knew it was between Ycee and Mr Eazi, so there can be really not much complains. Mr Eazi just had a sold out concert in Lagos without having an album out, need I say more?


Overall, I would say this was a decent effort by the Headies, it thrilled and frustrated in equal measures, we had great performances from the likes of Flavour, Jazzman Olofin and Ayuba and Daddy Showkey. Tu Baba’s performance was of the level of what we have come to expect of him. The hosts did a decent job, Falz was is irrepressible self, Adesua didn’t do bad either, I mean we would all sit and watch Adesua do nothing for 12 hours if we could. With better organisation, the Headies could become a major award show in Africa that everyone would love to attend but then we said the said the same thing last year.

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Tobi Sunmola's "Childhood Culture EP" is out and its Mad!! image

Tobi Sunmola's "Childhood Culture EP" is out and its Mad!!

UK-Based Nigerian Rapper, Tobi Sunmola is one of the most exciting and unique young recording artists to emerge from the North West England rap/alternative scene to date. Originally from Nigeria, now living in Manchester, Tobi fuses thought-provoking lyrics with catchy chants and innovative production. He is fast gaining notoriety not only in the streets of Manchester but also throughout the UK – and for all the right reasons.

Tobi first caught the attention of the public with the release of his single “Hear Me” which was heavily supported by UK regional radio stations and newspapers throughout the North West, including Metro, Manchester Evening News and Unity Radio, to name but a few. Since then, Tobi has gone from strength to strength, getting airplay on BBC Radio 1xtra, BBC Radio 1 and Classic FM. After winning the “Adidas: Take the Stage” competition, Tobi Sunmola had the opportunity to make music with BET award winner and UK charttopper WRETCH 32, Jacob Banks and producer Wizzy Wow. Tobi also performed at the Royal Albert Hall earlier this year.

His latest work Childhood Culture EP which is available on soundcloud is explained by him as a sonic sounding project which is a fusion of his heritage and where he's come from to his present environment.

Tobi Sunmola’s ancient vocals and lyrical chants are that of a new culture; he is definitely one to watch. 

So for the lovers of good music out there, Childhood Culture EP is a must listen.

We loved it... you'll most likely love it too.

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Eminem’s New Eight Minute Diss Track Is Aimed At Trump image

Eminem’s New Eight Minute Diss Track Is Aimed At Trump

Well, Eminem has said he’s working on a new album but along with the good news was even better news... Trump gets the Eminem treatment, about time if you ask me.

Eminem shared his new track; an Eight minute diss track he titles “Campaign Speech” littered with raps about Trump, Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, Daniel Pantaleo, Colin Kaepernick, Robin Thicke, and many more.

"Consider me a dangerous man/ But you should be afraid of this dang candidate/ You say Trump don't kiss ass like a puppet?/ 'Cause he runs his campaign with his own cash for the funding?/ And that's what you wanted?/ A fuckin' loose cannon who's blunt with his hand on the button/ Who doesn't have to answer to no one?/ Great idea!"

This is Eminem’s first Solo track this year and he’s directing it at the could-be first man of the United States.

Make of it, whatever you may.

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The Starboy Controversy Shows Why Music Management In Nigeria Is Still In Its Infancy image

The Starboy Controversy Shows Why Music Management In Nigeria Is Still In Its Infancy

How important is it to trademark an entity? The reaction to The Weeknd’s next album and the sense of vulnerability Wizkid feels right now should give you an idea.

Over the last few months, the name Starboy has become synonymous with Wizkid. Although music heads have rightly pointed out the name was originally attributed to Movado, Wizkid fanatics have taken to twitter to express their distaste over Abel Tesfaye’s decision to title his Album Starboy.

Let’s back it up a bit, shall we?



I suppose this is as good a point as any to start.

The announcement by The Weeknd to call his album Starboy came as a surprise to the entire Nigerian music community and not just because we’re all too familiar with the Real Starboy but because we know the reverberations this could have on our beloved Wizkid’s career.

You know how International artistes are with merchandising, yes.

There is Wizkid who has worked so hard to get his name out there and has perhaps gone a step ahead of the likes of D’banj. And there is The Weeknd who arguably had quite a similar rise to success.

A lot of people see this and ask What harm could an album name possibly cause? I’ll answer that for you… You know how International artistes are with merchandising, yes. What happens if Abel copyrights the Starboy brand because I’m sure as hell Wizkid hasn’t – Not in Nigeria and not in the U.S.

When an international artiste takes a step like this, what usually follows are loads and loads of celebrity merchandise… Take for example Kanye west and Pablo and that doesn’t just happen, it usually comes with a lot of paperwork reserving the rights to use the name for commercial purposes.

Perhaps the album announcement should have spurred Wizkid to seek legal counsel but shouldn’t that have happened a long time ago If under proper guidance?

Certainly some people see it that way.



If this eventually happens, this could potentially put a halt in Wizkid’s steady progress as he might be unable to commercially use the Starboy brand in the U.S. and that includes album, concert and merchandise sales.

This should serve as a wakeup call for Nigerian artistes and music management agencies. If it can happen to Wizkid, how much more a Sina Rambo… or a Dammy Krane.

Now there is the Who actually deserves to be called Starboy talk which just disgusts me to be honest.


People say Wizkid has been blocking people who don't agree he is bigger than Abel.


Frankly, I just think we should let Wizkid have it.

Bobo yen ti try, if we are going to be honest.


Light humour aside, there is still another problem here.

The industry isn’t kind to Wannabes. If The Weeknd decides to go ahead with the album – which he will, the Starboy brand will over the course of months become more and more synonymous with his name – that will happen too. Pretty soon, Americans when they look up Wizkid would sum him up as a second rate The Weeknd and that is bad for business…. You know, what PES is to FIFA and what Honeywell Noodles is to Indomie. So this period between now and the release of the Starboy album is very crucial for Wizkid as he has to somehow remind people who he is before he is long forgotten…. His tweet already shows the fear, the tension and the realisation of what could happen if he doesn’t act fast.

Read our post on Proper music management.


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Here Are 5 New Albums You Should Take Into The Weekend image

Here Are 5 New Albums You Should Take Into The Weekend

I'm going to start from home with this one.

Redemption EP – Burna Boy

I’ve never really been a fan of Burna. Not because I don’t think he’s good enough but because for the clearly abundant talent he’s got, he seems to be taking a hands off approach to his career and that is only a recipe for disaster in this Nigerian industry. Anyway, he recently released an EP which I hope he follows up with an album much later. Redemption is what he titles it and my best track from it? Pree Me



Young as The Morning Old as The Sea – Passenger

There’s no disputing the King of modern day folk rock, Michael David Rosenberg of Passenger as you know him stepped into the limelight after a song (Let He Go) from his 2012 album All The Little Lights became one of the most played songs on the radio. He has since then released 3 studio albums with the most recent of them coming late in September and has since then been the most played album in my library.



Wild World – Bastille

Bastille are a British Indie pop band led by Dan Smith. They started their journey in 2010 but their big break came in 2013 after their hit song Pompeii led the way for what would later become a career changing album in Bad Blood. Since then, the band toured for a while before giving us Wild World early in September.



Farewell, Starlite! – Francis and The Lights

I haven’t known this guy for that long but I made my discovery after I heard a catchy tune from Chance The Rapper’s latest EP Coloring book. The song titled Summer Friends made me look into that melody only to see Francis was the one behind the last few seconds of the song which for me was one of the highlights of the album.

Only recently, he released his first studio album and he named it after himself Francis Farewell Starlite.



22, A Million – Bon Iver

You’re excited too yes? Well we had to wait sooooo long for Justin to release something… Anything even when we’re sure as hell we wouldn’t hear 90% of what he says. Justin Vernon responded with 22, A Million, an album with a barely pronounceable track list and awesome vibes throughout.


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Photos From King Sunny Ade At 70 image

Photos From King Sunny Ade At 70

When you talk about music icons in Nigeria, you wouldn’t be wrong to put Fela Kuti and King Sunny Ade in the same class. Last week Thursday, a Nigerian music icon clocked 70.

Sunday Adeniyi or KSA as you know him as was born on the 22nd of September 1946 and the self acclaimed King of fuji who is better known as the minister of enjoyment did his bit in ensuring the music scene can become what it is today.

King Sunny Ade has spent the better part of 5 decades doing what he loves best which is singing and dancing. As part of the celebrations, there was a party last Saturday just for the celebration of the Nigerian legend who the president saluted by saying “King Sunny Ade’s love for humanity, especially the less privileged, by setting up a foundation that caters for the needs of others.’’

Chief Tony Okoroji, the Chairman, Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON), described him as a trail-blazer in the Nigerian music industry and The COSON chairman told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that even at 70, Sunny Ade remains “an icon“, whose success should spur parents to support their children interested in making a career in music.

More praise followed on Saturday where Sunny Ade was celebrated and present that day was fellow music icon Ebenezer Obey. And at the scene of the crime, Mayowa for NG.


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Dice Ailes’ “Miracle” Is That Feel Good Jam

Dice Ailes (pronounced Ales) of Nigerian/Ghanaian decent is a versatile Artist with a Rap/Afro Pop sound. Born and bred in Victoria Island, Lagos as Shasha Damilola Alesh.


Signed to Chocolate City where there’s a lot of expectation, this young man is doing his part to justify his position at the label with his new song “Miracle” featuring Lil Kesh.

We’re pretty sure this is going to be the best song you hear all week..... and wait for the Lil Kesh verse.

Download mp3


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How Good Is Wale Turner’s Debut Track ‘NO’ image

How Good Is Wale Turner’s Debut Track ‘NO’

Wale Turner, the Nigerian Instagram rapper who has been making underground music for a while now is currently having his 15 minutes of fame but for how long? His new music suggests he is going to be around for a long while.

Following frequent freestyle releases through popular social media platform Instagram, a lot of people have picked up on him as someone to watch out for. This sudden recognition earned him a meeting with Chocolate City and Nigerian icon MI Abaga, and even more recently a collaboration with Pheelz; the producer responsible for majority of the hit rap singles served to us by YBNL.

Just yesterday, he released his first official single to announce himself to the Nigerian music industry. The song titled NO was produced by Pheelz and you can listen or download the track here.


No one knows for sure if he YBNL will look into adopting him into the label. If the song shows anything, it is that this is a boy who has a lot of talent and the future for him looks quite promising.

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You’re Only As Good As Your Management Team image

You’re Only As Good As Your Management Team

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream, a dream you dream together is reality” John Legend. 

Just like every business, the music business follows similar protocol; to turn a dream into a reality takes talent, time, determination and the right team. If you’re an up and coming artiste and you think of music as a 100 meter dash, you need to banish that thought. Behind every successful artiste, there is a cast of equally important people who play vital roles in keeping the artiste afloat. Think of it this way, there’s only so much an artiste can do, if you need to stay in the right frame of mind to make decent music, you need people handling the things that normally will get in your way. The simple truth is this; you’re only as good as your management team because if you begin your career alone, there will come a time you wouldn’t be prepared for the next level.


We all know the Iyanya story. He announced on the 11th of July that he was leaving his record label. A label which he co-owns by the way. He set up Made Men Music Group MMMG in 2011 but due to problems with his manager and friend Ubi Franklin he decided to leave which confirms that no matter how big you get, the wrong team is the wrong team... Iyanya moved his business to a music management company named “Temple Management Company” much later.

And then there is Skales; the second half of the EME hopeful twins a couple of years ago. Late in May, Skale's Record label accused his manager of fraud. His Manager allegedly made off with 13 million naira. That’s what you get for doing business with the wrong set.


What exactly does a music management team do for you?

Having studied a handful of artistes, I noticed a trend; a lot of artistes would rather have a personal manager than have a team of fully committed members. That could work for you if you don’t have the platform to get into a music management company but it is very inefficient and rarely yields result... If you fall into that category, you could always build your own team.


As mentioned earlier, a personal manager is a good idea but here is why you need a team. A music management team assigns a personal manager to you based on their analysis of you, your music and its needs.

A music management team also provides you with all the required publicity you need. They have the capacity to help with social media adverts, online promotions of your songs and shoots. A concert promoter if you get big enough to perform at specific gatherings is also provided for you.

Retail sales managers work or have the capacity to link you up with major music distribution means like the popular major markets that supply music. If you ever wonder why you see Wizkid’s albums or Davido’s music on the streets, this is the guy responsible and this guy will work closely with your management team.


A major part of any business is the money making part of it. The only way to test the profitability of your trade is to evaluate the amount of money it rakes in. When you do begin to make money, you have to keep making money faster than you spend it or end up like M.C. Hammer. A management company handles the business part of your work as they handle your finances and predict new ways to make more for you. Another really important thing to take away from this is the fact that they handle the legal aspect of things which saves you a lot.

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GOLD Review: Adekunle Gold Is Here To Stay And Thankfully So image

GOLD Review: Adekunle Gold Is Here To Stay And Thankfully So

Adekunle Gold in Beyonce like manner decided he wasn’t going to wait till the 28th before releasing his much anticipated GOLD album. Yesterday evening, the album became available for purchase on iTunes and we listened to it to see just how good Adekunle is.

A career that started off with a One Direction cover has come a long way in the right direction with a 16 track album titled GOLD which just about does justice to the album title. The album features just one artiste and yes, you guessed right... Simi who mixed and mastered most of the songs on the album was the only artiste featured on her “lover’s” debut album. One thing that stood out for me during my first listen were the beautiful guitar riffs in most of the tracks especially on friend zone.  Amongst the new tracks on the album, here are a few of my choice selections.

Ariwo Ko: This song shows Mr Adekunle’s ability to handle even the most difficult instrumentals. The pseudo reggae track produced by YBNL faithful Pheelz confirms what I’ve always asked myself about Adekunle.

Beautiful Night: A classic Adekunle song about love with a beautiful synth afropop vibe.

Fight For You: Easily one of my favourite songs from the GOLD album, Fight for you talks about Adekunle gold fighting the battles facing his beloved who he somehow missed out on.

Friend zone: A fast tempo song that describes the struggles and thoughts that run through a Nigerian male when the girl he desperately wants refers to him as “Brother”.

My Life: At this point, I’m asking myself “How does a musician sound the same and so different on every track?” Adekunle presents a much different approach to music that even the older folk can relate to and this song really shows how.

Nurse Alabere: Just about my favourite track on the album. A beautiful soulful song even complemented by the talking drums and flutes.

Temptation: Adekunle does something most Nigerian artistes don’t, he tells stories also... Purely hypothetical but he is able to convey his message from the voices of total strangers that don’t even exist.  

No Forget: If you were like me who thought Falz had taken Simi from Adekunle, think again. Simi who is the only artiste featured on this album proves her worth and significance in the life of Adekunle with unreal synergy.

Paradise: Adekunle feels like he’s enjoying paradise and why not too? His songs in the mouth of most Nigerians why shouldn’t he?

Indeed Christmas came early for lovers of good music. If you ever had any doubt that Adekunle is a man on a mission then you should give this album a listen. For $10, the GOLD album is a bargain.

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LSMK’s LUSH Is Everything Nigerian Alternative Should Sound Like image

LSMK’s LUSH Is Everything Nigerian Alternative Should Sound Like

“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.” Plato

Can alternative music work in Nigeria? Over the years, we’ve had several answers to this question. Blackmagic made a statement, Asa certainly did and so did Bez, Johnny Drille, BrymO and a host of other artistes but I’m not here to talk about them. I’m here to talk about someone you probably do not know; LSMK.

“LSMK has that, an idea for saccharine experimental music with sounds invoking psychedelia, and drug-like happiness.” Pulse

LSMK’s EP LUSH is a vivid representation of a wild dreamer. Listening to the 12 track contemporary work, I almost felt I was listening to a blend of Frank Ocean and Jon Bellion. I wouldn’t get ahead of myself yet but I believe this young man has places to go.

Whatever Olisa Odogbolu had in mind when he set out on this project might have not been fully accomplished but the EP was littered with pieces of genius here and there as it kept genre morphing in such a beautiful way.

Listen to the full album.


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Tjan’s Aduke Now Has A Video And It’s Every Bit As Heartwarming As Its Audio image

Tjan’s Aduke Now Has A Video And It’s Every Bit As Heartwarming As Its Audio

Amazing songwriter/Vocalist, TJAN released Aduke months ago. A truly breathtaking radio worthy song about love and companionship featuring the multi-talented Cohbams Asuquo which seats at a comfortable position midway through our monthly music chart. The video has just been released and it’s just as heart-warming as the audio. Shot and directed by Kemi Adetiba, here is the video to the Amazing Aduke.


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This Is The Coolest Music Video Of The Year And Yes, Kanye West Is In It image

This Is The Coolest Music Video Of The Year And Yes, Kanye West Is In It

Yeah, so we all heard the Summer Friends song from Chances Mixtape earlier this year, well that part at the end that got us all giddy and stuff happened to remind me of this song which after finding out happened to be the same song except with no rap - I knew i wasn't mad when i heard Bon Iver in Summer Friends. Anyhow, this is the video and it features Kanye West who really didn't do anything in it anyway. This is my favorite song now.


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6 Amazing New Albums You Should Listen To All Weekend image

6 Amazing New Albums You Should Listen To All Weekend

Maren Morris Hero

Maren Morris’ hero is a classic example of what 90’s country would sound like if it met the 20’s poppy vibe. It’s a great album if you listen to new age country music as she talks about the things she loves and the way they make her feel.


American Authors What We Live For

If there’s one thing American Authors will never do, it is producing a below par album and they surely lived up to expectation with this amazing work of art. Their energy and synergy have not been well put together like this EVERRRRR. Claps, sneers, shakes and feet stamping, this is the album.


PUP The Dream Is Over

PUP is a Canadian punk band from Ontario and if there’s anything to take away from here, think of them as a more edgy punk Bon Jovi with full on yelling yellingness all through their songs.


Jon Bellion The Human Condition

Practically one of my best albums from this year, this album is everything you wish Chris Brown will do. He raps, he sings, and he writes his own music from inspiration drawn from god knows where.


The Temper Trap Thick As Thieves

Coming from Conditions and their self titled project, the temper trap reminds us why their music is evergreen with some of the pop/synth sounds found on their second album, The Temper Trap. Thick as thieves is a subtle touch from the rest and stands out for me.


Kygo Cloud Nine

You could search for months for a better compilation this year but you just simply would not find one. Kygo has his production on fleek with every song put out in this project.


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Can We Talk About How BrymO’s Klĭtôrĭs Touches The Right Places?

Klitoris? Klitoris? “What in the name....” those were the exact words i blurted out when I found out via his twitter page that was going to be the name of his third studio album. Klĭtôrĭs – A title so striking you are guaranteed to listen to the album when it finally hits the streets or at least keep tabs on it.

Being a lover of quality music, Olawale Ashimi has shown us once again how far he has come from the guy who practically singlehandedly resuscitated Ice prince’s already dying career with his feature on Oleku. It would seem a lifetime ago when he released Ara.

Soul snatching, absolutely riveting and all round beautiful to the ears, Klĭtôrĭs could as well be up there with Asa’s Bed of stone.

 “The greatness of the naked Klitoris lies in the contents as it was in its unique way able to stretch beyond the soul/ballad like genre parameters. This album in all its greatness is totally beautiful.” – Tooxclusive.

An album dedicated entirely to a woman, Klitoris makes its way from Naked, a song which indicated Olawale could be facing some personal issue he was trying to sort out while constantly reminding us how feeble and ultimately worthless the things of the world is “After all, we came into the world naked”. 

Dem de go, my personal favourite of the Klitoris album is a thought provoking song open to various degrees of interpretation all surrounding a dispute of some sort, hopefully not about the current state of the nation.

Happy Memories saw BrymO return to a theme he continually experiments with in all of his albums – love. He talks about a love that is way past its time and all he had to show for it – memories.

Ko S’aya mi is a song about a girl so beautiful Olawale just had to ask her to be his wife. The song started out with heavy praise on how God tastefully crafted Anjola then all which followed was Mr. Ashimi asking for her hand in marriage.

Alajo Shomolu almost Fela reincarnated, BrymO tried to bring back Fela with this brilliant mid-tempo Afro Beat track made to remind struggling people that hard work pays off. Just like he did on the following track Something Good Is Happening, BrymO really does well with these two, modulating his voice in an almost Fela way but modern and with more finesse.

Billion Naira Dream as heart warming as a track can be, what caught my attention was the title... Billion “Naira” dream... now, you would think “what’s in the title?” well, if it wasn’t BrymO who sang this song, you probably would be seeing the dollar take the place of the Naira here. This shows us again what type of artiste BrymO is; a true Nigerian passionate about making a difference here.

Let’s make love couldn’t have been made any clearer by the track title.

Mirage This ballad emphasizes on the versatility of the artiste as he gives us a taste from the other side displaying incredible vocal strength. The Way The Cookie Crumbles electro - Caribbean fusion guaranteed to get you off your feet and swaying.

The Girl From New York BrymO talks about a girl he met in New York who tried to “guage” him and how much money he had, being 1:13 minutes, Olawale couldn’t have picked a subtler way to end this project.

Klĭtôrĭs emphasizes the artiste’s growth over the years, his versatility as he took a tour round a couple of genres, and his ability to tell a good story without getting lost in the music.

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Yemi Alade's Mama Africa Doing Well on iTunes Global Charts image

Yemi Alade's Mama Africa Doing Well on iTunes Global Charts

Yemi Alade finally released her hugely anticipated sophomore album on the 25th of March and is currently doing well on global charts.

Our mama Africa is giving 10 percent of the proceeds from the album to charity through the #FeedAChild project. This will see Yemi Alade personally visit and donate album sales proceeds to orphanages across Africa.

The album features huge names in the music industry like P-Square, Rotimi Keys, Sauti Sol, Flavour,Sarkodie, DJ Arafat and Selebobo; with production from GospelOnDeBeatz, DJ Coublon, Selebobo, Philkeyz, BeatsByEmzo, Masterkraft, Rotimi Keys and Mr. Chidoo.

Mama Africa: The Diary Of An African Woman currently lies 13th on the French iTunes album chart, 22nd on the iTunes German album chart, 4th on iTunes World albums chart and tops the iTunes Nigerian album charts and World album chart.

The LP which serves as the follow-up to the acclaimed “King Of Queens”  is available in digital and physical stores globally.

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Kanye West Releases "Ultralight Prayer" For Easter image

Kanye West Releases "Ultralight Prayer" For Easter

Kanye west has just released “Ultralight Prayer”.

Kanye west tweeted a link to listen to his new track via soundcloud. He also used that to wish his fans a Happy Easter.

The song features Kirk Franklin continuing his outro on “Ultralight Beam” the leading song off West’s latest album, The Life Of Pablo.

Listen to the brand new track here


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T.L.O.P. Not A Complete F.L.O.P. image

T.L.O.P. Not A Complete F.L.O.P.

The stakes have never been this high but grade-A asshole Kanye West sure delivered when it mattered the most.

We all thought the charade at Madison Square Garden came off as bogus for a $160 ticket price especially when all we got to do was sit and watch Kanye play 60% of the actual album off his laptop and watch people model with already worn clothes which isn’t a big deal if you can’t just sit at home and stream straight through the internet. The album which was originally intended to be titled swish... or waves... or So help me God finally dropped and i’m still trying to take it all in.

I’ve been a fan of Mr West for quite some time now and have grown to appreciate his music and his influence on pop culture even if those happen in some rather unpleasant ways. His works over the years have been nothing short of breathtaking and my love for his abilities even saw me through the auto-tune phase. Right from his first album, Mr. West has been producing Grammy winning materials, at least up until his last album; an album some people call revolutionary which still went on to go platinum btw.

“By contrast, the lead up to The Life of Pablo has been a brush fire. Over the past year huge singles were released and then abandoned, a new weekly series was announced and then faded into the fog, album titles were adopted and then discarded like Kim K trying on shoes, album covers were revealed that looked like they were done in Microsoft Paint, all while Kanye took to Twitter with the reckless abandon of a drunk college freshman.” Dj Booth.

This would have been really bad for Kanye if he hadn’t done such a bang up job with the album. Albeit a day late, The life of Pablo turns out to be a decent effort from our favourite jerk. Some will say “why not? Coming from Yeezus, anything he puts out will sound genius” but no, that’s not the case here. It actually proves to be an amazing work of art; you can actually tell from the tracklist he really wanted this one with the amount of samples he had to slot in.

You don’t have to listen too long or hard before you find some really nasty lyrics on this album, the most revolting being his jab at Taylor Swift intentionally leaving out the fact that before he interrupted her acceptance speech at the ‘09 MTV VMAs Swift’s second album had already sold 5m copies in America alone, gone platinum in 10 countries and enjoyed the decade’s longest run at the top of the US. And i’m not going to mention the Ray J line which i don’t know whether it’s intended to hurt Ray J or his own wife.

An album reminiscent of all of Kanye’s earlier works and worthy of competing with the modern Rap culture which involves mostly twitter beefs and name calling on instagram.

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Vic O: The Plague That Just Wouldn't Go image

Vic O: The Plague That Just Wouldn't Go

The fact that anyone would consider him a musician of any kind is beyond bemusing, but Vic O is persistent that he is a rapper. What’s even more bemusing is that he believes that he has actual musical talent. Vic-O is totally convinced that he is a rapper, amongst many other things (he tweeted that he directs, acts, sings and writes as well).It is a puzzle as to how he manages to keep gaining so much attention for his music despite how terrible it has been over the years.

My first encounter with Vic O was on Twitter when he decided it was time to end the Drake and Meek Mill beef with a diss track of his own. This of course seemed to be a joke to me and I pegged him down as one of the new comers in the internet comic brand that has become a fad in Nigeria. After some research, I discovered I was wrong and he had ‘supposedly’ been making music for the past six years. In light of this new info, the first that occurred to me was how easy it would be to produce a top-notch track to diss Vic O. His face looks like it’s been in way too many cosmetic trials, and let us not even get started on his ridiculous accent. Of course, the mere notion that Drake or Meek might come across that track is laughable at best.

The man is very confused and that’s the first thing we should establish here. This is a guy who says he was contacted by Jay Z’s team for a certain collaboration that didn’t materialize because he lost his mobile device afterwards. How entirely ludicrous does an individual get? I think someone needs to call him to order, sit him down and talk some sense into him. Beyond that there is a possibility that he also needs urgent medical attention.

He recently tweeted that he was going to give away five hundred thousand naira after being inspired by Don Jazzy and all people needed to do was tweet what they loved about him. This was incredibly amusing to me and I had a good laugh and that was it. It then came as a shock to me when people began to reply with words of praise, and it was high praise indeed. Of course, there is the chance, it was done in good fun but this only serves to fuel his delusion. Even M.I managed to encourage him after tweeting ’10 reasons why Vic O is the greatest of all’. I can only guess people indulge his delusion because it makes him even funnier.

After the recent Grammy nomination list was released, here’s what Vic O had to say: “The people that compiled the list of @TheGRAMMYs nomination are very FOOLISH! I want to believe they don't know what they are doing....” Haha, surely he thinks he deserves a Grammy nomination. After all, he killed both Drake and Meek Mill with his own 2 in 1 combo diss track.

Of course, all of this would make much more sense if he came out and said he was a comedian because it is obvious to all that he provides good comic relief, but that is not the case. What makes this situation even more difficult is the fact that his delusion is one of the reasons he is such comedy gold. The mere fact that he considers what he does music is bound to have you in stitches. The problem however is that the attention he gains as a result only pushes him to do more. I would like to believe this is all an act, that he is aware he is a comedian and his feigned ignorance is all a part of the act as well but all evidence points to the contrary.

I end this piece by saying that despite all the facts and what is clear to everyone, Vic-O is not one of the upcoming comedians in the country and it is with a heavy heart and a sad, sad countenance that I say this: Vic-O is a ‘rapper’. He believes himself to be one and there is no changing that. Does he flow well? Do any of his hooks make sense musically? No. On all counts. Yet, he has two studio albums out. I have friends with real musical talent who haven’t been able to put an album together. He is good for the laughs (sure) but a much more deep-seated issue of his mental state is one his team needs to take more seriously. He may actually be making money from this whole charade (I doubt that) and this may lead those close to him and his team to not be concerned about it but there is the chance it may deteriorate and wouldn’t we be all sad if Vic O couldn’t make us laugh anymore.

Submitted by Temi Durojaiye

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Coldplay’s New Album: Even Worse Than The Former image

Coldplay’s New Album: Even Worse Than The Former

“When you try your best but you don’t succeed.”

Coldplay has had a lot of success over the last decade or so. Arguably the most popular active band in the world at the moment, A head full of dreams could be the end of an illustrious career as front-man Chris Martin warned. The last album (Ghost stories) left Coldplay fans dissatisfied and craving something better from the multi-award winning quartet. This prompted Chris Martin and co to release A head full of dreams an album that quite frankly keeps genre-morphing all the way.

The whole world has been waiting for another masterpiece from the British superstars and so, with rejuvenated hopes, Coldplay released their 7th studio album A head full of Dreams on Friday, December 4, a day after the release and a whole lot of us are still waiting. Every Coldplay album seems to come with something new and different from what the world has come to know from them – Trying to filter an array of complex sounds and musical representations into something the audience will love. This has always worked for them, at least up until Mylo Xyloto was done and dusted, it’s been downhill ever since..

A head full of dreams led its campaign with a gob smacking hit single “Adventure of a lifetime” which we doubt would have been possible if Daft Punk didn’t release “Get Lucky”. Get lucky, Coldplay did with this song appealing to almost everyone. Somebody get these lads a chrome helmet.

Coldplay received helping hands from the amazingly talented Beyoncé on “Hymn for the weekend”, Tove Lo on “Fun” and Barrack Obama. Yes, the first Interlude "Kaleidoscope" uses poet Coleman Barks and a sample of Barrack Obama’s rendition of “Amazing Grace” from his eulogy at the Emanuel A.M.E. Church for a pastor who was one of eight killed in last summer’s Charleston church shooting in South Carolina.

Overall, the album is just another whiny compilation and an average representation of the Coldplay we have come to know and love. Sure, there are a few great moments on the album that will have your heart soar but not too worry, a disappointment of equal proportion is close by.

Top Tracks

  • Adventure of a lifetime
  • Up&Up


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Adele Goes Missing After Every Album But We Really Don't Mind image

Adele Goes Missing After Every Album But We Really Don't Mind

Adele goes missing after every album but we don’t see it as a problem because she always comes back with a classic.

She certainly did this time with the release of her third studio album. After “19” and “21”, Adele had made a name for herself as arguably the best female vocalist in the music industry. Her sophomore album “21” won her 6 Grammy awards in 2012 but as usual she took some time off to grow older and four years after that she’s here to win our hearts once again with “25”.

She seems to always draw her inspiration from failed relationships although we never hear much about the relationships in the first place.

A while back, The English singer and songwriter released her first single “Hello” off the “25” album and immediately topped charts worldwide. It became the first ever song to sell a million digital copies within a week of its release. The song was so good it has had well over 480 million hits on Youtube including tons of covers from both foreign and local artistes here in Nigeria. The success of this song can’t be overstated as it even had its own game “The hello challenge” all over the social media. It was indeed the best song she could have led with.

As far as pop goes, this could be the album of the year by fine margins and although the album just got released officially, we Adele fans already listen to it with a bit of sadness.

Who knows what her next album will be called. 30?

That’s way too long


Top 5 Tracks

  • Hello
  • Water Under The Bridge
  • Send My Love
  • I Miss You
  • When We Were Young



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