Baby! Oh Baby! image

Baby! Oh Baby!

Haven’t you heard? Babies are what’s trending!

In case, you haven’t been aware of your surroundings, a lot (I mean a lot) of celebs are expecting this 2017. From Beyoncé, to George and Amal Clooney, to Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Pharrel even had triplets just this year! It’s a basically baby frenzy and guess what? We’re on baby watch! Here is a list of Hollywood’s expecting couples and new parents.

Beyoncé & Jay Z

When it comes to baby news this year, Beyoncé and Jay Z definitely take the cake for most surprising baby bomb, not to mention most elaborate and creative (and probably most expensive) maternity shoot. Bey and Jay have been music’s power couple for quite a while now, and proud parents of their 5 year old daughter, Blue-Ivy. The famous couple, have even been together for nearly 15 years. Hard to believe, right?

    The pair met in 1999, when Bey was 19 and Hov was 31 and started dating the year after. After that it was nothing but amazing hits from these two, with songs like ‘Bonnie & Clyde’, ‘Crazy In Love’, and ‘Upgrade U’, topping charts and winning multiple awards.

        After dating for almost a decade, the pair got married in a super intimate ceremony at Jay Z’s Manhattan penthouse, April 4th 2008.

In 2010 rumors swirled that Beyoncé was pregnant. Beyoncé later confirmed in her 2013 documentary ‘Life is but a dream’, that she was indeed pregnant but suffered a miscarriage. “I was pregnant for the first time. And I heard the heartbeat, which was the most beautiful music I ever heard in my life. I picked out names and was feeling very maternal. I flew back to New York to get my check up and no heartbeat. I went into the studio and wrote the saddest song I’ve ever written in my life.” One year later, Beyoncé shared with the world that she was expecting again during her performance of love on top at the MTV VMAs. January 2012, the pair welcomed their first child together, Blue Ivy.

     After Beyoncé released her Lemonade album last year, there have been numerous speculations that there was perhaps trouble in paradise for the two. The lyrics of the songs on the album hinted infidelity and a marriage in crisis, which got the whole world wondering if it was their marriage the lyrics were referring to. Nearly a year later, the couple seems happier than ever with Beyoncé expecting not one, but two babies!

This time around, Beyoncé went with a less discreet approach to her pregnancy, going  all out with an underwater inspired photo-shoot and has since hasn’t stopped blessing us with multiple photos of her growing belly on Instagram. The highlight of her pregnancy has to be her Grammy performance, where she channeled the Yoruba goddess—Oshun, Hindu goddess—Kali, and Roman goddess—Venus. The performance was nothing short of mesmerizing (which is a typical Tuesday in Beyoncé land). Beyoncé recently had a ‘Carter Push Party’, which has made many wonder if we could expect the Carter babies sooner than we thought. We hope to meet the twins soon!

Ciara & Russell Wilson

Ciara and her hubby started dating 2015 and announced their engagement a year later. The couple got married July 2016. During the time they were dating the couple made several headlines, most of them based the pair’s decision to abstain from sex until they were married. When giving an interview with Pastor Miles of Rock Church, Russell revealed how they came to the decision “I was looking at her in the mirror and she was sitting there and God spoke to me and said ‘I need you to lead her’, and so I told her right there and then, what if we took all that extra stuff off the table and did it Jesus’ way? (He later confirmed he was talking about sex).

       The pair welcomed their first child together April 28th. A little girl named Sienna Princess Wilson. Ciara was formerly linked to rapper Future, with whom she had her first child, her son, Future Zahir Wilburn.

George & Amal Clooney

George Clooney was once one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors, but those days are far behind him. George, who is certified Hollywood royalty, married human rights attorney Amal Alamuddin (now Amal Clooney) September 2014 and has since hung up his bachelor shoes. Earlier this year, the couple announced Amal was expecting twins; a boy and a girl!

When on The Ellen Show, George gave an account of how his proposal to his wife went “I plotted the whole thing out. I had the ring hidden behind her, I had music playing. Finally I literally said, “Look, I hope the answer’s yes, but I need an answer ‘cause I’m 52 and I could throw out my hip pretty soon. And she said ‘Oh, yes’ and it worked out really well.”

Amal put to bed just yesterday at hospital in London. A spokesman for the couple said that both children are healthy, happy and doing fine. George and Amal seemed to go a different way than usual extravagant Hollywood names, naming their children Ella and Alexander.

Serena Williams & Alexis Ohanian

Serena Williams is a professional tennis player, who is currently ranked number one in singles by the Women’s Tennis Association, and this year will be her 8th time doing so. But of course you already knew that. The real question is who is Alexis Ohanian?

Alexis Ohanian is an American Internet entrepreneur and investor, author and co-founder for of the social news website Reddit, and now fiancé of Serena Williams. The pair’s engagement came as a surprise to us all, which was because they had secretly been dating. The duo met in Rome, Italy and 15 long months later, Alexis popped the question and Serena said yes. Serena announced their engagement on Reddit with a poem;

I came home.

A little late.

Someone had a bag packed for me.

A carriage awaited.

Destination: Rome.

To escort me to my very own “charming”.

Back where our stars first collided.

And now it was full circle.

At the same table we first met by chance.

This time he made it not by chance.

But by choice.

Down on one knee.

He said 4 words.

And I said yes.


On April 20th, Serena revealed she was 20 weeks, which according to the future mummy was a mistake. The champion tennis player, explained at the TED2017 Conference in Vancouver that she was taking a personal photo of her progressing baby bump on Snapchat when she accidentally pressed the wrong button, making the post public. The world quickly got excited about Serena’s baby, especially after people realized she played and won the Australian Open, pregnant. Serena shared how she felt when she found out she was pregnant 2 days before the Australian Open;

    “It wasn’t very easy. You hear all these stories about people when they’re pregnant—they get sick, they get really tired, really stressed out. Pregnant or not, no one knew and I was supposed to win that tournament. Every time I play, I’m expected to win. If I don’t win, it’s almost much bigger news”. Serena is likely due in September.

Jason Statham & Rosie Huntington-Whitely

Jason Statham and model-turned-actress, Rosie Huntington-Whitely started dating in 2010. Jason who is 19 years older than the model, asked her to be his wife 6 years later and they are now expecting their first child together. These two usually keep information about their relationship under wraps, but in an Interview with Harper’s Bazaar Australia, Rosie spoke up about her relationship with Jason and had nothing but good things to say about her action star fiancé saying; “I have an amazing relationship with my partner. He’s by far the greatest influence in my life.”

Rosie, announced her pregnancy on Instagram with a picture of her showing her tummy and smiling on a beach.

Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chan

Mark Zuckerberg, who is dubbed the social networking king, met his then future wife, in the school where it all began, Harvard. Mark and Priscilla met at a party held by Mark’s fraternity. Interestingly enough, the pair met on a waiting line for the bathroom. Soon after that, the pair started dating and Mark made the big decision to drop out of school and run his company; then called ‘The Facebook’.

   Despite the distance and Marks work-oriented attitude, the couple still found a way to make it work, and were soon deeply in love with each other. They were in love before Mark became a multi-billionaire and are still in love now, a perfect example of unconditional affection. Now the pair is expecting their second child together and it’s a girl! The soon to be second-time dad took to Facebook to share the news “We are all better people because of the strong women in our lives – sisters, mothers and friends. We can’t wait to welcome our new little one and do our best to raise another strong woman.

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Jumia’s Approach To Black Friday: Our First Look At This Year’s Deals image

Jumia’s Approach To Black Friday: Our First Look At This Year’s Deals

Shopping in Nigeria has always been a difficult and time consuming task. Luckily for us, e-commerce came right in time but with the loads of options we have, one could argue just getting yourself to an actual store is easier. There’s Konga, Jumia, Dealdey, yudala and Payporte  just to mention a few. A lot of Nigerians believe these online stores pump their prices way up in exchange for the comfort you get when you forsake the stress of shopping… Whether this is true or not remains to be confirmed but on one day, all the statistics and mathematics go straight out the window.

As you’re aware, Black Friday signifies the day lots of people can get a lot of the things they need at a really discounted price. This retail bonanza comes up only a day after thanksgiving and falls on the fourth Friday of November – This year, it comes up on the 25th of November.

This year’s Black Friday is going to be the messiest of them all. We all know how servers crash and websites pack up as early as 12:30 am on Black Friday morning – That was before the Naira plunged remember. With the economy in a mess and Nigerians looking for an easy fix anywhere, Black Friday is going to be a mess and our e-commerce stores aren’t doing anything to prevent the impending traffic overload… Well, all but Jumia.


Jumia have taken time out to stretch the one day rush into 12 remarkable days of savings, almost like the 12 days of Christmas. You can now shop deals on each day to get amazing discounts ranging all the way to 55% on your favourite things. All this lead to the big finale on the 25th. Jumia are quiet about what deal the 25th brings but I’m sure the floodgates will be open for discounts on all products but with everyone doing their shopping 11 days earlier, it probably should be a safe zone.


While Dealdey and Payporte are saying nothing about their deals, Dealdey promises up to 90% discount on certain products.



Konga on the other hand have shown their intent in the Black Friday sales by releasing quite a number of discounted products available for purchase right away.


Jumia looks like the place to be this thanksgiving but you can’t tell just yet… If Payporte puts up an initial price of 50,000 for an iPhone 7, you know where the crowd’s going to port.


Additional stores to check out this Black Friday




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You’d Be Surprised How Much Nigerians Studying Abroad Are Making From Sugar daddies image

You’d Be Surprised How Much Nigerians Studying Abroad Are Making From Sugar daddies

We had agreed to meet at the wine bar around West Hampstead, a modern bar filled with intriguing bric-a-bracs, so posh that people said you could see Simon Cowell having a glass of wine on Thursdays. I walked in to find Amanda with a glass of wine in hand, already waiting for me. She was dressed casually in sweats and a ponytail and had a welcoming smile.


Amanda, a 21-year-old International student at Middlesex University London is a sugar baby. It is a controversial topic, but I was here to understand a day in the life of a sugar baby. Her perfume wafted up reminding me of Giorgio Armani. “You're right it is actually one of the gifts I got from one of my sugar daddies’’. On that note, my ears and eyes popped and our conversation began.

Originally from Nigeria, Amanda knows the struggles of being an international student with expensive pressures on her family back home. Like hundreds of students all over the UK, Amanda signed up to a sugar baby website because she “loved the glitzy life and needed extra cash.... some of the men on the website are really creepy but you have to know how to look for the nice ones”. Amanda explained, in cold terms, that this was just business, a business in which she made strategic decisions to her benefit. “I am not a gold-digger!’’ her hand gestured like traffic warden's “It’s a matter of mutually benefit, some of the men genuinely love spending money on women’’.

Amanda was introduced to the dating website over a year ago by a girl friend who was over the moon and excited by the idea of being in the company of rich men. She told Amanda, “I thought, maybe I would get to go to some nice places and get some nice gifts, but baby I got a whole lot more”. Soon after uploading her profile picture, her inbox exploded. All filled with the possibilities of expensive gifts and new vacation spots.

Hard up for cash, Amanda didn't need much convincing and soon sent out her own profile. With a calm face, she explained to me, “normally the first exchanged are inbox messages, and if it sounds like we can get on then I give them my number... Then I opened a new email address, and set up a second number for the second Amanda’’. Almost like a second life? I asked. She smiled a broad knowing smile. “I must admit, I am excited being this ordinary Naija student by day and this elegant woman by night, a kind of grown up Hannah Montana”.

Her first date picked her up right on time ‘’it was one of these cool sport cars. Ha! It was love at first sight with the lifestyle”. Karl, the 42-year-old Marketing and Sales Director was gentlemanly and charming. The date was at a posh west end restaurant in London and ‘’oh my God, the wine!’’ She said, making a praying gesture. Karl opened her door, paid her the right attention, asked the right questions and even bought her a bracelet on the first date. ‘’He kept it simple in case it wasn’t my style’’.

The lovely night was followed by subsequent dates (spa included), trips, gifts “but of course he was married… so it was going to end sooner or later’’. “I hate the fact some of them were married, but I block it out” she tells me. “It's sad, because married men really know how to treat a girl’’.

With those words she seemed lost and finished her glass of wine with two gulps. She seemed to be having conflicting feelings and while I wanted to problem I thought to save this for the end of the interview. “Let’s talk about the goodies’’ I said, trying to lighten the mood. Amanda laughed and told me in just over one year she has had 4 vacations she would have never been able to afford. ‘’There was the ski resort in Finland’’. ‘’And the trip to Ibiza when he let me bring 2 friends’’. She explained how it differs with each man, ‘’some like to give you a fixed allowance while others just offer you gifts and then there are the ones who just ask you what do you want”. She didn’t seem to like the fixed allowance type, saying it made it feel like ‘‘she was in the escort business; am not that type of girl’’.

‘’So what type of girl are you”, I asked. I couldn't resist that question. “I am a business girl but It’s business plus. These guys are buying my companionship and not just sex; some are just looking for someone to talk to. I do get intimate with these guys, but it's not prostitution. That’s why I prefer it when a sugar daddy offers gifts. It feels more like a relationship with a little business deal’’.

Amanda has had 7 consistent sugar daddies but has also had dates, many dates. ‘’You can tell if you’ll get along from the first date and I only keep around the ones I know I’ll have a mutually beneficial relationship with’’. But how rich does a man have to be? Amanda gave me this humorous smile ‘’It’s more about being generous than rich but when they are both that’s a bonus!’’ She then went into detail about a schoolteacher she had met on the website, ‘’he wasn’t oozing money but he got me really nice dress once in a while”.  But she quickly added “with men like that, it doesn’t last very long’’.

“But do you expect it to last long with any of them”? I asked as my wine glass reached the bottom. She paused for a moment and looked and me for a long second and looked into her empty glass. I continued studying her face and could see it changing, ‘’hmmmmmm’’ she said for a long drawn out moment. She quickly asked ‘‘my real name is not going to be in this report, right?’’ As I assured her that her name would not appear she called for a second glass of wine, white wine this time. “After my first date, all I felt was shame, I really try to block out some of the bad experiences I’ve had doing this. I don’t expect to find love on the website, I don’t even expect it to last long because deep down you know what type of arrangement it is. You try and cover it up, make it feel like a relationship. Oh well!’’ she sighed. “I really have had some great experiences through these men and some are lovely but you just have this gut feeling of being dodgy. I suppress mine. It’s a business, I have to make the best decisions to benefit me especially with how damaged it makes me feel sometimes, the least I deserve is a nice bag’’. It felt like I had known Amanda my whole life as we exchanged this look of understanding and warmth.

‘’Last question! Would you recommend to a friend that they should go into this business?’’ She gave a very quick ‘’Nope’’ and downed the rest of her wine. We sat down after the interview for some more wine and even more discussions. She was funny, witty and had a lot of opinions and I hoped leaving the interview Amanda found what she was looking for.


 Written for NG by Aisha V. Hashim

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Guycode: Urinal Etiquette image

Guycode: Urinal Etiquette

Yo broheims! It’s another instalment of the ‘Guy Code’. If you didn’t already know, the GUY CODE is that most sacred rulebook that ensures guys act like “guys”. First carved on stone by the cavemen and passed down from generation to generation, this most revered book has guided guys’ action in major things like World wars and even little things like cheating on a test. It’s next after whatever holy book you hold dear and if you’re atheist; well this is your Bible.

So you’ve just had an awesome night at the bar and have outdone all your bros by drinking the most but now nature’s come-a-calling and you’ve gotta go. Here’s what the Guy Code says about ‘going’ in a public urinal.

Rule 1: Do Your Business Quickly

Unless, you’re having sex in a public restroom (which I highly recommend), on no account should a guy spend extended periods of time in there. This is what makes us guys and not women. Since there’s no sex at urinals, folks should get in and out of the restrooms and help prevent a line in front of the door.

Rule 2: No Talking

Chatting is for the bar. Political and sports debates are for the living room with your boys. Public urinals have the strictest “no talking” policy no matter who you meet there. The brief “Hey” or “Hi” upon entrance to acknowledge the fellow male is permitted but that’s where it ends. Unless the guy next to you is about to have his penis bitten by a snake, you do not need to communicate. Any similar life or death situation is also an exception.

Rule 3: Eyes Front!!

This is the golden rule of the public urinal: Never, ever, ever, ever look sideways. That’s just plain weird. Eyes forward always and even in the event of an emergency, communicate without making eye contact.

Rule 4: Use the Urinal Properly

It may come across as a bit of a shock but ‘real men’ are clean men. Make sure to urinate inside the bowl and not on the wall or the sides. Urine art is NOT a thing!! Also, don’t ever shit in the urinal just because the stalls are full. Hold it till there’s a free stall; like a man!

Don’t ever forget to wash your hands after use. Only cavemen use toilets without washing their hands. You are NOT a caveman!

Rule 5: Keep the Margin of Error

Forget my use of superfluous words. This simply means there should always be the space of at least one bowl between each man. If the urinal is well under-utilized, then the maximum space possible between each other should be observed. It might be a public restroom but everyone still needs their privacy. Make sure to put the spacing into consideration when choosing a spot if the urinal is empty or largely empty.


Rule 6: What happens in the Restroom Stays in the Restroom

No matter what you see – awkward, violent, sexual, etc. – in the public restroom while at the urinal, Guy Code says you take it to your grave and never speak of it with another soul. Unless you are required to provide a police statement or are subpoenaed for those details, never tell.

Don’t forget to zip up after guys. This is not a rule but definitely a major key.

Well, that’s all for now folks. We hope this helps you handle yourself better at public urinals in the future.

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Yoga, Its Benefits And Where To Find Yoga Classes In Nigeria image

Yoga, Its Benefits And Where To Find Yoga Classes In Nigeria

Yoga has been around for more than 5000 years, with more than 100 different yoga forms. Yoga has been described as "the union of mind, body, and spirit," which addresses physical, mental, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual dimensions towards an overall harmonious state of being. The First Lady, Aisha Buhari described it as ‘’A gift from India to the world’’ encouraging Nigerians to practice in order to enhance their well being. With the hustle and bustle of Nigeria, the benefits of adopting yoga seem even more attractive, imagine that annoying Bus Driver shouting over your head and having the will power to block him out. Yes! Yoga does that and many more.

A few of the benefits of yoga are:

  • Improves your flexibility
  • Builds muscle strength
  • Perfects your posture
  • Betters your bone health
  • Increases blood flow
  • Drops your blood pressure
  • Makes you happier
  • Improves your balance
  • Helps you sleep deeper
  • Peace of mind
  • Form of meditation

Encourages self care and the list goes on

So this is where we come in. How can you practice Yoga at your own leisure, at your own pace?

Check out the Nigerian Yoga Foundation to see for yourself just how yoga is making its presence felt in Nigeria.

If you live in Lagos, have you heard of Chi’s Yoga Classes? Chi’s Yoga was born of the idea of procuring space for healing in Lagos, Nigeria. They offer single and small group morning sessions in the comfort of private homes, hotels and health centres for beginners as well as advanced yoga practitioners. Other places include Spa and Fitness at Four Points by Sheraton, Yoga with Stacy at Garden Pearls, 1 Vanni close off Universal road, Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja and Proflex Fitness Center at 20-24 Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue, Victoria Island, Lagos.


In Abuja you have The Yoga Room and can join them on Facebook to participate in classes, even better call them on 08168054715.  You also have the Cevenés Spa on Obafemi Awolowo Way (0809 971 3501), and for those closer to the Airport Oasis Stayfit Gym at Gwarimpa will do the trick (0803 600 0283).


If you find the centre’s too expensive and have mildly fast internet at home, learn online at Do Yoga With Me, all you have to do is register and follow for free yoga tutorials. Learn on YouTube with Yoga Vidya and yes, even Wikihow has Yoga training for beginners.

If your commitment is at an all time high, why not download the apps?

-Yoga Studio at just £2.99

-Daily Yoga- Lose Weight, Get Relief for free (but I warn with in-app purchases)

-5 Minute Yoga for those in a haste And

-Simply Yoga Free for the most passionate but broke of us.

Yoga has undergone much scientific study, with various psychological and physical theories suggested. In human research, yoga has been shown to reduce heart rate and blood pressure, increase breath holding time and lung capacity, improve muscle relaxation and body composition, cause weight loss, and increase overall physical endurance. Yoga may positively affect levels of brain or blood chemicals, such as monoamines, melatonin and stress hormones. Changes in several mental functions, including perception, attention, cognition, processing of sensory information, and visual perception, are described in human research.It is proposed that health may be affected by mind-body interactions that occur through techniques such as yoga, and that daily practice of yoga may help to maintain wellness.

So although you might not have a yoga centre near you, the benefits of trying on your own seem too attractive to pass by.

Written for NG by Aisha V Hashim


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Positive Change is coming for Nigeria, We Believe So image

Positive Change is coming for Nigeria, We Believe So

During the early nineties, Nigeria was seen as a leader of the continent economically and probably a potential world leader after many years of development. These were indeed big dreams and high hopes for a country that had constantly been robbed of its greatness by bribery and corruption. Some years felt like the country was advancing to its foretold dreams and some other years made this dream seem impossible. Presently in 2016, the question is not about being the best but about discovering ways to maintain itself and its citizens. Things have grown worse economically, health-wise and in other aspects of the economy. The poor are getting poorer and there are many killings of innocent citizens. A lot is going on and it seems like people’s efforts are worthless at this time. Some Nigerians may even say the country has no escape route while others may say separation is the answer. Personally, I am lost of thoughts and words to categorize the state of the country. From the state of recession it has found its self in to the barbaric traditions that still exist to the corruption of its leaders. It seems too much, but one thing I know for sure is that Nigeria is in a season and needs to learn the lesion of this season. For everything there is a season and a season comes with lessons and blessings. We may be too shortsighted to see these lessons and blessings, but we need to understand that greater is coming up for Nigeria. I believe that for a seed to grow, it has to die first. It is difficult to experience a season as such but when we go through such seasons, the returns are always great. I believe and have a dream that Nigeria will rise far beyond the world imagines because God has blessed us with human resources, capital and initiatives to not only develop our country but to develop the world. Let us not lose heart and look up for the change that is coming. God bless Nigeria.

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8 Natural Beauty Tips To Revitalize Your Hair And Skin image

8 Natural Beauty Tips To Revitalize Your Hair And Skin

It's 2016, and the world is finally embracing Mother Nature and all the wonderful gifts she has to bring. If you’re tired of using the usual chemical beauty products that leave your skin and hair in poor condition, here are some natural beauty tips you can do at home that’ll keep you glowing always.


Face Care

Simple Honey Face Mask

Throw away your chemical face mask and get a jar of raw honey. That’s right; all you need is raw unprocessed honey.  Take a tablespoon of honey and spread it on your face, rubbing it in gently. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes then rinse off with warm water. Do this about once a week. This is a great, easy way to get soft, beautiful skin.

Natural black head removal

For clear, black-head free skin all you need is a lemon and some honey. Cut the lemon in to half or preferably into a wedge.  Then place some honey on it. Rub the honey-covered-lemon on your face, emphasize on the areas of concern. Leave on your face for 5 minutes then rinse with cold water.  It’s preferable to this before bed as the lemon makes your skin sensitive to sunlight, so you really don’t want to go out in the sun after you’ve done this.

Apple-honey face mask

The high anti-oxidant present in apples and honey help minimize wrinkles and aging. All you have to do for this anti-aging beauty mask is apply a mix of apple juice and natural honey on your face. Let it dry, and then rinse it off.

Cucumber face mask

This green fruit is not only useful when having facials but can also be used as cure to dry skin. Simply, apply its juice on your face, let it dry then wash it off.


Hair Care

Aloe Vera hair treatment

Most people know Aloe Vera for its medicinal or skin use, but Aloe Vera is very good for the skin also.  It’s a fantastic way to treat dry and damaged hair as it adds volume and shine to it. During your usual hair wash apply a small amount of Aloe Vera gel into your hair conditioner, leave it in for a few minutes then rinse.

Castor Oil & Coconut Oil

For thicker, longer hair coconut and castor oil is the way to go. All you have to do is mix the coconut and castor oil together and heat it mildly, apply it on your scalp and massage it repeatedly in circular motion. Leave it on for space of 2 hours then wash it off. Do this at least once a week, and you’re certain to have luscious and thick hair.


Skin Care

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a great treatment for acne, irritated or inflamed skin and also contains properties that can heal scars. Apart from this Aloe Vera moisturizes and stimulates new skin cell growth. Simply extract the gel from an Aloe Vera leaf and apply it on your face or area of concern. Let it stay on for about half an hour then rinse. Aloe Vera can also be used as a moisturizer or an aftershave treatment because, of its healing characteristics.

Milk for rough hands

Rough hands tend to be embarrassing, especially when people give you a handshake. But here’s a simple solution to an annoying problem; soak your hands in milk. Milk has hydrating and nourishing properties which will leave your hands softer and smoother. The key is to warm the milk, and leave your hands soaked in it for about ten minutes. Do this repeatedly, day to day and, voila! Baby-soft hands!


And lastly, the 3 most important natural beauty tips to always remember;

  1. SLEEP

What we put in our bodies is just as important as what we apply on the outside. Drinking plenty of water and eating a healthy diet with Vitamin A enriched vegetables, doesn’t only improve your health but you’ll also get glowing skin to go with it. Getting the necessary hours of sleep will also get your skin glowing; give you smooth, luscious lips and awesome hair.

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Five Things To Know When Applying To Study Abroad image

Five Things To Know When Applying To Study Abroad

As a student who studies abroad, I must acknowledge that applying to college abroad is a big adventure that tests one’s persistence and character in general. When applying to schools about two years ago, I almost gave up so many times because of the many processes and requirements needed to ensure proper processing of my application information. Having scaled through this phase of life, I believe it will be great to drop some hints on how to begin your application to schools abroad. The thought of studying abroad could be exciting and could lead to wishful thinking but it requires hard work. So, first things first if you are not hard working you may like to reconsider your desire of studying abroad or you could put on your armor of hard work. There are a lot of things to know about application processes of school but here are five important things I believe anyone who intends to apply to a college abroad should know.


1.    Begin Your Application Process Early.

Many people will testify that the application process is a process that needs to be carried out wiith care and not in a rush. It may feel like you have many months before the application deadline but trust me the days will run by quickly before your very eyes and you’ll be in a state of rush. So like I said before begin early.

2.    Have a List of Potential Schools.

There is nothing like having a specific view of where you intend to study. It takes a great time to get a comprehensive list of schools that may be the right schools for you and this is why step one should be applied. When you begin early, it gives you the opportunity to select your schools rather than just applying to random schools abroad.

3.    Have a Checklist of all Your Requirements.

Each school has its unique requirement and if applying to different schools you will want to have a detailed checklist which will enable you to keep track of your progress.

4.    Know Your Deadlines.

This sounds like information that should always be remembered but I have heard of high-flying students who missed their opportunity to apply to a school just because they missed the deadline. Have these dates on your calendar and try to submit at least two days before the deadline. It is better to be safe than sorry and you will not want to miss a deadline after so much hard work too.

5.    Your Essays Represent You.

I understand not everyone loves to write a lot especially when there are a lot of questions to be answered. Personally, I struggled with my essays and had a very challenging time getting my essays to be on point. Despite the struggles I encountered with writing my essays, I learned that essays serve as a connection between the admission council and the applicant. This means even if you are a high-flyer academically, your inability to package yourself through your essays will most likely hinder you from being accepted to your dream school. Seeing that this is a major aspect of your application, you really want to begin early and work on those application essays not only by yourself but also with people who can help criticize the essays.

These tips are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to applying to schools. If you can get these five things right, then your journey in the application process will be made easy. Although it may seem easy, remember it takes hard work first before ease comes in. I wish you the best as you begin your study abroad application process.

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Do All Lives Really Matter? image

Do All Lives Really Matter?

 Photo: Odyssey


It is not a funny matter to have grown up in a society where I was taught that everybody’s life is precious, and now I live in a society that shows no regard for human life but reveres animal lives. It may seem funny how people can fight for animals than for the lives of people. This injustice began with the belief that black people are inferior. I am still unsure of where such belief system originated from, and I look forward to finding out. Black people have tried to show the American community that they are not inferior and even though certain people are still determined to believe such lie, Black people at least try to make them understand that #blacklivesmatter. The black lives matter movement has constantly put people on the defense: Not only Black lives, All lives Matter, they say. I have one question regarding this argument: Do all lives really matter or are you referring to your lives alone??

The truth is that I do not think that any life matters now in the United States. Hate-murder and police brutality is rampant, and this shows disregard for lives of all races. When the black race is seen as a threat because of their call against the injustice committed on their race and they are killed for no just reason, it reflects that black lives do not matter. When people support a gruesome attack in a gay club because “gay is a sin,” it shows that gay lives don't matter. When a white policeman is killed as revenge, one can conclude that police lives don't matter.

My two cents is that we all have to internalize that we need each other and realize that whoever lied to us about race superiority was truly insane. Nobody is higher than another. We are all from the same creator, and we were made different to beautify the earth and not to destroy the earth with the bloods of those we feel are inferior.

If we truly believe that all lives matter, we will understand each race’s struggle, and work hand in hand to eliminate inequality. Without black people, America will not be standing today and without Caucasians, America will not exist as well.  Racial superiority is a myth. To digress, how much bull can one internalize to become so scared of a dark skin to the extent that the sight of Black person causes one to pull a trigger?—to end a life.

 In all, we should look into each other’s eyes and see that what we can never and should never be judged by the color of our skin. We need love, peace, and healing on the land of America and not war or unjust killing.

As we all mourn those souls who have been lost in the past few days, let us all; Blacks, Caucasians, Latinos, and all other races realize that killing and brutality will only lead to the destruction of the hard work our forefathers fought for many years ago. There will be no benefit, rather we all will find ourselves at the bottom together which will only show us that we are equal. We do not need to emphasize that certain lives matter before everyone actually realizes it. There is no reason to be treated differently because of a supposed white privilege or a dark skin. We need to look another with the face of Jesus, the face of love and listen to one another in order to make progress.

P.S: To all those who believe that killing and war is the solution, you all will soon realize after attacking the race you feel is your enemy, the war will be between your own race and this will eventually destroy you and all that you thought was important. So please let us hold one another and overcome this racial challenge.

To all those who understand that there is no such thing as superiority, I thank you and I ask that you work hard to make those around you understand the same concept. The earlier we all grasp this idea, the better for the American society and all races.

May the souls of all the faithful departed this past week rest in perfect peace. Amen!


With love,

The King’s daughter

Derby Chukwudi

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A Letter To All Women In The World image

A Letter To All Women In The World


Women, we are created to live for greater reasons than we are living for now.

Dear women,

As I live each day, I learn more about womanhood and all that we are capable of

achieving in life. Recently, I realized that I am so passionate about women, which is why I have decided to write this letter to all women in the world and I hope my readers share this letter with various women around them too.

First, I would like to remind my dear women of some special characteristics that we usually forget. We are beautifully and wonderfully made by our creator, God. The son of God came through a woman, so we carry a special spiritual covering that keeps us aside for sacred tasks. Our bodies are temples of God and are to be used to glorify God in ways we ourselves cannot imagine. We are to teach our children obedience and submission to authority by respecting our husbands. In us are all the values of this life and we think like geniuses that the world has never seen. Men think straight but we think like waves moving in numerous directions. This creative thinking of ours adds color to men’s way of thinking. We are the strongholds of our homes and the pillars of our relationships. We are smarter than we think and stronger than men can imagine. The worth of women is more valuable than gold and silver. We are so precious that God put his son in a woman’s womb to live in for nine months. He did not need to be afraid of attack because he felt safe and secure in a woman’s womb. We are protectors and serve as shields for our friends, husbands, and children.

We are homemakers, world changers, and people builders. In addition to all these unique characteristics we have been endowed with, we are also "criers" and "worriers". We are called to share other people’s pain and joy. We are awesome human beings. Even the strongest and toughest man can be softened by the beautiful smile of a woman. Not a single word can describe a woman because she is worth more than words and poetry can express. She is specially made by God.

The problem with women is not that we are inadequate but that we are so powerful that we tend to doubt our strength and capabilities. It breaks my heart to see women act and see themselves as worthless or incapable of achieving their dreams. Many of us feel we are doing more than necessary and ending up settling for less than we ever dreamt of.

My dear women, God has blessed us abundantly for us to bless the world and not to settle for less than his intentions for us. Change the way you see yourself. You are the product of a perfect God so you do not need validation from any person as to how they view you. If people do not see your worth it is no problem because they are looking with the wrong lens. Remember whose you are and live like a daughter of a king, because you are one. A princess walks tall and smiles, she does not settle for less because she is aware of who her father is. Never forget who your king is, keep living with confidence, and settle no more for less than you have ever dreamt of. If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

With Love,

The King’s daughter

Derby Chukwudi

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The Guy Codes Every Guy Must Be Familiar With image

The Guy Codes Every Guy Must Be Familiar With

According to Urban Dictionary, the bro code or guy code as I’d rather call it is a sacred code held between Bros. It doesn’t answer to logic or reasoning and isn’t open to any form of re-evaluation, it just is what it is... You follow it because it says so, not because you think it’s the right thing to do.

The code provides Bros with the necessary information on how to behave properly with your homies and to break this code with any of your Bros is considered Bro Treason and its consequences dire.


The Guy code

  • If a girl inquires about another bro’s sexual history, a bro shall honour her request by playing dumb – The code of silence.
  • A bro never lets his bro get a tattoo of a girl’s name.
  • A bro never wears pink.
  • Unless a bro is married with kids, a bro is never to be seen wearing his phone on a belt clip.
  • A bro never brings more than two other bros to a party.
  • A bro automatically enhances another bro’s job description when introducing him to a female.
  • No sleeping with your bro’s ex.
  • Even in a fight to the death, a bro never hits another bro in the groin.
  • If a bro for whatever reason becomes aware of another bro’s anniversary with a chick, he shall endeavour to make that information available to his bro to save him from lady drama.
  • When using the urinal, a bro is only allowed to look at the wall, avoid small talk, and keep at least one urinal gap.
  • The bond between a man and a man is stronger than the bond between a man and a woman because on the average, men are stronger than women – That’s just science.
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Tiwa Savage’s Dilemma: The Hidden Truth image

Tiwa Savage’s Dilemma: The Hidden Truth


As we all know the famous Nigerian artiste, Tiwa Savage has been going through a hard time with her husband and family matters. The truth of the entire situation is vulnerable to different people’s inputs and perspectives on the issue. As l listened to the interview Tiwa savage had, I picked up something I feel is affecting people and our society in a negative way. Tiwa mentioned that she admitted that she created a false reality in order to please the public. She did not want people to think of her in a negative manner. She wanted to create a perfect marriage, family, and career, but this was not what was going on. As opposed to the pretty pictures of Tiwa on social media, she has not been living a life that reflected the happiness that showed on her pictures. In order not to let the public know about the crisis she was facing, she decided to cover up for the gaps that could have been seen by the public as a disappointment. Just like Tiwa, a lot of us are more concerned about other people’s opinions of us than about our own happiness. We always feel there is always something we must offer the public to display perfect lives, but this is an impossible task. We should realize that it is okay to be imperfect because in Christ Jesus we have perfection.

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20 Reasons Why Food Is Better Than Sex image

20 Reasons Why Food Is Better Than Sex

So yeah, sex is one’s going to argue about that; but it helps sometimes to take a break from love and what better way to get over an ex than a trip to Coldstone?

We’re here today to talk about food, have you ever had Ofada rice? Or anything with suya?


  1. You don’t need protection to eat wings.
  2. If your food is disappointing, you don’t have to lie and say it was good. You can’t hurt food’s feelings.
  3. Suya doesn’t get jealous if you’re seeing grilled fish.
  4. Food won’t get annoyed if you’re just not hungry right now.
  5. Microwave indomie was your first love in the university
  6. Pap wouldn’t get mad if you only see on Saturdays.
  7. Amala and gbegiri.
  8. You don’t need incognito window to look at food porn.
  9. Cupcakes are so cute. And you never have to shave before eating them.
  10. You can eat in church.
  11. You can’t date an Arab chick... but you can at least have a Shawarma.
  12. Moi Moi looks better with her clothes off.
  13. Akara wouldn’t give you an attitude if you see 12.
  14. Falling asleep while eating isn’t considered quite as rude.
  15. Pizza wouldn’t complain if you’re done in 3 minutes.
  16. You can’t get blisters from cooking your own food too often.
  17. Pounded yam doesn’t need to see a movie before you take things up a notch.
  18. Chocolate makes you feel like you’re in love. Sex… doesn’t always do that.
  19. It’s not rude to stare at another person’s food when you have yours.
  20. You can try almost any weird new food without judgement.
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Meet George, The Accidental Nigerian Movie Star image

Meet George, The Accidental Nigerian Movie Star

George is one of those people who always ends up in preposterous situations, at least that’s what his cousin Jamie says. A couple of years ago he went backpacking in India, where he got kidnapped on arrival and held for ransom on a houseboat in Kashmir for a week.

Later that year, while George happened to be in Ghana, he managed somehow to be part of Festival of love, a Nigerian movie about Christianity and witchcraft filmed entirely in Ghana.


Jamie got talking with his cousin George and reported the entire conversation to VICE, a North London online editorial.

VICE: Hey, George. First off, I guess tell me how the hell all of this happened.
George: Well, I was volunteering at a football organisation in Ghana, and I'd go drinking at this bar every evening with Dundo Nsawam, a Nigerian politician I'd met out there. It turned out one of his best friends is a top Nigerian casting agent, and he desperately needed a white guy for his new film.

Just any white guy?
Yeah, basically. Any English-speaking white guy. He said he really liked the chemistry between me and Dundo, so he wanted me to be in the film, but I was like, "This is absurd. I've never acted before in my life."

Did you have to audition?
Yeah, I got taken to some back alley in Accra, the capital city, and walked into a room where there were these five huge Nigerian guys in suits who were all smoking Cuban cigars. There was only one other guy there to audition – this overweight Ukrainian guy covered in gold chains – so he went first and had to say the line, "You are the most beautiful black creature I've ever seen in my life." But he had a really thick accent. I got up, said the line, and they were all over me. They asked if I was Christian, and I lied and said yes because I figured I was there and might as well go for it. I saw Dundo later that day and he told me I got the part.  

I bet you were psyched. How soon did you start shooting?
I think it was about two weeks between the audition and the first day, so that gave me a bit of time to look at the script, which was full of the most horrendously cringeworthy lines I've ever seen in my life. Anyway, two weeks later, they picked me up in this van with the other 30 members of cast and crew and drove us three hours to this hotel in the Ghanaian rainforest, which also acted as the palace in the movie.

Very nice. What is the movie about, exactly?
It's set in a village called Insawa, which is famous for practicing old African magic, some of which involves killing babies and stuff. The prince of Insawa had gone to study at Oxford, where he met Pastor Williams – my character – who converted him to Christianity, so the prince goes back and tries to convert his village. But there's an evil goddess of dark magic there who makes it very hard for him. So, he asks me to fly over to Insawa to spread the word of God, but this goddess tries to kill me and – spoiler alert – we end up falling in love, she stops being so evil and the whole village gets converted to Christianity. The final scene is me and her with a mixed-race baby, living happily ever after.

Ah, you ruined the ending.
Well, the film's five hours long, so I was just saving you a bit of time. It's weird; I never, at any point in my life, thought that I might contribute to the Christianisation of Africa. It kind of became a real moral dilemma for me, because I think it's the most horrendous thing that's been done there.

What did you do to fill the hours between shoots?
Well, it got weird before we even started filming. The night we arrived, I found out I was sharing a bed with the producer and one of the lead actors, who were both absolutely massive, so that was kind of awkward. It then turned out that they were all uber-Christian, so they started listening to all this insane preaching, then began talking in tongues for a bit. Then, right after that, they whack on this ridiculous porn, so it goes from Christian love-in to porno session. 


What about your groupie experience?
Oh god, yeah. That night, they left me in there by myself, then I get a knock on the door and it's three of the actresses holding a big boombox, playing all this hypersexual R&B. They all started stripping all around me and trying to get me up to dance with them. I was already so uncomfortable after that weird porn experience, and I think they were a bit disappointed I didn't join in, but I was scared.

Ha, fair enough. And this was all on the first night?
Yeah, I still couldn't really believe it was happening. The next day we had the costume fitting, and I was 18, had just lost about two stone, because I wasn't really eating, and I'd shaved my head pretty recently, so they put me in this ridiculously oversized suit and whacked a load of thick hair gel in my hair, so I look about 12 years old.

What was you first scene?
It was right in the heart of the rainforest, and I was surrounded by about 20 people. They gave me a loudspeaker and told me to improvise a monologue about the beginning of time and why I was there as a Christian missionary. The most ridiculous thing, though, is that everyone was about a metre away from me, so I'm screaming in their faces about how time began at the beginning of the Old Testament and all this stuff about my purpose as a messenger of God.

Wow. Then what?
I think next up was a scene where I had to perform an exorcism on a woman who'd been possessed, and this was during the local school's lunch break, so I had about 200 children watching me in hysterics as I was screaming stuff like, "Deliver the devil from the depths of your soul!"

That sounds like a lot fun.
It was horrendous. In the next scene, I was supposed to recite a prayer in front of about 50 locals, but, of course, I don't know any prayers, except for what I could remember of the Lord's prayer from school. They said, "OK, just talk in tongues for a bit." Obviously I'd never talked in tongues before, but they said if I just got in touch with the God inside me, or whatever, then it would be easy. I took a deep breath and just tried to copy what I'd heard the guys do in the hotel room the night before, and it obviously worked, because all these locals started going completely mental

Oh, I forgot about my absolute favourite moment from what I've seen of the film. The love scene with the goddess in the waterfall.
Oh yeah, that was hilarious. It was a silent monologue where we had to pretend to be in love, and I hated the actress playing the goddess by this point. She was such a prima donna. You know, clicking her fingers for people to bring her stuff – I couldn't stand it. Anyway, we were supposed to be in love, so we'd be looking lovingly at each other, then she'd point at something in a tree and be like, "Oh my God, do you have any pets? What's your favourite food?" And I'd be like, "Oh yes, a cat, and I love shepherd's pie and pizza." Then, after that scene, I take her hand and lead her to this rock, look at her very sincerely, and say "You are the most beautiful black creature I've ever set my eyes on," which is just the most ridiculous thing I've ever said. It's very painful to watch.

I'm actually very jealous in a lot of ways. What happened after the movie wrapped?
Promotional interviews where I had to say stuff like, "I've been blessed by these people, and I think the script was so beautiful and eloquent, and it's so important to spread the word of Christianity," and a load of other ridiculous stuff. I also started seeing my picture everywhere, because the film got released in, I think, 13 African countries, and the method of advertising a film out there is to stick a load of posters on the side of a van, and drive round with a loudspeaker shouting about the film. So I started getting people shouting "Pastor Williams" at me in the street.

So you suddenly had an army of fans?
Not quite, but even as I'm talking to you now, I'm getting messages and friend requests from Nigerian women, either complimenting me on my chemistry with the goddess, or suggesting that we get married so they can get a visa. Wait, one just popped up on Facebook chat – someone called Promise Love – she's asking if I know how she can get an audition for a film.     

Hook her up.
Oh, also, about a year after all this, I was out at a club in Manchester. It was about five in the morning, and I was having a pee. This guy taps on my shoulder and goes, "Are you that boy from that movie Festival Of Love?" I told him I was, so he got five of his mates into the loo and they made me reenact the "You're the most beautiful black creature..." scene in this nightclub toilet at five in the morning. It was bizarre.

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How To Get The Best Prices While Shopping In The Nigerian Market image

How To Get The Best Prices While Shopping In The Nigerian Market

Parents get the best deals while shopping and it’s no surprise; they really do understand the marketers from their years doing business them.

Mothers go really reckless with their “pricing” but still end up getting their way. The last time i tried that, i was chased away with a mop-stick. That prompted me to look into the Nigerian market and how to get the best out of these marketers. If you are a person like me who wouldn’t shop at expensive stores with fixed prices but would rather shop the traditional way where you have a say in how much you spend, here are a few helpful tips.

  1. Find out before hand: Always try to find out how much your item costs before proceeding to the market. Of course you should carry along extra cash but this gives you an idea of how much you are likely to spend.
  2. Don’t start the conversation in English: This sounds silly but really does determine how the seller perceives you. Speaking in your local dialect can be a helper especially if the seller speaks the same language. It creates a friendly and warm environment to do business.
  3. Be careful with your beat-down price: When a seller gives the price of an item, the next thing to do is to suggest a counter offer i call the “beat-down” price. This is the most important phase of any transaction. It should be a price low enough to avoid being swindled and high enough to still be considered a serious buyer.
  4. Better too low than too high: While suggesting a counter offer, remember it’s better to go low and run the risk of being insulted than going high which could mean going higher than the originally intended selling price of the seller. Knowing this is important; the counter offer sets a marker as a price you cannot go less than during the “pricing” that follows.
  5. Be a reckless pricer: If there is anything shopping with your mother teaches, it’s that persistence pays. Don’t be ashamed to go as much as 10 rounds with the seller. If he calls an amount, call yours... go back and forth... better to waste time than money.
  6. Lie if you must: You could say you already got a better deal somewhere else and that store wasn’t the first you visited that day.
  7. Take your money elsewhere: Whether or not the seller agrees a suitable price, it’s always good to move around to find out what the average cost of the item is. If at the end of the day, he calls a price you think is a bit over the edge, hit him with the “let me check another store” stun gun.
  8. Be patient: If the first two or three sellers don’t help your case, have some patience, shopping takes time and strategy if you’re planning to go home happy. Check around some more, there is always that seller not doing so good and would settle for any patronage.
  9. Don’t be scared to check back: After a few stops, compare the prices you got at various stores. Do not be scared to check back even if the cheapest amount you got was the first.
  10. Collect their contact and promise to be back: This gives the impression that you are going to be a frequent customer and that they shouldn’t be scared to make a loss now, after all you’ll be giving them several other opportunities.
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The Most Savage Nigerian Celebrities On Social Media image

The Most Savage Nigerian Celebrities On Social Media

It’s the social media revolution and everyone is joining in; from the regular consumers to the big cooperate bodies, everyone seems to be having a little fun but is there such a thing as too much fun? Certainly not on twitter, there isn’t. There practically isn’t a time of the day where you can have a little cyber peace especially now that everyone has one gizmo or the other in the palms of their hand and with people like Subdeliveryman and the man of the moment, TrailerJamShow, it has become increasingly difficult to just go about your online business without running into one or two hilarious jabs dealt usually at people who don’t know how to mind their business. This has become such a regular part of cyber communication that the cyber community has developed a name for these soulless ghouls who dish out clap backs with consummate ease – Savages are what they are been called these days and I’m going to be showing you three of the worst celebrity savages Nigeria boasts of.

First on my list, David Adeleke; the grand pioneer of urban Nigerian twitter comebacks. Davido unlike most of the successful artistes we have in the nation today didn’t get up there because he had music as his only shot at being anything and isn’t new to the “money rolling in” aspect of things. Born to Lagos billionaire Dr.Deji Adeleke, Davido certainly didn’t lack much growing up, he definitely shows to us on twitter every now and then that the money is really no big deal dashing out money and so much more to his fans on the social media. Here are just a few of his glorious clap backs.



Step forward Young Olu. Olubowale Victor Akintimehin, better known by his stage name Wale is a black American rapper from Washington. “They call me Whale but ma name Wa-Le” Wale has never been one to hide his African roots paying visits to his country Nigeria fairly regularly and keeping in touch with the Nigerian music industry. Wale definitely makes our cut for savage Nigerian social media users.

I don’t know what Tj Maxx is but i really feel bad for this guy.

Ben Murray-Bruce

Your eyes are not deceiving you unfortunately, Ben Murray- Bruce, Nigerian politician and founder of the Silverbird group and more recently, pioneer of the #BuyNaijaToTheNaira makes our list. He has over the last year or so made his way into our hearts as practically the only sensible Nigerian politician out here.

Ben Bruce, the man who started the Common sense revolution has dished out quite a number of famous twitter comebacks so good you begin to wonder if he has his twitter account managed for him; whatever the case, this spectacular man has made quite a name for himself on twitter as the saviour Nigeria might need who is brave enough to speak his mind on matters most politicians turn a blind eye to. It’s a mystery how he manages to cook up tweets like these:


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From the streets to the sheets The story of the bread seller image

From the streets to the sheets The story of the bread seller

On the first of February 2016, TY Bello, a Nigerian artist most popularly known for her 2007 song “Green Land” posted a series of photos on her instagram page. The singer/photographer dragged Tinietempah into the streets of Lagos in an attempt to catch some of the Lagos spirit, which she did. Unknown to TY Bello was a whole different story waiting to be told of a young Nigerian who patrolled the streets of Lagos selling the popular Agege bread to passersby who yearned for the goodness of this food.

Like all great stories, this has a similar beginning.


The Observation

The beautiful bread seller in the red dress in one of my edits for instance..You know her Abi?.. That one that everyone on the street wants to marry.. She's fine and she knows it. its all over how she walks and I know you've seen her before” TY Bello

During the shoot, TY Bello like every A-List photographer took advantage of her surrounding by taking note of everything happening at that present moment, which was when young Olajumoke Orisaguna made her appearance, one which unknown to her was going to be a career changing and life defining one.

The Realization

As images of the shoot surfaced last week, it hit every social media platform with people asking questions like “Who is that?” “Was this planned or totally coincidental?” After which it became clear what to do.

The buzz about her multiplied when I clarified that she indeed wasn't a model at all but simply stumbled on our set. I immediately begone my search for her .If so many felt she was beautiful enough to be a model.. Then maybe she was meant to be one .I was going to find a way to make it happen .I had assistants leave word with people in the area we shot her and to my delight the very next day, she showed up at my studio” TY Bello

The Critical Study

'Aso kan na ni mo wo kiri Lana'

Jumoke the 'model' the Internet had been searching for speaks almost no English. She explained how she had worn the exact outfit in our photograph the day before and someone showed her her own photograph on his phone from facebook. A mallam led her to my studio that morning. She narrated her journey to Lagos...A hair stylist from Ire in Osun state but not making enough profit between she and her husband, a sliding door installer in from same village ,to care for their two young children .

At the invitation of a distant relative who knew someone operating a bakery, she relocated Lagos with her 14 month old daughter to give bread hawking a try, leaving her husband and older 5 year old behind.

As I listened to her I wandered if the beauty I had seen on my screen as I edited my image was a fluke...Well until she smiled... I realized that I was wrong. I had in fact, underestimated the beauty of this 27 year old woman. As always, it was her eyes and of course her perfectly chiselled features that jumped out at you when she chuckled .This lady belonged in front of my camera. After a conversation with her husband telling him the story of our meeting I decided I was going to photograph her that very afternoon...Within an hour... Bimpe Onakoya; one of Nigeria's leading makeup artist and Zubby one of my favourite hairstylist were at my studio to work magic. They had both followed the story online and were more than happy to put in their very best for her. Olajumoke... With curly extensions out, revealed a short natural Afro that beautifully hugged her face. Bimpe onakoya also had decided to keep the makeup minimal... She stepped in front of my camera and I almost couldn't recognize he. She moved different too. Jumoke looked straight into my lens emoting like she had done this all her life.... I knew we had found a star” TY Bello

The Senseless Criticisms

Like all great stories, this one does come with a handful of hateful comments from... you guessed right..Twitter. Reading this heart-warming story of fate and destiny and all you can think about is how a young woman who has lived over three quarters of her life in Osun State speaks poor English. Who English don epp?

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