Nigeria’s First Shawarma Festival Is Happening This December, Excited? image

Nigeria’s First Shawarma Festival Is Happening This December, Excited?

So here, we all love Shawarma, we know but have you ever imagined a festival dedicated entirely to the love and consumption of Shawarma?


Fen Rouge and Café Neo are bringing to Lagos its first Shawarma festival. There’s going to be all sorts of Shawarmas sourced from the finest shawarma outlets in the country all for a 2,000 gate fee. Tickets come with raffle number and here is why, there will be 20 shawarmas expected to be way larger than usual. Rumours say they might actually be the biggest shawarmas ever made. That should be a record of some sorts. Anyhow, they will be given out based on a ballot of those raffle numbers.


There are more freebies up for grabs and there is also supposed to be a secret cinema as well as fire entertainers.

Shar-fest is a first of its kind in Nigeria and will be held at Café Neo’s outlet in Ikoyi: 19b Adeyemi Lawson Street off the part of Bourdillon road near Falomo, Ikoyi, Lagos.

It’s a one of a kind event with celebrities and entrepreneurs coming in to entertain and inspire; whichever you’re interested in, come through. In addition to this, the first 200 people in get free Gizz-dodos.


There's going to be a variety of shawarmas to be sold at the event, there are snail shawarma, Catfish shawarma, gizzard and cheese shawarma, sea food shawarma, chicken shawarma, beef shawarma and Pomo shawarma... If you're into that type of stuff.. Tacos will be sold also - Let's pretend we know what that means for a second.

All that been said, there’s just one problem… it’s almost impossible to eat shawarma like a responsible human being; you know how twitter reacts to those photos.



You can get your tickets here.

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14 Questions with Red Dish’s Abiola Akanji image

14 Questions with Red Dish’s Abiola Akanji

Not often do you encounter the kind of man you’re going to read about here today. Abiola Akanji is not your typical Nigerian married man with a pot belly who is about as useful in the kitchen as a lamp... or a foot mat.

No, Abiola Akanji is not that man. This kitchen artist has helped put together the perfect culinary school for people who want to be bosses with the pot and pans.

Red Dish Culinary school as you will find out soon enough is taking cooking in Nigeria to a whole other level.


What inspired you to start up Red Dish and for how long has Red Dish been in existence?

My passion for food started at a tender age. As a young boy, I was always in the kitchen with mum where I picked up interest for food. I remember watching mum on several occasions and I was intrigued by how swift she was at cooking and how she combined recipes. I knew this fascination was not to be ignored, thus, I started experimenting with various recipes and perfecting the art of cooking which birthed the dream to own a Culinary School. I have been sharing this passion of mine with others since September 2013.



There are a handful of culinary schools out there, what makes Red Dish different?

At the Red Dish Chronicles Culinary School, we pride ourselves on who we are. PASSION is all we are about. Passion for food, passion for the art of cooking, passion for developing new recipes, passion for training others, and passion for absolute excellence in all we do.


Where did you get your training? School or self taught?

While I studied in London, I was privileged to work part-time in a few restaurants, as well as in a couple of big chain supermarkets bakery department, where I picked up some of my culinary skills. I went on to further improve my skills at the French Culinary Institute in New York City, where I received more professional training.


As a guy, people should assume you are married, ladies find it hard to resist a guy who cooks well.

Lol! That’s interesting. I am very much happily married to an amazing woman. However, I strongly advice ladies to assure their men of scoring extra brownie points if they learn how to cook well. We welcome singles and couples to take part in our “Cook & Mingle Class” and “Couple’s Class”, respectively. This is a way of bonding and re-kindling those love sparks.


How do you manage to keep fit if you can cook whatever you feel like eating whenever?

The key to staying fit is exercising, as well as a controlled portion of what you eat. I love that I can cook whatever it is I feel like eating, whenever, but I take care of my health by watching what I stuff down my throat. Being active always is also a plus for me, I consider myself a life robot.


You take online classes? What’s the procedure like?

We offer the option of taking the Continental Culinary Arts Course online, which is quite flexible and takes about 6-12 weeks depending on availability. This online certificate programme helps the trainee develop culinary skills using modern technology like emails, BBM and videos. At the completion of the programme, the trainee is able to prepare a variety of dishes from across the globe.


From previous trainees, what would you say Nigerians want to learn to make, local or intercontinental dishes? What do you think is the reason?

A greater number of Nigerians are now making effort towards improving their culinary skills.  Having observed from the several trainees we have had, I would say the majority lean towards learning Intercontinental recipes. My guess is that the majority at large can already prepare some Local Delicacies by default.

Nonetheless, at the Red Dish Chronicles Culinary School, we offer a variety of courses to suit every need. We offer a Continental Culinary Arts Course (also available Online),a Baking and Pastry Culinary Arts Course, an African Culinary Arts Course, a Professional Chefs Programme of Cuisine, and a Professional Chefs Programmeof Cuisine, Baking and Pastry.


Do your local dishes cut across every sphere of the country?

We are taking African food to the next level.It’s no longer good enough to cook the same food day in day out. Thus, we teach our trainees how to make different African food Gourmet Style, from various African countries.


Do you handpick your chefs (trainers) or do they apply to get selected (if I want to become a chef, what do I need to do?)

Our chefs are a team of highly passionate and professional individuals, who were selected and have undergone thorough training in techniques, procedures, and hygiene in line with international best practices.


Do people get to choose their trainers?

As previously stated, our chefs are highly professional and passionate   about food and training. Thus, a chef is pre-assigned by the Head Chef (me) to tutor specific Culinary Arts Courses. So no, trainees do not get to choose who trains them.


From previous events in various parts of the country, where were you accepted the best?

I have been privileged to visit different parts of the country; some of those times have been to run Culinary Crash Courses. Fortunately for me, I have been warmly received everywhere.


Any cooking hacks you want to share?

There is a plethora of cooking hacks I could share daily, however, the one I think will be most beneficial to the majority at large, will be how to avoid tears while slicing an onion. There is a link between the muscles in the jaw and the tear ducts that stops the tears flowing while you chew, thus, simply chewing gum whilst cutting an onion can help avoid tears.

Looking ahead, what is the next step for Red Dish?

Since the launch of Red Dish Chronicles Culinary School, we have grown from strength to strength. My dream is for Red Dish Chronicles to be the number one Culinary School in the country and in Africa. Thus, we are looking to branch out in different parts of the country every chance we get. We recently opened a branch in Abuja and I am glad to say it is one of the best decisions I made.




Do you have a secret recipe or self created “signature” dish?

As a matter of fact, I do have a self-created Secret Spice. Here’s the     story behind the Famous Chef Stone’s Secret Spice. This spice takes 21 days to brew, as I need to age it for 19 days. After which I beg the gods of spice to accept it. And in the case where they do not, I start the process all over again.

In regards to a signature dish, I frequently experiment and create new recipes daily. One of my favourite signaturedishes has to be my Sautéed Zesty Chilli Tiger Prawns.



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America Is Now Home To ATM Pizza image

America Is Now Home To ATM Pizza

In a world where food and cutlery are now printed with 3D printers, nothing fascinates anymore... Well not nothing, the United States; home to the New York cupcake ATM just acquired another food dispensing monstrosity.

Xavier University in Cincinnati is now the place to be if you’re hungry for a hot slice of pizza at any time of the day. As reported by mashable, the $55,000 ATM is located in the dorm Fenwick Hall and will be available every hour on the hour come fall 2016.



"We were looking for a way to solve this problem of having a late-night pizza option on campus," Assistant Vice President for Auxiliary Services Jude Kiah told

Seventy pizza flavours will be prepared by the Xavier University's dining staff each day and put into the ATM for students and other hungry folk.

The mechanics behind the machine is simple. Pizzas are stored in an inbuilt refrigerator until someone inserts $9 and makes a selection. Then, the pizza is transferred into a convection oven, where it spends three minutes getting “dressed” before coming to the party.

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This Is How To Make Bomb Jollof image

This Is How To Make Bomb Jollof

This will be the second recipe of jollof rice, the first one was with basmati rice and a lot of people seem not to like basmati rice. I love it and I hardly eat long grain. We all know the importance of jollof rice in West Africa especially Nigeria and Ghana. The number one party meal.


  • 2 cups of rice
  • 1 onion
  • 1 red bell pepper / tatashe
  • 500ml chopped tomatoes
  • 100g tomato purée
  • 2 scotch bonnet
  • 100ml vegetable oil
  • Maggi cubes
  • Salt to taste
  • 1 teaspoon curry
  • 1 teaspoon thyme
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic
  • 1/4 teaspoon ginger
  • 2 cups water or stock


Blend your tomatoes, scotch bonnet and tatashe together. Chop your onions and keep them aside.

Put your rice into a bowl and soak with hot water. Allow this to soak for 10-15 minutes. Then, wash with warm water and keep aside, or parboil your rice and wash. This is important as you will get rid of excess starch in the rice.

Put your oil in a pot and allow it to heat up.

Add your chopped onions and allow to fry, but be sure not to burn them.

Add your blended ingredients and purée and allow to fry, just until you get rid of the sour taste (about 10-15 minutes).

Add your maggi, garlic, ginger, curry, thyme and salt and mix together. Be careful with your maggi as you do not want it too salty (2 maggi cubes for a cup of rice). Add your stock or water, and mix too. Taste to adjust to any seasoning.

Pour your rice into the pot and mix together, making sure it is covered in the tomato sauce.

Cook on low medium heat. Check your rice after at least 10 minutes, using a wooden spatula to dip into the rice. This helps with getting the sauce to get the bottom of the pot, so that it does not start burning when the rice is not cooked.

Cook until soft. Do not overcook your rice or get your rice too soggy. When rice is soft, lower the heat and allow to simmer so the water will get completely dry.

For more amazing recipes, visit my website:

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Thelmz Is Giving You A Helping Hand For Eid-el-Fitr image

Thelmz Is Giving You A Helping Hand For Eid-el-Fitr

It’s a holiday today and luckily for us, we sort of have a good weather and that calls for a good barbecue. So during the weekend I organised a bbq, good food, drinks and of course good company. This post will be about how I prepared and executed it. 

Marinating the chicken and meat is very important for a tasty barbecue. This could be done a day or two before your barbecue day. You cannot marinate meat and leave in the fridge for more than 2 days, but you can freeze for longer. 

Ingredients for marinating

  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Scotch bonnet peppers 
  • Stock cubes
  • Salt
  • Curry
  • Thyme 
  • And of course your chicken, beef, pork or fish. 




  • Clean your meat/ chicken and keep aside. Put your chicken in a strainer to drain water.

Peel onions, garlic, and ginger. Chop in small pieces and put into your blender. Add curry, thyme, stock cubes and pepper. Blend till smooth.

  • Make incisions on your chicken, rub a bit of salt on it and pour seasoning on it. Make sure it covers all your meat. 


  • Put chicken and meat in a freezer bag and refrigerate till the barbecue day.




  • Get your fire ready, get all you need out and arrange nicely before your guests arrives. 
    • Start your roasting and enjoy your meat, music, friends and sunshine 
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This Is A Piano And It Is No Ordinary Meal image

This Is A Piano And It Is No Ordinary Meal

Believe me when I say Nigerians are not the type to shy away from nutritional experiments. From the hot and spicy Yoruba foods to the subtler yet captivating eastern delicacies, Nigeria is home to over 3,000 local delicacies enjoyed not only at home but abroad.

Makurdi, the capital of Benue state located in central Nigeria opposite the Benue river is home to some of the finest foodies and you’d read all about that soon enough.

With food prices as cheap as they get, you can cook a handful of soups for as cheap as 2,000 Naira with change to spare.

There’s something new in town and it’s called the Piano where people take any swallow of their choice and instead of going with a single soup or stew, they make several and dip their handful of swallows in any soup or stew of their choice as they eat – think of it as advanced tasting.

A twitter user @chix58 explained to her timeline how she made her Piano which consists of 8 different soups with less than 2,000 Naira. This gave rise to a series of tricky questions.

What happens when you’re done, what happens to the left over soup – Well, someone else comes to play the piano.

How much money do i need to make my own piano – Well, as little as 3,000 should do the trick, depending on what type of Piano you want, a grand piano costs more obviously.

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11 Cooking Hacks That Will Change Your Life image

11 Cooking Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Put your ice cream container inside a ziplock bag before refrigerating to avoid it getting rock hard.



Use Ovens to quickly ripen bananas.



Empty tic tac containers make the best spice containers.



Use a thumb tac for a perfectly boiled egg.



Slice small food items with ease.



Shake your eggs 2-3 minutes before boiling to get gold colored eggs.



Wrap paper towels round soda bottles to cool faster.



Grain to water ratio... not like you're going to count rice but you get.



Quickly remove eggshells.



Use cupcake liners to prevent bugs from entering your drinks.



Cake sizes and how many people they serve.


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D'usse Vsop: Jay-z's Premium Cognac Is Now Available In Lagos image

D'usse Vsop: Jay-z's Premium Cognac Is Now Available In Lagos

Naturally aged at least four and a half years in the cellars of France's Château de Cognac, D’USSÉ™ VSOP Cognac emerges as a bold, full-bodied blend that arouses the palate.

On the nose, it reveals a powerful bouquet, rich in woody notes that are layered with touches of cinnamon and floral notes.


D’USSÉ is masterfully crafted at the prestigious Chateau de Cognac, one of the oldest cognac houses in France. It has a 200-year legacy in blending some of the world’s finest spirits. With two limestone cellars, one dry and one humid, it is the perfect natural environment for aging cognac. You can count D’USSÉ VSOP as one of its most distinguished accomplishments.


Throughout French history, those who march boldly forward carry the Cross of Lorraine. It is France’s fabled emblem of courage, honour and perseverance. Today, it is the only icon that could represent our march forward to create a new legacy.


 Distinctively and unexpectedly smooth, with each taste, you savour hints of spices, almond and cinnamon. Subtle accents of honey and dried fruits are the finale. D'USSE COGNAC is now available here in Lagos, Nigeria and is ready to present the Taste of the exceptional.


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Roasted Fish served with Fried Yam and my own style of Pepper Sauce. image

Roasted Fish served with Fried Yam and my own style of Pepper Sauce.

Roasted fish for breakfast? why not, easy to follow, and the end result is delicious. I thought I would share his with you all.


  • 2 Tilapia fish
  • 2 Onions (11/2 for blending and half chopped)
  • 2 Tablespoon Curry
  • 1 Tablespoon Thyme
  • 20g Ginger
  • 4 Cloves Garlic
  • Maggi
  • Salt
  • 200ml water
  • Yam
  • 5-6 Scotch bonnet pepper

(preheat oven to 180c)


  • Wash fish and clean properly. Make incisions on them and set aside.


  • Make incision so the seasoning can get into the fish.
  • Blend together, 1 1/2 onions, 2 scotch bonnet, curry, thyme, ginger, garlic, about 6 cubes of maggi and 200ml water.


  • It should look like this
  • Rub a bit of salt on your fish, then rub on the blended spices and leave to marinate for about 2 hours. (do not use up all the marinade)


  • cover the whole fish and put some of the marinade in the incisions.


  • While that is marinating, cut your yam into slices, put in a bowl add water and salt then set aside in a fridge. 
  • To make the pepper sauce, put a small pot on fire, put one cooking spoon of oil and allow to heat up, then add chopped onions and allow to fry .  Do not burn the onions
  • Add one cooking spoonful and  half of the remaining marinade, with one cooking spoonful of blended tomatoes, the remaining pepper and one maggi and allow to cook for about 15 minutes. add  more pepper if  you want it super hot.
  • the remaining blended marinade, add 2 tablespoon of oil and half a cube of maggi. Mix together , this will be used for your fish when its roasting in the oven. 
  • Roast your fish till its cooked and going slightly brown, do not forget to use the marinade from time to time on it. When turning your fish be careful, so you do not break it into two. 
  • Drain the water from your yam, heat up oil and fry till crisp, drain and pat dry on paper towel.



Note: Be careful of bones 




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Burger King Is Coming To Lagos image

Burger King Is Coming To Lagos

“Burger King, the American fast food restaurant is coming to Nigeria first or early second quarter of the year” says a reliable source.

According to our source, the global food giant has entered into a deal with a soon to be revealed Nigerian company who are the official franchise owners.

This is in line with the company’s African expansion plans given the rising growth of the continents middle class which has witnessed a growing demand for global food chains, supermarkets and retail giants with many making their entry into the country.

This follows the announcement by Walmart of the company’s plans to come into Nigeria beginning with Lagos. The retail giant disclosed this following a meeting with the Governor of Lagos state, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode in 2015. 

Currently, Burger King has stores in South Africa, Morocco and Egypt. The company announced its plans to enter six other African countries before the end of 2016 and we can confirm that an outlet is set to be established in Nigeria soon.

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Drink Responsibly, What Does That Even Mean? image

Drink Responsibly, What Does That Even Mean?

There’s practically no liquor commercial that doesn’t say “Drink responsibly” just before it ends. This phrase has been brandished so much that it has lost its meaning and really doesn’t serve its purpose anymore.

“Drink responsibly, nobody ever takes that seriously” said my friend Wale, a 22 year old graduate of the University of Lagos.  While some alcohol consumers say it’s a kind warning for people who do not know how to control their alcohol intake to back off, some think it’s a trick to coax you into purchasing their product even while being fully aware of your health status and the implications of further alcohol intake.

“Drink responsibly is a cynical and cruel joke that demonstrates the contempt that the liquor industry has for its most loyal customers, anyone who understands the nature of alcoholic behavior knows that If you say you are trying to control your drinking, it means your drinking is controlling you” said Lew Howe explaining how seven months of sobriety has helped him come to the conclusion that liquor companies just do Nigerians will say “for doing’s sake

I’m inclined to believe that Mr Howe is right, after all, most liquor commercials say “Drink responsibly” or “Enjoy in moderation” but how many of these commercials go further to give a more specific responsibility message? Well, research done at the John Hopkins University in Baltimore found that over 80 percent of magazine ads for liquor, beer and so-called alcopop beverages contained a responsibility message. Yet among the 1,795 ads reviewed, taken from U.S. magazines published 2008 through 2010, not one had a responsibility message that gave specifics.

Health warnings must be specific to change ones behaviour, if you want to warn people against something, you need to be clear about what you’re warning them against and why.

There’s a whole bunch of liquor companies parading almost senseless warnings calling them responsibility messages, an example of such is the Hennessey cognac which says “Flaunt your taste” then further below, “please flaunt responsibly”

If you believe there is some sort of rule of thumb when it comes to drinking, actually there is. The National institute on alcohol abuse and alcoholism defines moderate drinking as up to one drink per day for women and up to two drinks per day for men. Binge drinking is generally considered to be four drinks for women, and five drinks for men, within about two hours. Surely, putting this in your alcohol ad wouldn’t do that much damage to your liquor sales and even if it does, you probably would have saved some lives while doing that.

Now, while the rule of thumb from the National institute on alcohol abuse and alcoholism may be vague, here is a list of more specific things to take into consideration before or during drinking.

Don’t drink till you’re of legal age

Here is one thing liquor ads do, they tell you not to purchase till you’re 18 or 21 in the United States, the reason behind this is simple, unless you’re ready to face legal consequences, don’t purchase until you’re of legal age.

Know your limit

Find out how much drink you can consume while still being in control of yourself. A lot of people do not know their limit and thus drink to stupor every time. You can easily find this out by drinking with friends or family with the aim of observing what effect each glass has on you.

Mix it up a little

When at a party, have a non-alcoholic drink between the alcoholic one to keep your blood alcohol concentration down. Space your alcoholic drinks out to keep the desired blood alcohol concentration.

Avoid unfamiliar drinks

Drinks like Orimalu, Baby Oku and practically every drink that comes in little sachets aren’t too good for you.

Know how you’re getting home

Regardless of all I’ve said, when you drink, you always run the risk of getting tipsy, make sure you know how you’re getting home. If you’re driving, have that in mind before you drink.

Don’t drink if you’re not in a positive mood

Alcohol is a depressant, so if you're already feeling angry, upset, or just unstable, it is very likely to make you feel worse. You may think that drinking will make you have the time of your life and forget all of your problems, it'll actually make you feel much worse. You may feel an initial buzz and relief after your first drink or two, but you'll drink yourself into a much worse mood than you started with.


I’m pretty sure this isn’t all there is to it but if you follow these few tips, you shouldn’t have much problem with alcohol.

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The Smoothie Modus Operandi image

The Smoothie Modus Operandi

Most people might not know this but a vitamin-packed smoothie is a great way to start the day and also a perfect afternoon pick-me-up. It’s also a great way for parents to get their kids to drink a healthy beverage without even knowing. So here’s how to make the perfect smoothie;


First you have to go decide what flavour of smoothie you would like to prepare (I’m more of a citrus kinda guy), I would recommend overripe banana (that’s right overripe; the riper the sweeter) and that’s simply due to its sweetness and creaminess when blended. At this point there’s no right or wrong, the choices are endless. In fact go crazy, experiment, have some fun, what’s the worst that could happen. We learn every day. So keep on trying out new mixes until, what was the word? That’s right Eureka! you get that mind blowing, palette tingling mix. After that’s done you wash and chop up your fruits to blendable chunks, by the way if you have some frozen fruits you would like to use that would be a great option (I’ll let you know why later).


You then pour in your liquid base into the blender. Your liquid base could be water, milk, yoghurt or fruit juice depending on the kind of taste you’re going for. For those of you trying to get a more wholesome taste I recommend yoghurt unless you want a pure fruit smoothie, then water is better suited.

SIDENOTE: Always pour in liquid first to prevent the risk of damaging the blades of your blender and to also help uniform blending throughout the mixture (Trust me you don’t want to try a chunky smoothie).


Add something frozen which could be ice, fruit juice or frozen fruit. This acts as a thickener for your smoothie, although ice is the obvious choice, frozen fruits could be a better option if the fruits have been picked at its freshest point. Also the texture of the frozen fruits adds a level of consistency and improves the all-round quality of your smoothie.

SIDENOTE: If you’re taking your smoothie as a complete meal and not as a side beverage, add some protein powder to your mix as it gives you the much needed energy boost to start your day. And for those looking to improve the goodness of your smoothie you can try adding vegetables like spinach, kale, carrots etc. And if you’re looking to sweeten your smoothie just pour in a little honey.



This point is where you begin the blending process. First start at a slow speed then work up momentum to move the larger chunks of fruit to the base so the blades can chop them finely. Let the increase in speed be a gradual process because if you start too fast you run a risk of having chunky bits which you would eventually have to scoop out. Once ice cubes or frozen fruits are done blending, turn off the blender and let it set for a minute.


Pour your cool smoothie into a tall glass, open an issue of NG and enjoy ;)

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ORIJIN ZERO, why should you try it? image

ORIJIN ZERO, why should you try it?

We all know Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Zero, well Guinness Nigeria Plc’s Holy Grail Orijin which was originally launched in 2013 has been given a new dimension this month with what is called Orijin Zero. I know you want to dismiss this one as another of those alcoholic experiments gone wrong but i suggest you hold on to that thought until you try it out for yourself. With the original alcoholic drink gaining thumbs up from every consumer and practically overtaking Star lager beer as Nigeria’s favourite drink, everyone wants to have a taste of it, even religious “extremist” and self righteous friends who wouldn’t drink alcohol for some reason or the other.  If that is your case then believe me when i say the new Orijin is just as awesome as the original orijin. This new carbonated beverage just like the original contains 100% natural herb and fruit extracts and is bubbling with the same bitter-sweet goodness Orijin enchanted us with. The carbonated drink comes to go in an attractive can for just 100 naira and is also available in the traditional bottle for us simpler folk for 90 naira.

The Managing Director of Guinness Nigeria Plc, Mr. Peter Ndegwa had this to say about Orijin zero: “At Guinness Nigeria, we are known for our consistency in delivering great brands with ground-breaking innovations that gives our consumers unique experiences. Orijin Zero is a brand that is positioned to redefine the experience in the carbonated beverage market as it is masterfully crafted …to re-awaken consumers to “rethink their soft drink”.

Having tried out this new Orijin, i can guarantee you it’s worth the price. You can take my word for it. Grab one today and rethink your soft drink.

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Simple Steps To Avoid Gaining An Extra Pound During The Christmas Period image

Simple Steps To Avoid Gaining An Extra Pound During The Christmas Period

Throwback a couple of years and you probably wouldn’t be reading this. Everyone loved the Christmas season, not because Jesus was supposedly born during this period but because of all the goodies it brings along and the simple reason that schools are forced to round things up before then. With a lot of us not minding too much what we look like so long as the Christmas is filled with chocolates, drinks and tons of jollof rice, Gaining an extra pound or two was not a thing of concern in the past but with most of us desperately trying to “seize the bae”, returning to school or work in January with a protruding tummy is a no no.

It’s very common to gain an extra pound which may prove difficult to burn after the festivities are over so we have got you covered. Here are a few tips for you to consider before digging into that bowl of chinchin and groundnuts.


Avoid starting the party from home: Before you head out to that party, get something light and healthy to eat. This will keep your hunger level to a bare minimum and should stop you from gorging on everything served at the party.

Choose fresh seafood over fried foods as they contain less fat.

Go for dark over milk or white chocolate. They contain less sugar and could contain antioxidants.

Liquid calories are the undoing of a lot of us. Swap the sugary sodas for a soda water and fresh lime. If alcohol is on the cards than try swapping your champagne for a vodka soda and fresh lime.

Serving nuts? Opt for cashews over the regular peanuts they contain way less calories and fat for those prone to acne breakouts.

Have some control. This requires discipline but is a good compromise. Don’t feel bad for tasting just a few goodies; complement yourself for not eating the whole bunch.

Share your food! If you are given chocolates as a gift or someone brings a cake or baked goods, make sure you share them then and there. Give everyone some cake to take home. Saves you having to finish the whole thing off over the next few days!


Enjoy the season with your family and loved ones but try your best not to go out of control with the eating and drinking if you’re still interested in seizing the bae and living healthy. Merry Christmas.

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