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Guidelines To Wearing Suits With Trainers

Not so long ago, I noticed this new trend which obviously received a lot of critique, as most people are not inclined to accept change with open arms but being the conservative yet fashion-forward individual I am (yes, I like to call myself that), I decided to take a second look at it and analyse it carefully and I thought to share it with guys who are just as stylish as I am, or who at least aspire to it. *wink*

There are those who may probably think that tailoring with trainers is as stylish and trendy as sandals with socks. Well, you’re not alone. I mean, it was once reserved for guys who valued comfort over style, but it is now in vogue, after quite a lot of people discovered that being comfortable can actually look pretty stylish.

But while the socks-and-sliders thing is left to rail-thin models and young university undergrads, suits and sneakers is much easier to pull off while maintaining that classy and mature look.

I guess it’s safe to say if you follow these guidelines, you will look quite stylish and less like that guy in the office who switches to gym shoes for the journey home.

The street style goons have spoken, trainers and tailoring are now sartorial, not scruffy. Here’s your guidelines for bossing the look.

Do Keep Things Classic

 …and by classic, I mean simple. You are already making a statement with your shoes, so your suit shouldn’t. This is no time to be revealing that banana-coloured three-piece or that custard yellow double-breasted jacket.

Start with a slim-cut, navy suit and white trainers – the more minimalist, the better. Make sure your trousers are slim –or skinny fit; flared or boot cut will simply not work. With trainers, or, frankly, anything else.


Don’t Cheap Out

As with your regular brogue or oxford shoes, quality counts. Premium materials, traditional construction techniques and details such as hand-stitching allow you a little more aesthetic wiggle and confidence than rolling in some kicks you’ve had for years.


Link Your Look With Colour

The more links you can create between top and toe, the more these seemingly disparate fashion elements gel. Colour is an easy way to pull your trainers into the rest of your look, but please keep it subtle; if your suit is black or navy, a pop of the same in the logo or the lace is better than an all-black or blue trainer.

More subtle is pulling out a shade from your sneakers in your shirt or tie, or even choosing to echo a suede trainer’s soft nap with cashmere around your neck. That would definitely leave a lasting stylish impression.


Don't Embrace The Raindow

To the previous point, there’s a limit. Neon trainers are tough to wear if you’re in all-black sportswear. With a suit they just look like your proper shoes got coped at the gym.

As a rule of thumb, it shouldn’t even be an option to exercise in the kind of trainers you wear to work and vice versa.


Do Show Off Your Sneakers

With formal shoes, your trousers should hit your lace with a little bit of crease in the fabric in front of your shin. But that’s because people aren’t eyeballing which brogues you’ve copped in the same way they do with trainers.

Take some length out of your trousers, so the hem lands just above the tongue; a roll, turn-up or tack pin is handy here if you’d rather not visit your tailor for a permanent alteration.


Don’t Get Technical

We’ve got a lot of love for an ‘ugly’ trainer. But while Raf Simons’ Ozweegos are like on-feet spaceships that we’d normally recommend anywhere, they don’t quite work with your suit.

The aim of the sneakers and suits look is to take some of the formality away from your tailoring, switching up silhouettes and fabrics to make your outfit appear more relaxed. Technical shoes are too sporty; instead of relaxed, you look like you’re about to start calisthenics in the conference room.

So keep the globular trainers for after-hours.


Do Tread Carefully At Work

Even if your dress code is lenient, and you can get away with wearing kicks to work, the trainer is meant to lend a louche air to something more often seen as stuffy. So your tailoring should lean more towards relaxed than stiff. Even the sleekest sneakers won’t sit right if you’re rocking a waistcoat, pocket square and lapel pin.

Equally, avoid anything seen on trading floors: pinstripes, wide lapels and padded shoulders. The less structure your jacket has, the more your trainers look like they belong with your tailoring.

I mean, you don’t want the HR lady summoning you to her office …if you’re not the boss of yourself.

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Gentlemen's Guide To Wearing Suspenders image

Gentlemen's Guide To Wearing Suspenders

I remember growing up, there was this preacher who used to come around the house and what I really fancied about him wasn’t the ‘gospel’ he came to preach, it was the fact that he always had a different pair of suspenders every time he came around and I thought to myself, “I’d love to wear one of those someday”. It’s kind of hard to fathom, but believe it or not, the belt is a relatively recent invention. Prior to the First World War, the favored method of keeping one’s trousers up was with a pair of suspenders.

Nowadays, suspenders (or braces, as they’re called by our British brothers) are often viewed as an artifact from another era or emblematic of certain kinds of people or professions – they’re worn by bankers or iconically by punk rockers and hipsters.

However, as we’ve started to shift as a menswear culture towards an appreciation of quality and well-appointed details in Nigeria, suspenders can now be considered as just another element in the well-dressed modern gentleman’s clothing playbook.

Here are some guidelines on how to wear suspenders.

Never Wear Suspenders With A Belt

Don't be this guy.

This is a real ‘line in the sand’ issue for me. Suspenders are a method of keeping your pants up. A belt is another method for keeping your pants up. Don’t ever, or like my Mum would say ‘Don’t you ever’ wear suspenders with a belt or vice versa. It’s the same as wearing a tie bar with a waist coat or wearing sun glasses with a face cap. It’s either one or the other. Do not cross that line.

Proper Adjustment

Suspenders used to come in different lengths and sizes. Now virtually all suspenders have adjusters. When dialing in the right length, there’s a balance between too loose and too tight – the latter can lead to an uncomfortable tightening of the pants between the buttocks. I’m pretty sure no one wants that, and even if you do, no one wants to see that.

Mind The Waist Size

Suspenders are best on pants that have a little room around the waist. If your pants are too tight – or perfectly fitted to your waist – you don’t need suspenders. Unless, of course, you’re looking to add an unnecessary fashion accessory to your look and I dare say you could go unpunished.

Are Belt Loops Okay?

This is a topic that could rouse a lively debate: wearing suspenders on pants that also have belt loops.Conservativists will tell you that if you’re wearing suspenders on a pair of pants with belt loops that you’re not all-in. I can respect that.

However, it is nice to have options. Especially if you’re going to be spending your hard-earned money on bespoke/made-to-fit suits. Maybe you’d like to style the suit with a belt sometimes, but also reserve the right to wear suspenders when the mood strikes.

My opinion is this: there’s nothing wrong with wearing suspenders on pants with belt loops. Having said that, it does look cleaner, more sophisticated and more committed if you forego the belt loops for side tabs. I get all my pants now without belt loops. That’s just me, anyway.

Buttons Or Clips

These days, suspenders come in either button or clip ends and both are fine really but it’s preferable to go with the button clips. If not for anything, it’s safer than the clip end because once fastened, you do not have to worry about the clip pulling off your trouser while you’re in motion.

Subtle Accessory

A pair of suspenders is not an accessory that’s meant to be flaunted. Back in the day, they were considered a form of underwear – a not-quite unmentionable that wasn’t particularly meant to be seen. Some folks may disagree with me on this one but when you’re talking about classic elegance in men’s fashion, subtlety rules the day (and night).

Formal Wear

Finally, to end this post with another ‘line in the sand’ item for me. When it comes to formalwear, suspenders are de rigueur. A belt with formal attire is a non-starter.

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Papa Omisore's P.O.C Proudly Unveils Latest ‘Essentials’ S.S’17 Collection image

Papa Omisore's P.O.C Proudly Unveils Latest ‘Essentials’ S.S’17 Collection

Following the critical acclaim of his immediate past LFDW 2015 Zebra collection, Papa Omisore upped his creative ante by delivering entirely new designs, while maintaining his brand’s fluid and laidback appeal, and what resulted is the vibrant and colorful ‘Essentials’ collection. 

Everything from the intricate mix of art and functionality to P.O.C deliberately opting for a campaign shoot, instead of a look book, featuring the original P.O.C man, Omisore, instead of professional models, is to show the everyday Nigerian man how he too can wear P.O.C on a daily basis. 

Also it was important to Omisore to portray his connection and relationship with the pieces, from conception to final execution, in the campaign.

P.O.C’s ‘Essentials’ collection is not just stylish and eye catching; it is also diverse, casual and necessary for the Nigerian man’s wardrobe.

Photography @lakinogunbanwo

Creative Direction @ifeanyinwune

@papaomisore @p.o.c_lagos


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Yeezy 750 Boost: Gone In Sixty Seconds image

Yeezy 750 Boost: Gone In Sixty Seconds

How fast can you sell celebrity merch?

This has to be a record of some sort. The Yeezy 750 boost has been in such high demand since its release mostly because of the method of sale. Kanye opens the sales gate and shuts it whenever he feels like. Yesterday night, Kanye west opened the gate for fans to purchase his exclusive sneakers and according to him sold out in less than a minute... sounds crazy yeah? i know.


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Finding The Suit That Suits image

Finding The Suit That Suits

During suit shopping, making the right selection can become a daunting task. Suits, unlike every other piece of clothing aren’t worn too often and thus when worn, one should try to nail it. Most people buy suits without first considering the most important thing; their body frame. If you’re one of such people, today is your lucky day. We will be guiding you on what to avoid and what to embrace when it comes to getting the perfect suit.


If you’re above 6 feet then you’ve definitely been called tall once or twice in your lifetime. If you have then this section of our post is for you.

Heavier Fabrics

Because you are tall and frail, you will need to compensate for that, somehow. Avoid lighter fabrics; they hang on your body like a thin layer making you look all the more thin.

Lighter Colours

Lighter colours tend to make things appear more bulky than they are. Avoid darker colours; they have a slimming effect and we do not want that, do we? Also avoid pinstripes, we’d make that clearer as we go.

Higher Button Stance

Get suits with 3 buttons, they will look better because they have both height and length proportional to the body.

Full Rise Pants

Tall guys have long legs so their pants shouldn’t make them appear any taller. The best way to achieve this is to look for long rise pants. The rise of a pant is the distance between the waistband and the crotch. It strikes a balance between upper body and legs.


We really do not know which height range to put here. In any case, if you wish to appear taller in a suit, follow these few tips.

Subtle Patterns

Suit patterns like the windowpane, herringbone, houndstooth e.t.c. are too loud and will draw attention to your small frame. If you do not know what those are, just go solid.

Vertical Stripes

One of the oldest tricks in the book, the vertical stripes can create an illusion of lengthening a short frame

One Button

Suits with only one button are the best option for a short person. A single button, wherever placed will give beautiful balance to the suit hence makes your frame look more proportional.

Low Rise Pants

Unlike the tall fellow, a full rise pant will give you off as short at instant look. Try to go for a low rise pant.


Bulky men aren’t always muscular but these tips will work great for both.

Light Weight Fabrics

Bulky men whether muscular or not, have a fuller frame than the next guy. Avoid getting heavy fabrics that just add to all that body.

Dark Colours

Darker colours are slimming and it’s even more obvious here because suits consist of the same colour for top as bottom, creating a homogenous outfit that makes you look visually taller and more slender instead of cutting you in half and drawing attention to your belly or legs. For best results, go dark navy or black.

Solid or Vertical Stripes

Solids work well in creating a slender look but if you’re the fancy fellow, you can mix it up by sometimes going with the vertical stripes, this lengthens a person’s appearance and gives you a stylish edge.

If you’re a weird mix of any of these categories, i.e. short and skinny, big and tall, just mix and match these tips to suit your suit.

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If You're Talking Celebrity Sneakers, These Are The Holy Grails image

If You're Talking Celebrity Sneakers, These Are The Holy Grails

It’s 2016 and practically every famous person owns his own range of fashion products from colognes to shirts to pants all down to shoes, asides being an extra source of income, it’s a way to really establish yourself and your brand. Most importantly if you’re a rapper and you have no sneaker deal, you will not be taken seriously in this day and age. With the sudden increase in celebrity sneaker deals, here are the celebrity sneakers worth spending money on.



Who makes suede sneakers and gets away with it? Rihanna’s collaboration with Puma might just be what you need to up your sneaker game. Rihanna’s creepers come with golden logo foils. The game-changing shoe stands on a 1-1.5” platform and is a sure way to stand out even in a suit.



Inspired and designed by Kanye West, the yeezy 350 boost is a low-top sneaker which first debuted in the yeezy season fashion show, February 2015. Available in selected colours, this could as well be the most comfortable celebrity footwear of all time and the only Mr West clothing item worth buying.



The Reebok classic x Kendrick Lamar classic leather is the brands latest attempt to re-launch the Reebok classic. The sneaker arrives in a classic look featuring a premium white leather upper with a complementary gum sole underneath. Tonal laces accompany the clean kicks, and appropriated branding can be seen alongside, on the tongue and at the heel. The shoe is a tribute to bridge the divide between two of Lamar’s hometown gangs, the Blood’s and Crip’s. Lamar decided to incorporate this into the design by making one shoe Blood’s oriented, and the other Crip’s. On the heel of one shoe is written Red, while the other has Blue. A white midsole and a gum based outsole complete the overall look.

Genius right?



G.O.O.D. Music artist Pusha T released his first sneaker late last year called the "Adidas EQT Running Guidance '93 'King Push'." The Adidas collaboration went for $200 and sold out pretty quick. Like Big Sean, the Adidas Originals Twitter account has been teasing a new Pusha T collaboration, so we'll have to see what King Push has on deck. It features fish scale uppers in an off-white colour which is supposed to depict his drug dealing past.



Designed with ultimate minimalism, Kylie describes Fierce as “a lightweight trainer with zero excuses.” It features several black panels and an elongated tongue much like Rihanna’s new Pumas.

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Every Man's Guide To Watch Selection image

Every Man's Guide To Watch Selection

With almost everyone owning a smart phone and/or a smartwatch, wearing a wristwatch could seem pointless... at least from a utility standpoint. Nonetheless, it goes without saying that you cannot complete the gentleman look without sporting a wristwatch. Unfortunately, matching the right wristwatch with the right occasion can prove a difficult task but that is why you have us, i guess.



This is the everyday watch; every man should have one of these as they are ideal for work, hangouts with friends and even a late night out with your significant other. The metal watch goes well with any formal or semi-formal outfit and shimmers day or night. In terms of colour picking, this is your pick as it goes really good with any outfit colour.

It is usually advised to go with the ones that weigh less, they are a lot easier on the hand and tend to cost less. Suggested brands include Casio, Hublot, Seiko and Rado.



This belongs in a very peculiar class and could be worn on a Friday at work, at the gym, hangouts and when having fun or being active in general. The rubber sport watch wouldn’t be any good on a formal outfit and wouldn’t make any sense on traditional attire either and so should be limited to casual outings.

One particular characteristic of the rubber watch is its durability which makes it ideal for fun events. Suggested brands include Casio, Diesel and U.S. Polo Assn.



My personal favourite and pick of the bunch by the NG fashion experts: The leather watch stands out in every outfit be it formal, casual or even traditional attire. The leather watch oozes style and sophistication and can be worn to work, hangouts or quick trip to the barber or the grocery store.

The leather watch is known for its light weight and usually comes in black or brown strap; the black strap for a modern sharp appearance and the brown for a vintage look. We recommend leather watches with missing numbers on the clock face for a more sophisticated look.

Leather watches are usually high-end and so for the sake of clarity, we’ll have to draw a thin line.

Affordable: The Fifth Tribeca, Curren.

Splurge: Patek Philippe, Rolex, Omega, TAG Heuer.



These are not too common but they could come in handy if you’re trying to recreate a proper vintage look or trying to impress that girl or dressing up as Jidenna for Halloween. They wouldn’t blend smoothly with the usual formal outfit but would go well if you’ve got the whole Jidenna thing happening with the walking stick and multicoloured suit. From a traditional attire standpoint, this is a must have.



If you’re going to be appearing wearing a 3-piece suit to that function and hope to turn heads, then you probably should get yourself a pocket watch. This is the gentleman’s ultimate symbol and as such should be kept out of sight except you’re going for that elegant prince charming look.

The first known pocket watch came to be in 1675 when King Charles II of England introduced a new concept of waistcoats that featured pockets perfectly designed to fit most pocket watches. Despite pocket watches existing prior to 1675, they were normally worn outside of the pocket due to sharp edges of the pockets. While originally intended for women to wear, the pocket watch has indeed become the “gentleman’s timepiece” and has such should be worn only when you’re deciding to go all out with the gentleman look.

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Ade Bakare Couture Masai summer collection 2016 image

Ade Bakare Couture Masai summer collection 2016

Ade Bakare Couture was established in 1991. His clients were boutiques situated in various parts of England, Scotland and the Channel Islands such as Chic of Hampstead, Adele Davis of Bond Street and Lucienne Phillips of Knightsbridge and Amersham.

Ade became involved in another aspect of the fashion Industry when he created the perfume, “Breeze”, in 1998. This scent was inspired by his childhood days spent along the breezy West African coast of Lagos, Nigeria. He followed up the perfume with the introduction of Bakare Breeze a moderately-priced diffusion line which offers a collection of bridal dresses to cater for the design-conscious bride, award-winning signature jersey dresses teamed with ethnic textile adire as well as a series of kaftans, boubous and bubas and iros in silk and chiffon.

Ade Bakare’s designs have been described as classic with a touch of modernity using fabrics such as wool, silk, lace and crèpes but he is currently celebrated for his gazar and organza sweep coats which are both ultra-feminine and luxurious.


This summer, Ade launches his exquisite “Masai” collection. Inspired by the Masai tribe of east Africa, this collection of sizzling summer delight captures east African beauty in all of its splendour.

Some key influences are the beautiful jackets cut with high necks and delicately beaded in various colours, silk dresses cut at the waist to flow at the heels in orange, purple and fuchsia hues and much more.

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Fashion Thanks The Gays image

Fashion Thanks The Gays

My friend, Jen only just got back from the States after an eight year absence and since we are real close, I allowed her crash at mine until she decided to get her own place. I hadn’t seen her since junior secondary school and although we had kept in touch throughout her stay, I wanted to spend as much time with her as possible (there’s a chance I had a crush). We talked long into the night about everything; her exes, school, the city, internships, horrible bosses, wonderful bosses, sex (yup, we were that close) and then she hit me with a bombshell; she was gay.

At first when she said it, I thought she might be messing with me as that was a timeless tradition between us. After a good laugh, I asked her if she meant it and wasn’t playing a prank on me and she was affirmative. I was left speechless; shocked beyond words and the look on my face was spared from her view thankfully, cause it might have hurt her. It was a mix of horror and shock like I’d just seen a ghost or a naked Caitlyn Jenner.

Because you are tall and frail, you will need to compensate for that, somehow. Avoid lighter fabrics; they hang on your body like a thin layer making you look all the more thin.

We got to the bottom of it and she explained how she had made out with her roommate at a party in freshman year and hadn’t been able to get enough of women since. It was shocking how she’d kept it from me so long but I began to look out for all the tell-tale signs I’d missed. Her tweets had taken on a different and cryptic direction since then but I didn’t read too much into it. Her Instagram posts had also markedly changed but that still didn’t seem a big deal until now. The most obvious change had to be her style and even now I had always wondered why there was such a huge transformation in her style. It all made sense now.

Gay people almost always have a distinct style and dare I say, better fashion sense than most straight folks. From scarves to the finest cut jeans, the gays always do bring the swag. Thanks to unwritten societal rules, most straight folk have an embargo placed on what’s suitable to wear and a somewhat limited fashion scope. With gay people, all rules go out the window and the only concern is looking as stunning as possible; whether as a guy or girl. They seem to set a lot of fashion trends and a lot of celebrities are opting for gay stylists, hairdressers, personal shopper mostly cause like me they know if there’s one thing a gay person kills at; it’s being stylish.

Of course, this doesn’t mean all gay people are stylish or that all straight men are boorish and lack any sense of style, no it doesn’t. This is simply a gay appreciation post for their overall boundaries breaking fashion. Sure, you may think gay people get a lot of things wrong (especially their sexual preference) but here’s one thing they almost always get right. Some gay guys do tend to be a lot more flamboyant with their style and I don’t expect any straight males picking up tips from them anytime soon.

So, I guess that concludes this post. Thanks gays for scarves, prints, patterns, colour blocking, blazers, cargo shorts, ripped jeans, skinny jeans (they probably was tryna show their junk with this) and countless other fashion items and trends you may or may not have set.




This post was a gay appreciation post and their influence on the world of fashion may have been overstated. Also, if you find this post irritating, revolting, disgusting because it appreciates homosexuals, Get over yourself! It’s none of your business what anyone does with their junk.

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