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Diary Of A Tomato Seller

I guess we have all heard of the tomato madness in town, sadly that’s the reality we have to face. With tomatoes being sold at one for a hundred naira, one can’t help but think of how tomato sellers fend for themselves and their families.

I recently had the opportunity to interview a tomato seller, Mrs Abiodun. She is a tomato seller at Adaranijo market, Pedro area of Lagos State. I will be the first to admit that being a journalist is not as easy as it seems, I honestly had my hopes high about interviewing a particular woman who is our regular customer however she was reluctant. She said she didn’t want me to take her pictures or record her voice. Luckily for me she wasn’t the only tomato seller in Lagos, so I had to go all the way to Pedro from Anthony.

Mrs Abiodun who was one of the main tomato sellers at the aforementioned market gave me accurate answers to all my questions and I was so excited about her willing to allow me interview her, although she doesn’t really like smiling. Please enjoy the interview:



Titideyeri: Please can you introduce yourself.

Tomato seller: My name is Mrs Abiodun.

Titideyeri: Have you heard about the tomatoes Ebola and is it the cause of the tomato scarcity?

Tomato seller: Yes I have heard. But it is not the tomato Ebola that is causing it. There is one insect that eats the farm product before it can germinate. You know when they grow the tomato it needs some rain before it can germinate, so when there is no rain you know there has not been enough rain this year. That is what is causing the insect to come out because there is not enough water for them to spread out. It is not Ebola that is causing it.

Titideyeri: Are you feeling the impact of this tomato scarcity?

Tomato seller: Yes, very well.

Titideyeri: Are your customers still coming to buy like before?

Tomato seller: There are buying, but not like before. We are selling the way we are buying unlike before when you buy a basket of tomatoes for three thousand naira you can see three thousand naira gain. But now we buy a basket of tomatoes for twenty thousand naira, before we can see gain of one thousand naira it is hard. We are selling at a loss.

Titideyeri: How has the current tomato scarcity affected your business, is it good or bad?

Tomato seller: It is very bad, because we have spent all our saving into this business. Because there is no way you will not spend extra money.



Titideyeri: How do you want the government to help everybody involved in the tomato business one way or another?

Tomato seller: They should give the farmers money and facilities, so that this kind of situation will not happen again.

Titideyeri: Do you do any other business apart from tomato selling?

Tomato seller: Yes, I do make hair for people.

Titideyeri:  What do you think us as individuals can also do to help with this tomato scarcity?

Tomato seller: We should encourage ourselves in going for farming, because it is only in the North that they do farm tomatoes. The one we grow here in the south is not as good in the north, so we should encourage our students to know how they plant their tomatoes in the North. So they can bring it down here for we in South can also learn from them.

Titideyeri: Thank you so much ma, for your time.

Tomato seller: We thank God.

So there you have it, no one ever said a three minutes interview could be so enlightening. Please feel free to share your own views about the tomato crisis in the comments section.




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Ever Heard Of Piebaldism? image

Ever Heard Of Piebaldism?

So, I had an assignment to write anything health and I was going to write on the “Ear wax”. Believe me I had ready, until a day back when out of boredom I was going through my Instagram feeds and I bumped into the post picture. The moment I saw this picture on the post I was stunned, literally so much beauty in one photograph. And my curiosity grew even more to know what “piebaldism” was, and so the birth of this post. I guess we all need a brief education on piebaldism.


What Is Piebaldism?


First off, Piebaldism is a rare autosomal dominant trait characterized by the congenital absence of melanocytes in affected areas of the skin and hair. A white forelock of hair, often triangular in shape, may be the only manifestation, or both the hair and the underlying forehead may be involved.

The eyebrows and the eyelashes may be affected. Irregularly shaped white patches may be observed on the face, trunk and the extremes will include a symmetrical distribution. Basically, islands of hyperpigemtation are present within and at the border of depigmented areas. It may also be known as PBT and Piebald trait.



The prevalence of piebaldism is unknown, which is there is no statistical data proven on the occurrence of piebaldism.

Genetic changes

Piebaldism can be caused by mutations in the KIT and SNAI2 genes. However, piebaldism may also be feature of other conditions:

  • Waardenburg syndrome
  • Vitiligo
  • Piebald ( in animals )

Inheritance pattern: Piebaldism is inherited in an autosomal dominant pattern; this means one copy of the altered gene in each cell is sufficient to cause the disorder.

Treatment & Management

  • Diagnostic Tests
  • Drug Therapy
  • Surgery and Rehabilitation
  • Genetic Counselling
  • Palliative Care

Quite an education I must say, but at the end of the day it pays to know. I wouldn’t want us to rely solely on this post for an education on Piebaldism, and its other related disorder. We should also look it up and read more on it considering the fact that this information shouldn’t be used as a substitute for professional medical advice but as enlightenment.

People with piebaldism, vitiligo or waardenburg syndrome shouldn’t have a stigma on them. I guess it’s human to be a little worried, but that shouldn’t turn to pity. I feel they deserve the same amount of love given to people without the disorder. They are even more beautiful with their disorder, there’s enough love in the air to share, so let’s not be biased or ignorant. Understanding that no one is perfect, we all having our own fault and are beautiful in our unique ways.


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OAMA Is Taking Bead Craft To Another Level image

OAMA Is Taking Bead Craft To Another Level

Ayomide is the CEO of the OAMA Empire. Born in New York, USA Ayomide is a former student of the Apostolic Faith Secondary School. After foundation year at the Oxbridge Tutorial College, Ayomide is currently studying Business Management at the University of Bradford, UK. Here is his story... In his own words

OAMA Beadz formerly known as the OAMA bead biz was created July 2011. It all started as an examination for JSCE (junior school certificate examination). A fine art practical JSCE in which my art work became second best in the whole of Lagos State. Afterwards bead making became a thing of leisure to me, well not until after I made my first sale on an art work. I was given a job to do the logo of Mutual Benefit Assurance Plc from which I earned a large amount from. From that moment on became the beginning of OAMA Beadz.

OAMA was coined from my initials, at first it sounded weird but later on everyone got used to it. My motivation however, has been a special someone and if not for her... I rest my case. Through OAMA Beadz I have been able to start a movement and establish a fast growing market for OAMA Beadz and other affiliate companies of the OAMA Empire. Through the audience OAMA Beadz attracted, I have been able to start my own football league here in the UK. I am presently working on my fashion line which will drop soon as well as my fashion show. 

My parents were my major setback; I guess we all know Nigerian parents and their parentin skills... But I know they just want the best for me and they carry out their parenting duties just the way they know how to. My vision is to build an Empire of my own comprising of diverse fast-growing companies. And by the age of 25, I want to be the youngest billionaire in Africa, worst case scenario Nigeria. I want to achieve everything Dangote achieved but at a young age.

Finally I’m just going to drop a quote of mine “Success is the ability to live your life to the fullest, doing what you love doing and making the best of it. Ensure not to exclude God."


So I guess that was an amazing story. Honestly I have never seen bead art this good. Ayomide happens to be one of the very few free-spirited people I have known. Although it has been an on-phone affair via what's app, I can tell he is an amazing person. See more of his works here

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