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A Letter To All Women In The World


Women, we are created to live for greater reasons than we are living for now.

Dear women,

As I live each day, I learn more about womanhood and all that we are capable of

achieving in life. Recently, I realized that I am so passionate about women, which is why I have decided to write this letter to all women in the world and I hope my readers share this letter with various women around them too.

First, I would like to remind my dear women of some special characteristics that we usually forget. We are beautifully and wonderfully made by our creator, God. The son of God came through a woman, so we carry a special spiritual covering that keeps us aside for sacred tasks. Our bodies are temples of God and are to be used to glorify God in ways we ourselves cannot imagine. We are to teach our children obedience and submission to authority by respecting our husbands. In us are all the values of this life and we think like geniuses that the world has never seen. Men think straight but we think like waves moving in numerous directions. This creative thinking of ours adds color to men’s way of thinking. We are the strongholds of our homes and the pillars of our relationships. We are smarter than we think and stronger than men can imagine. The worth of women is more valuable than gold and silver. We are so precious that God put his son in a woman’s womb to live in for nine months. He did not need to be afraid of attack because he felt safe and secure in a woman’s womb. We are protectors and serve as shields for our friends, husbands, and children.

We are homemakers, world changers, and people builders. In addition to all these unique characteristics we have been endowed with, we are also "criers" and "worriers". We are called to share other people’s pain and joy. We are awesome human beings. Even the strongest and toughest man can be softened by the beautiful smile of a woman. Not a single word can describe a woman because she is worth more than words and poetry can express. She is specially made by God.

The problem with women is not that we are inadequate but that we are so powerful that we tend to doubt our strength and capabilities. It breaks my heart to see women act and see themselves as worthless or incapable of achieving their dreams. Many of us feel we are doing more than necessary and ending up settling for less than we ever dreamt of.

My dear women, God has blessed us abundantly for us to bless the world and not to settle for less than his intentions for us. Change the way you see yourself. You are the product of a perfect God so you do not need validation from any person as to how they view you. If people do not see your worth it is no problem because they are looking with the wrong lens. Remember whose you are and live like a daughter of a king, because you are one. A princess walks tall and smiles, she does not settle for less because she is aware of who her father is. Never forget who your king is, keep living with confidence, and settle no more for less than you have ever dreamt of. If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

With Love,

The King’s daughter

Derby Chukwudi

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Beyond Oil image

Beyond Oil


Beyond oil, what’s next? : The Niger Delta Avengers Blow up Another Pipeline

Recently, the Niger Delta Avengers have threatened to blow up several pipelines of oil operating companies which have exploited their lands without compensating the people of Niger Delta adequately. The rise of these avengers is due to the poor state of these people who believe they provide the source of Nigeria’s wealth through the sale of crude oil. While the federal government of Nigeria has been thinking of what step to take to alleviate the uprising of these avengers, they have just blown up another pipeline Qua Iboe 48-inch oil crude oil export line belonging to Exxon Mobil in Akwa Ibom state. The avengers have vowed to obstruct all means by President Muhammadu Buhari to export crude oil because he did not address their demands. Qua Iboe recently resumed operation in June after an attack which the avengers claimed the responsibility for.  The spokesman of the group Gen.Murdoch Agbinibo said, “The Niger Delta Avengers blew up ExxonMobil Qua Iboe 483 crude oil export pipeline. When will these International Oil companies learn to listen, we (avengers) said no export.”

According to the Vanguard newspaper, “Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) shut down the Trans Niger Pipeline, one of the two major pipelines that carries the Bonny Light crude grade for export following an outflow in Gio, Ogoni land, Rivers State.” The militant group which declared its close monitoring on repairs being carried on damaged pipelines attacked the Nembe 1, 2 and 3 Tedeba Brass trunk lines in Bayelsa and Rivers states on June 8, after the company carried out repairs on leaking Nembe Creek Trunk Line, NCTL (Amaize). In addition to this, they also bombed the Forcados 48-inch Crude Export Terminal in Delta State last month because Shell flouted its order not to carry out repairs of any sort on its installations damaged by the militant group until government addressed its demands. All these attacks have hampered oil production in oil companies.  The militant group said, “Until President Buhari takes our demands seriously and set up a genuine framework to address the Niger Delta question, we will continue to obstruct all avenues to export our crude oil”(Amaize). The armed forces are working on a plan against the next attack of this group of people.

Reference: "Avengers Blows up Another Pipeline as FG Considers Action against Militants - Vanguard News." Vanguard News. N.p., 2016. Web. 13 July 2016.

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Do All Lives Really Matter? image

Do All Lives Really Matter?

 Photo: Odyssey


It is not a funny matter to have grown up in a society where I was taught that everybody’s life is precious, and now I live in a society that shows no regard for human life but reveres animal lives. It may seem funny how people can fight for animals than for the lives of people. This injustice began with the belief that black people are inferior. I am still unsure of where such belief system originated from, and I look forward to finding out. Black people have tried to show the American community that they are not inferior and even though certain people are still determined to believe such lie, Black people at least try to make them understand that #blacklivesmatter. The black lives matter movement has constantly put people on the defense: Not only Black lives, All lives Matter, they say. I have one question regarding this argument: Do all lives really matter or are you referring to your lives alone??

The truth is that I do not think that any life matters now in the United States. Hate-murder and police brutality is rampant, and this shows disregard for lives of all races. When the black race is seen as a threat because of their call against the injustice committed on their race and they are killed for no just reason, it reflects that black lives do not matter. When people support a gruesome attack in a gay club because “gay is a sin,” it shows that gay lives don't matter. When a white policeman is killed as revenge, one can conclude that police lives don't matter.

My two cents is that we all have to internalize that we need each other and realize that whoever lied to us about race superiority was truly insane. Nobody is higher than another. We are all from the same creator, and we were made different to beautify the earth and not to destroy the earth with the bloods of those we feel are inferior.

If we truly believe that all lives matter, we will understand each race’s struggle, and work hand in hand to eliminate inequality. Without black people, America will not be standing today and without Caucasians, America will not exist as well.  Racial superiority is a myth. To digress, how much bull can one internalize to become so scared of a dark skin to the extent that the sight of Black person causes one to pull a trigger?—to end a life.

 In all, we should look into each other’s eyes and see that what we can never and should never be judged by the color of our skin. We need love, peace, and healing on the land of America and not war or unjust killing.

As we all mourn those souls who have been lost in the past few days, let us all; Blacks, Caucasians, Latinos, and all other races realize that killing and brutality will only lead to the destruction of the hard work our forefathers fought for many years ago. There will be no benefit, rather we all will find ourselves at the bottom together which will only show us that we are equal. We do not need to emphasize that certain lives matter before everyone actually realizes it. There is no reason to be treated differently because of a supposed white privilege or a dark skin. We need to look another with the face of Jesus, the face of love and listen to one another in order to make progress.

P.S: To all those who believe that killing and war is the solution, you all will soon realize after attacking the race you feel is your enemy, the war will be between your own race and this will eventually destroy you and all that you thought was important. So please let us hold one another and overcome this racial challenge.

To all those who understand that there is no such thing as superiority, I thank you and I ask that you work hard to make those around you understand the same concept. The earlier we all grasp this idea, the better for the American society and all races.

May the souls of all the faithful departed this past week rest in perfect peace. Amen!


With love,

The King’s daughter

Derby Chukwudi

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The Root Of Societal Problems image

The Root Of Societal Problems

Today, people complain that society is full of problems and is in a critical condition. We keep criticizing and blaming our government for the dysfunctional state our society has fallen into. One thing we fail to realize is that these leaders come from families. The family has been neglected and pushed aside. Good family living seems to be a thing of the past, but ironically, it is the major cause of the critical issues that are present in our societies.

We need to realize that families, which erupt from marriages, are the greatest gift from God because it comes with blessings. On the contrary, we have families that reflect curses rather than blessings. Divorce and broken homes are so rampant that it seems abnormal to have a peaceful family. A good family is the building block for a good and peaceful society. In order to eliminate societal unrest and discord, the family, which is the root of society’s problems, needs to be worked on.

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Basic Things Matter image

Basic Things Matter

We live in a world where basic things have been neglected because we feel that as we advance in life, we need to drop some things we used to do. Just as children, we need to maintain certain habits in order to get through with life. Unfortunately, society has emphasized otherwise and made us feel that it is not acceptable to do things like children who have no worries do. It is written in the bible, “unless you change and become like little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 18:3). This is not only limited to spirituality but also includes our lifestyle. We are made to believe that certain things we used to do are no longer important and this has affected us in various ways. We fail to realize that practicing these basic things does not make us go backward in life, but they remind us of where we are from and help us know how to handle situations when we face challenges.

As you go through life I want you all to remember some of the basic actions that have been neglected by our society which could make a huge difference in our lives if embraced once again.
– It is okay to cry.
– It is okay to share your feelings with people.
– It is okay to be unique and stand out.
– It is okay to fail. What matters is the act carried out after failing.
– It is okay not to be perfect.
– It is okay not to be a doctor, lawyer, and engineer.
– It is okay to pursue your passion over society’s view of the best careers. Just be the best in whatever you do.
– It is okay to pray to the Almighty. I mean, you can’t do it on your own.
– It is okay to be humble.
– It is okay to ask questions about everything.
– It is okay to persevere through difficult times.
– It is okay to spend time with friends and family.
– It is okay to live and live smiling every day.


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Passion Burns Faster Than A College Degree image

Passion Burns Faster Than A College Degree

Society places priority on a college degree than on the passion of individuals. As a child who grew up in Nigeria, academics had to come first even before my sleep time. Every time I struggled to make the best grades because I had been taught that my grades defined it all. As l strived to be the best, I realized that experiences and the true essence of learning were the opportunity costs of focusing on the best grades. I began to focus on the grades rather than on the unmeasured knowledge that could be acquired along with the grades. After graduation from high school, I discovered that passion is  beyond grades and certificates. Passion lives inside of everyone and it takes doing what we love to make passion expose itself. I found out that society had not emphasized passion and this had placed detrimental marks on young people, especially teenagers. The differences between passion and grades are so clear that I began to realize a lot of benefits I had missed because of my focus on the wrong thing. Some of these differences include: 

  • People are constantly limited to college degrees and the regular cycle of a corporate job, meanwhile, passion makes people accessible to unlimited opportunities to make great impacts in various professional fields.
  •  Passion brings out the best in you while grades cannot do this because there is always a class that will not bring out the best in you.
  • Passion never gives room for failure because it has with it all that you need to success.

Society needs to shift its focus from grades and college degrees to passion because passion burns faster than a college degree. A lot of people go through a higher institution in bondage because they are forced by their family and society to pursue in degrees that bring back the highest paycheck. This idea is destructive and makes many people living deads because they are going through a process without passion and interest. Passion can never be paid for because it is worth more than money can buy. With passion, money should not be a problem because people who follow their passion produce excellent results. Families and society should emphasize passion in order to ensure that people in different professions and fields are not dead from suppression by grades, but alive by the burning fire of passion.

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Tiwa Savage’s Dilemma: The Hidden Truth image

Tiwa Savage’s Dilemma: The Hidden Truth


As we all know the famous Nigerian artiste, Tiwa Savage has been going through a hard time with her husband and family matters. The truth of the entire situation is vulnerable to different people’s inputs and perspectives on the issue. As l listened to the interview Tiwa savage had, I picked up something I feel is affecting people and our society in a negative way. Tiwa mentioned that she admitted that she created a false reality in order to please the public. She did not want people to think of her in a negative manner. She wanted to create a perfect marriage, family, and career, but this was not what was going on. As opposed to the pretty pictures of Tiwa on social media, she has not been living a life that reflected the happiness that showed on her pictures. In order not to let the public know about the crisis she was facing, she decided to cover up for the gaps that could have been seen by the public as a disappointment. Just like Tiwa, a lot of us are more concerned about other people’s opinions of us than about our own happiness. We always feel there is always something we must offer the public to display perfect lives, but this is an impossible task. We should realize that it is okay to be imperfect because in Christ Jesus we have perfection.

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Five Reasons You Should Join the Nigerian Team image

Five Reasons You Should Join the Nigerian Team

Our Family Culture  A.K.A Ohana

I do not know about other countries and peoples, but one important element that matters most in the lives of Nigerians is family. This is a platform where love is shown, tradition is passed down, and memories are shared. There are ups and downs but nevertheless, the family still wins all trials and tribulations. No matter how far any members travels the bond of family still stays strong. We bless one another, comfort ourselves, and make sure that no matter what one does, everyone is carried along hence the Igbo term “OHANA” which implies family and no one is left behind.


Our Sense Of Humour

You can never ever get enough of Nigerian humor. Somebody once said our humor keeps us strong and persistent even in hard times. Our jokes are global and everyone can relate to them. We always have a reason to laugh. One major thing I miss about Nigeria are the jokes and sometimes I feel the urge to teach non-Nigerians the difference between dry statements and actual jokes. Nigerians are just too much when it comes to making anyone laugh and one thing that beats me is the thoughts of those who actually create the jokes. We can just say Nigerians are crazy for laughter.


Our Adorable Jollof Rice and Plantains

It’s all about the Jollof rice and plantains always. With these two, you can join the Nigerian gang. It is so serious that without having these two in any kind of celebration, it can be said that your event flopped badly. Funny enough, this has become a national struggle with our Ghanaian neighbors to see who has the best Jollof rice. You know who has the best already, only NIGERIA.  Please don’t mess with this part of our lives if not our other country members will come after you.


Our Fashion Consciousness

Our fashion game has always been strong for so many years to the extent that people can identify us by our unique ways of dressing. We can never go wrong with slaying when it comes to colors, designs, and accessories. Just for the records, sometimes some of our country members go wrong in this art but eventually bring up new trends. So you see, Nigerians are fashion trend makers.


Our Global Identity

It’s so cool to belong to a country that has its members spread across the globe. As it is casually said, “Nigerians taking over the world”. This is who we are; we dominate, we stand out, and are role models to other people and countries. Anywhere Nigerians are absent should actually not exist because it shows there is nothing really going there. We are global people who continually create opportunities where other people cannot envision progress. We are Nigerians indeed from the land of the Green which signifies growth.


I understand that Nigeria is in a state of turmoil presently but let us not neglect some of our attributes that have kept us going in the struggle. One love Nigeria!

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Entrepreneurship: The New Password to Global Productivity image

Entrepreneurship: The New Password to Global Productivity

Entrepreneurship according to Professor Howard Stevenson, “is the pursuit of opportunity beyond resources controlled”. Entrepreneurship has to do with creativity, discipline, willingness, invention, and management of resources inclusive. It is the capacity and willingness to develop, organize, and manage a business along with any risks that come along with the business in order not only to just make a profit but also to expand its horizon for further opportunities unrevealed. Entrepreneurs create jobs, drive the economy to increase its opportunity, and most importantly entrepreneurs transform lives.

To be involved in entrepreneurship is hard work and it requires certain skills which include:  

  • Creativity
  • Self-confidence
  • Ability to identify opportunities
  • Vision and influence
  • Ability to undertake risks
  • Efficient and realistic decision-making
  • Financial management skills
  • Flexibility of ideas and structure

Being an entrepreneur goes beyond being able to discover or create innovative ideas, it also takes diligence and hard work to produce results of a successful entrepreneur.

Society benefits from the works of entrepreneurs in many ways and some benefits include:

  • Increase in job opportunities
  • Encouragement of innovative thinking rather than a fixed business thought process.
  • Increase in economic profits
  • Increase in standard of living
  • Management of resources to produce greater profits

The advantages of having entrepreneurs in the society cannot be overemphasized and these benefits need to be considered in every sector of the economy. In order for the world to increase in opportunities and growth, we need individuals who are ready to take risks for potential opportunities that can be beneficial to the entire globe. Entrepreneurship is the global password to increased levels of social and business productivity.

Photo: Ceoblognation

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The Importance Of Prayer image

The Importance Of Prayer

We are in the world even though we are not of the world. In order to survive and excel in a world that is not ours we need to stay connected to our original source which is heavenly. One major way of staying connected is through prayer. As we know, people define prayer according to their perspectives. Simply defined, prayer is communicating with God and through this we increase our knowledge of Him, present our thoughts and requests, ask for repentance, and also give thanksgiving. It is so important to pray as it is to eat but unfortunately, many of us discount the importance of this act. Sometimes we cannot be blamed for ignoring the power of prayer because the world makes us believe that we are capable of being successful through hard work and persistence. The truth is, we cannot do anything except through Christ. It is true that we have to work hard and persevere through the process but prayer makes the difference. It distinguishes great works from ordinary works. It elevates situations that have been condemned and reveals situations that are yet to occur to those who are constantly on their knees conversing with their creator. Remember, while Jesus was on earth, He prayed. He prayed all the time because He understood the importance and role of prayer in His life, ministry, and destiny. The same applies to us because we were created in God’s image. Hence, prayer is a necessity for us to overcome the trials and tribulations of the world. Your life should be a life of prayer. Sometimes we do not feel the need to pray because we feel we have prayed enough. This is false because just like it is necessary to begin a new day with new grace from God, it is also necessary to begin each day with new prayers for every situation. Hence, our prayers need to be renewed all the time. In all that we do, when we pray we must understand that our prayers need not be long or short but need to be from a sincere heart. God sees our hearts so He knows which prayer is genuine and which is not.  In our prayer life, there will be challenges and time we do not feel the need to constantly pray but here are five important reasons to constantly pray.

  • Prayer destroys unknown strongholds and powers of the evil one.
  • Prayer protects us evil plots planned for us in advance.
  • Prayer heals our souls and gives us hope in God.
  • Prayers makes people friends of God because they converse constantly with Him and get to know Him personally.
  • Prayer is the key to every situation in and out of our control.

Let us all now approach the throne of God in prayer and rest in His presence with the assurance that prayer is all we need to begin a connection with our creator.

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Five Things To Know When Applying To Study Abroad image

Five Things To Know When Applying To Study Abroad

As a student who studies abroad, I must acknowledge that applying to college abroad is a big adventure that tests one’s persistence and character in general. When applying to schools about two years ago, I almost gave up so many times because of the many processes and requirements needed to ensure proper processing of my application information. Having scaled through this phase of life, I believe it will be great to drop some hints on how to begin your application to schools abroad. The thought of studying abroad could be exciting and could lead to wishful thinking but it requires hard work. So, first things first if you are not hard working you may like to reconsider your desire of studying abroad or you could put on your armor of hard work. There are a lot of things to know about application processes of school but here are five important things I believe anyone who intends to apply to a college abroad should know.


1.    Begin Your Application Process Early.

Many people will testify that the application process is a process that needs to be carried out wiith care and not in a rush. It may feel like you have many months before the application deadline but trust me the days will run by quickly before your very eyes and you’ll be in a state of rush. So like I said before begin early.

2.    Have a List of Potential Schools.

There is nothing like having a specific view of where you intend to study. It takes a great time to get a comprehensive list of schools that may be the right schools for you and this is why step one should be applied. When you begin early, it gives you the opportunity to select your schools rather than just applying to random schools abroad.

3.    Have a Checklist of all Your Requirements.

Each school has its unique requirement and if applying to different schools you will want to have a detailed checklist which will enable you to keep track of your progress.

4.    Know Your Deadlines.

This sounds like information that should always be remembered but I have heard of high-flying students who missed their opportunity to apply to a school just because they missed the deadline. Have these dates on your calendar and try to submit at least two days before the deadline. It is better to be safe than sorry and you will not want to miss a deadline after so much hard work too.

5.    Your Essays Represent You.

I understand not everyone loves to write a lot especially when there are a lot of questions to be answered. Personally, I struggled with my essays and had a very challenging time getting my essays to be on point. Despite the struggles I encountered with writing my essays, I learned that essays serve as a connection between the admission council and the applicant. This means even if you are a high-flyer academically, your inability to package yourself through your essays will most likely hinder you from being accepted to your dream school. Seeing that this is a major aspect of your application, you really want to begin early and work on those application essays not only by yourself but also with people who can help criticize the essays.

These tips are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to applying to schools. If you can get these five things right, then your journey in the application process will be made easy. Although it may seem easy, remember it takes hard work first before ease comes in. I wish you the best as you begin your study abroad application process.

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Women Are Capable  image

Women Are Capable

“If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman.”- Margaret Thatcher.

In a world full of able men there are tons of unheard able women which is very unfortunate because women get tasks done and are passionate about they do. I am not saying that men do not get things done but the specific task of a woman in the creation story was to be a helper to man. As a helper, she is needed to give strength to man to ensure whatever he sets his mind to do is achieved. This much-cherished helper created by God has now been pushed to the back seat of all walks of life because of some ideologies that measure the strength of a woman by her physical structure and appearance. It is funny how foolish we can be because God himself knew woman’s capability when he created her and now we act like we know more than our creator. This demotion to the back seat by the world and men have made women struggle in different areas of life just to prove the world wrong.


 I write this article to emphasize that women are capable. Women are stronger than the world imagines which is why no matter the situation life puts them in, they strive till they achieve victory. Women are world changers and are full of compassion for people which is why they seek to provide help whenever and however they can. They are ambassadors of Christ even though they fall, they know their place in Him. Women are used by God to bring back his Adams and all His children to his kingdom. They are mothers of generations which is why they have the ability to reproduce and train up their children to understand that their lives   not only affects them but also their future generations. Women are passionate and caring which is why they give second chances even at the expense of their well-being. Although this wrong, they cannot be blamed always because their hearts are made to be as soft as a jelly bean.

Women, I believe are capable of doing anything no matter what the world limits them to. Look around the world today, women are taking over political positions, moving the healthcare world, setting high records in the economic field, and leading souls to Christ. Women are called to be flexible and capable of taking up different tasks at the same time. Women are called to be friends, mothers, sisters, lovers, workers, world-changers, healers, and teachers. The world needs women because they have all the world needs to be fruitful and multiply. Anyone who disregards the capabilities of a woman needs to reconsider their thoughts because without women, no one would exist in the world today.


Photo: hertechability

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Dr. Walter Block’s “Defending the Undefendable” Embraces The Beauty Of Libertarianism In Economics image

Dr. Walter Block’s “Defending the Undefendable” Embraces The Beauty Of Libertarianism In Economics

Dr. Walter Edward Block is an American Austrian School economist and anarcho-capitalist theorist, who currently holds the Harold E. Wirth Eminent Scholar Endowed Chair in Economics at the J. A. Butt School of Business at Loyola University, New Orleans. In his book, Defending the Undefendable, Dr. Block gives detailed scenarios to defend crimes that have been condemned in our world through the use of economic principles. Along with defending these crimes, he clearly explains basic economic principles that apply to our daily lives. Out of the various economic terms he discussed, there are three which are outstanding and they include; free market, property rights, and importation. I believe Dr. Block fulfilled his aim by giving a clear and detailed explanation about different condemned acts with the use of economic principles.

In his book, Dr. Block described the free market as an economic arrangement which consists of many buyers and sellers who depend on the invisible hands of demand and supply to determine the price of goods sold. Dr. Block relates this economic situation to prostitution which is condemned. Dr. Block justifies prostitution by saying it is not wrong if both participants freely agree to be involved in the transaction. Although it is viewed as immoral, Dr. Block was of the opinion that if both parties give their absolute consent, it is alright because both parties made their decision. In my opinion, he advocates that the individuals, not the act should be condemned. He also mentions that participants have the right to leave the agreement if they feel they are not receiving adequate satisfaction from the transaction. This connects with the free market economy because buyers and sellers have free entry and exit at any time. He fulfilled his aim because he was able to justify prostitution, and also bring light to the free market principle which is applied in our daily lives.

Another act Dr. Block addressed was that of a curmudgeon, which refers to a bad-tempered person. The curmudgeon in this book is referred to a person who owns and lives in the most decrepit tenement in the block. This person is fond of his building that he refuses to sell it no matter how much he is offered.  People around him label him a staunch human barrier to social progress. Dr. Block’s ideas serve as a voice for those who have been ridiculed and insulted for overreacting over issues they face in life. He opposes the people’s opinion because he believes the curmudgeon is not wrong. He uses the principle of property rights as a justification for the curmudgeon’s behavior. The property rights give the curmudgeon the right to choose how and what should be done to his property. From my point of view, I think many people are ignorant of the essence of property rights, but Dr. Block was able to use it to justify the curmudgeon’s behavior.

Furthermore, Dr. Block talked about the importer, who is seen as an intruder in the economy of different countries. The importer is seen as an intruder because people believe he takes away jobs from the citizens of a country. In order to prove that the importer is beneficial to the society, Dr. Block created a picture where no countries traded with each other. He explained that goods will be homogenous, and people’s needs will not be fully met because of countries will only have goods they can produce. For example, if Nigeria produces cotton without trading with other countries, all Nigeria will have is cotton. On the contrary, if countries trade with one another, there will be a variety of goods because different countries have various goods.  Countries will experience gains of trade which implies that countries would possess different goods and production of goods will be cheaper since countries have to focus on producing goods that have lower opportunity costs. Opportunity costs here implies that countries would produce more goods at lower costs.  I believe through this explanation, Dr. Block was able to highlight the importance of the importer, who had been seen as an intruder.

Around the world today, a lot of acts are condemned like prostitution, theft and so on. Unknown to us, our daily activities could be related to these acts and the only difference is the way these acts are viewed morally. For example, when we bargain for a product at a price far less than its value, we are cheating the seller, but we do not see it as such.  Dr. Block did a great job highlighting these acts and justifying them through the use of economic principles. Reading this book made me understand that these crimes are carried out based on individual decisions, and mindsets. Although Dr. Block did an excellent job with the explanation and justification of these acts, it was slightly difficult for me to follow the ideas in the book because of the numerous economic principles discussed in the book.

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Five Ways to Pursue Your Relationship with God image

Five Ways to Pursue Your Relationship with God

Just like any other relationship you have, your relationship with God needs to be nurtured in order for it to grow.

In our various relationships, there are many things we do to nurture them to avoid our relationships from dying and not being uninteresting. We call one another, send pictures to ourselves, go out, and spend quality time discussing matters of the heart. The irony of all these things we do is that the most important relationship we need to have is often neglected because of flimsy excuses like “I am too busy” or “this relationship with God is not for me.” God is always ready to listen to us, to protect us, provide for us, and build a relationship with us but we always build a wall that separates us from Him. I believe it is high time we made sincere efforts to nurture our relationship with God because we may not have the opportunity to do so again. In a relationship with God, the basic things matter and discussed below are five ways to pursue and nurture your relationship with God.


Surrender To God

Photo: licdn

This is all about accepting Christ and declaring your true love for Him. Before a person becomes your friend, you have to like and accept that person for who they are and this is exactly what you need to do when pursuing your relationship with God. You need to acknowledge that Christ died for you and is your king.


Find a Church and Fellowship with Other Believers

Now in pursuing this unique relationship, you need to find a place where you can fellowship with other believers of Christ. Just like with our friends, we usually have that one place we love to go during the weekends but with God, the difference is the purpose of the place we usually go to and the consistency involved. We go to church regularly to listen to the word, rekindle our faith and to fellowship with one another. The purpose of the church makes it more than a casual place to visit but a place of worship.


Study The Bible

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In order to have a good relationship with God we have to know His word. The bible tells us that in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God. If we do not know what God likes, dislikes, and loves, there is no way we will be connected to Him. As friendships involve spending time with one another to further understand ourselves, we also need to do the same with God. God is so powerful and loves us so much that He desperately wants to speak to us through His word.


Pray Fervently

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Prayer is communication with God in heaven. Prayer is the master key to having a fulfilled relationship with God. Spending some time with God on our knees is a powerful thing to do and this puts us in a position of stewardship because we surrender to listen to God’s instruction to Him. Prayer is also the manner through which we present our supplications to God and also offer thanksgiving. It is also a way to reach God to ask for forgiveness of sins. Prayer is a major element needed to stir up our relationship with God. It changes all things. You need to constantly pray as it protects you from the enemy’s plans.


Join Small Bible Groups

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Finally, after practicing the above-mentioned steps, there is no guarantee that you will not fall out of your relationship with God because you are not perfect. Since you are aware of your weaknesses, you need to find a small group where you can worship, study the word, pray for one another, and be accountable to one another. With this group, you are sure that when you fall off from Christ, you have brothers and sisters in the Lord who will help you get back with God.


As you have read, these are just basic steps but they are really important. Pursue your relationship with God as you would pursue your relationship with your best friend. This is the most important relationship we need in our lives and the earlier we realize this, the better for us all.

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Positive Change is coming for Nigeria, We Believe So

During the early nineties, Nigeria was seen as a leader of the continent economically and probably a potential world leader after many years of development. These were indeed big dreams and high hopes for a country that had constantly been robbed of its greatness by bribery and corruption. Some years felt like the country was advancing to its foretold dreams and some other years made this dream seem impossible. Presently in 2016, the question is not about being the best but about discovering ways to maintain itself and its citizens. Things have grown worse economically, health-wise and in other aspects of the economy. The poor are getting poorer and there are many killings of innocent citizens. A lot is going on and it seems like people’s efforts are worthless at this time. Some Nigerians may even say the country has no escape route while others may say separation is the answer. Personally, I am lost of thoughts and words to categorize the state of the country. From the state of recession it has found its self in to the barbaric traditions that still exist to the corruption of its leaders. It seems too much, but one thing I know for sure is that Nigeria is in a season and needs to learn the lesion of this season. For everything there is a season and a season comes with lessons and blessings. We may be too shortsighted to see these lessons and blessings, but we need to understand that greater is coming up for Nigeria. I believe that for a seed to grow, it has to die first. It is difficult to experience a season as such but when we go through such seasons, the returns are always great. I believe and have a dream that Nigeria will rise far beyond the world imagines because God has blessed us with human resources, capital and initiatives to not only develop our country but to develop the world. Let us not lose heart and look up for the change that is coming. God bless Nigeria.

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Independence: Nigeria’s Imaginary Achievement

It is Nigeria’s Independence Day and I am currently not in the country. I will definitely represent my country today by highlighting any of the national colors on my attire for today. I am happy and proud to claim Nigeria despite the present unimaginable tragedy and economic situation. I love the people and greatly appreciate the strength Nigerians portray in all kinds of situations. Nigerians are great. We are Special. We are Kings and Queens. We are intelligent. We are Innovative. We are Valuable. We are the World’s Greatest Story Told. We are all these positive things but one thing we are not is INDEPENDENT.

Our slavery began during the colonial periods when Nigeria was formed and its people began to adopt Western culture. Even after our supposed independence on October 1st, 1960, we still struggle with our understanding of freedom and independence. It seems like that freedom exists but every situation paints the picture of slavery and total dependence. We are dependent on policies that do not foster progress in our land, dependent on people who only utter words and neglect the deeds. We are enslaved by bribery and corruption. We are enslaved by people who destroy lives because they do not know the value of lives. We are a nation richly blessed but poorly managed. We are yet to take off the blinders of slavery and step into freedom.

Even though we are still bound by our enslaved policies and principles, let us celebrate this day because of the undying hope Nigerians have grown to adopt. We are a great nation and hopefully today marks the day when the blinders in the eyes of all Nigerians from the East, West, South, and North gradually begin to come off.

Happy 56th Independence Day Nigeria!

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