Hallowen in Nigeria? What's All That?

Hallowen in Nigeria? What's All That? image

October 31st is upon us again which means our abroad friends and family have already started flooding our timelines with pictures of their costumes and pretty soon with their trick-or-treating escapades in celebration of the pumpkin themed event.

Us when our abroad friends ask us what we’re dressing as for Halloween:

halloween in nigeria

Halloween is a holiday that first originated in Ireland and has since has been adopted by several countries around the world, the United Kingdom, America, Mexico and many more.

But of course Nigeria, true to her nature, frowns upon the pagan holiday. So no, we don’t dress up in scary or scantily clad costumes while going door to door asking for candy.

I mean let’s look at this from a Nigerian mum’s perspective. Her kid dressed in a monster costume? I think the hell not. My mum freaks out when I tell her I ate eba in my dream, so yeah, that’s definitely a deal breaker.  

Halloween in Nigeria would definitely be fun but we couldn’t ignore all of the stress and strains that would follow if it were to be as openly celebrated as it is in other countries.

  1. Firstly we don’t need to give all of the in-the-cupboard witches and wizards an excuse to come out and pretend they too are enjoying the Halloween festivities.
  2. And then how would we tell the difference between the real ritualist and the fake ritualists: like we wouldn’t be stressed enough trying to differentiate which witches are fake or real, we’d have to worry about ritualists as well?
  3. Nigerians take things too seriously: you dress as a sexy catwoman one time and your neighbours would eye you and gossip about you for weeks
  4. You can’t even decide to dress as the devil….ahh, you're obviously begging for a baptism of anointing oil and an intense deliverance service--scary costumes are definitely off the table, unless you’re looking to be dubbed the devil’s spawn.

Despite all this, the holiday is celebrated in some parts of our beloved country but we can assure you it only takes place on the island.

We’ll leave you with this tweet from Bollylomo to explain it better



Funny right? We think so too.



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