Positive Change is coming for Nigeria, We Believe So

Positive Change is coming for Nigeria, We Believe So image

During the early nineties, Nigeria was seen as a leader of the continent economically and probably a potential world leader after many years of development. These were indeed big dreams and high hopes for a country that had constantly been robbed of its greatness by bribery and corruption. Some years felt like the country was advancing to its foretold dreams and some other years made this dream seem impossible. Presently in 2016, the question is not about being the best but about discovering ways to maintain itself and its citizens. Things have grown worse economically, health-wise and in other aspects of the economy. The poor are getting poorer and there are many killings of innocent citizens. A lot is going on and it seems like people’s efforts are worthless at this time. Some Nigerians may even say the country has no escape route while others may say separation is the answer. Personally, I am lost of thoughts and words to categorize the state of the country. From the state of recession it has found its self in to the barbaric traditions that still exist to the corruption of its leaders. It seems too much, but one thing I know for sure is that Nigeria is in a season and needs to learn the lesion of this season. For everything there is a season and a season comes with lessons and blessings. We may be too shortsighted to see these lessons and blessings, but we need to understand that greater is coming up for Nigeria. I believe that for a seed to grow, it has to die first. It is difficult to experience a season as such but when we go through such seasons, the returns are always great. I believe and have a dream that Nigeria will rise far beyond the world imagines because God has blessed us with human resources, capital and initiatives to not only develop our country but to develop the world. Let us not lose heart and look up for the change that is coming. God bless Nigeria.