The Importance Of Prayer

The Importance Of Prayer image

We are in the world even though we are not of the world. In order to survive and excel in a world that is not ours we need to stay connected to our original source which is heavenly. One major way of staying connected is through prayer. As we know, people define prayer according to their perspectives. Simply defined, prayer is communicating with God and through this we increase our knowledge of Him, present our thoughts and requests, ask for repentance, and also give thanksgiving. It is so important to pray as it is to eat but unfortunately, many of us discount the importance of this act. Sometimes we cannot be blamed for ignoring the power of prayer because the world makes us believe that we are capable of being successful through hard work and persistence. The truth is, we cannot do anything except through Christ. It is true that we have to work hard and persevere through the process but prayer makes the difference. It distinguishes great works from ordinary works. It elevates situations that have been condemned and reveals situations that are yet to occur to those who are constantly on their knees conversing with their creator. Remember, while Jesus was on earth, He prayed. He prayed all the time because He understood the importance and role of prayer in His life, ministry, and destiny. The same applies to us because we were created in God’s image. Hence, prayer is a necessity for us to overcome the trials and tribulations of the world. Your life should be a life of prayer. Sometimes we do not feel the need to pray because we feel we have prayed enough. This is false because just like it is necessary to begin a new day with new grace from God, it is also necessary to begin each day with new prayers for every situation. Hence, our prayers need to be renewed all the time. In all that we do, when we pray we must understand that our prayers need not be long or short but need to be from a sincere heart. God sees our hearts so He knows which prayer is genuine and which is not.  In our prayer life, there will be challenges and time we do not feel the need to constantly pray but here are five important reasons to constantly pray.

  • Prayer destroys unknown strongholds and powers of the evil one.
  • Prayer protects us evil plots planned for us in advance.
  • Prayer heals our souls and gives us hope in God.
  • Prayers makes people friends of God because they converse constantly with Him and get to know Him personally.
  • Prayer is the key to every situation in and out of our control.

Let us all now approach the throne of God in prayer and rest in His presence with the assurance that prayer is all we need to begin a connection with our creator.