Art: A Growing Brand In Nigeria

Art: A Growing Brand In Nigeria image

Nigerians are a people of a million talents. We're footballers. We're musicians. We're scientists. We're comedians. Yet still we're artists and some of the damn finer ones at that. Sadly, creativity hasn't always been extolled in our stifling and restrictive environment and a lot of folks with the skills had been content to remain just regular office workers with their amazing superpowers hidden away like Clark Kent behind the glasses.

The times seem to be changing albeit ever so slowly. It may have taken a while but it's clear that people are finally realizing that there are ways to market your skills in ways that make it lucrative. It's usually a slow grinding process of honing and selling. Honing yet again and selling for higher. The cycle is endless. You can chuck it up to the pitiable state of the economy or the incredible growing influence of social media in shaping our everyday lives but the fact is more and more Nigerians are beginning to take the initiative and sell themselves, their goods, their brands. Entrepreneur is a word that comes to mind but it's so overused these days and connotes a certain image so it's best left avoided. Even folks that have paid jobs aren't been left out of this trend and it is a welcome sight to see that Nigerians truly cannot be defeated.

Art is finally making the kind of waves it makes in European art houses. Exhibitions are creating a lot of buzz consistently and more artists are finally getting paid their due. The creativity on display is also very stimulating and expressive. It's a real joy to see art steadily rise in Nigeria for the past few years and it's sure to continue.