A Letter To All Women In The World

A Letter To All Women In The World image


Women, we are created to live for greater reasons than we are living for now.

Dear women,

As I live each day, I learn more about womanhood and all that we are capable of

achieving in life. Recently, I realized that I am so passionate about women, which is why I have decided to write this letter to all women in the world and I hope my readers share this letter with various women around them too.

First, I would like to remind my dear women of some special characteristics that we usually forget. We are beautifully and wonderfully made by our creator, God. The son of God came through a woman, so we carry a special spiritual covering that keeps us aside for sacred tasks. Our bodies are temples of God and are to be used to glorify God in ways we ourselves cannot imagine. We are to teach our children obedience and submission to authority by respecting our husbands. In us are all the values of this life and we think like geniuses that the world has never seen. Men think straight but we think like waves moving in numerous directions. This creative thinking of ours adds color to men’s way of thinking. We are the strongholds of our homes and the pillars of our relationships. We are smarter than we think and stronger than men can imagine. The worth of women is more valuable than gold and silver. We are so precious that God put his son in a woman’s womb to live in for nine months. He did not need to be afraid of attack because he felt safe and secure in a woman’s womb. We are protectors and serve as shields for our friends, husbands, and children.

We are homemakers, world changers, and people builders. In addition to all these unique characteristics we have been endowed with, we are also "criers" and "worriers". We are called to share other people’s pain and joy. We are awesome human beings. Even the strongest and toughest man can be softened by the beautiful smile of a woman. Not a single word can describe a woman because she is worth more than words and poetry can express. She is specially made by God.

The problem with women is not that we are inadequate but that we are so powerful that we tend to doubt our strength and capabilities. It breaks my heart to see women act and see themselves as worthless or incapable of achieving their dreams. Many of us feel we are doing more than necessary and ending up settling for less than we ever dreamt of.

My dear women, God has blessed us abundantly for us to bless the world and not to settle for less than his intentions for us. Change the way you see yourself. You are the product of a perfect God so you do not need validation from any person as to how they view you. If people do not see your worth it is no problem because they are looking with the wrong lens. Remember whose you are and live like a daughter of a king, because you are one. A princess walks tall and smiles, she does not settle for less because she is aware of who her father is. Never forget who your king is, keep living with confidence, and settle no more for less than you have ever dreamt of. If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

With Love,

The King’s daughter

Derby Chukwudi