5 Amazing Mobile Games For Football Lovers

5 Amazing Mobile Games For Football Lovers image

Do you ever just want to play a not so serious football game to pass time or kill boredom? That’s me most of the time. I’m home or at work and I need the time to go a little faster but  I don’t have 1GB to waste on FIFA ultimate team or Real football or any of those properly established football games for mobile. If you’re like me then this post is for you. All under 300mb, these are the 5 best mobile games for football lovers.


Score! Hero

Rated 4.5 on the Apple App store, this game is a guaranteed boredom killer. It features a young you rising up from trials to becoming a world legend with options to choose which clubs you play for and of course customize your player.


Dream League Soccer

Also rated 4.5 on the Apple App store, Dream league soccer is probably the best thing to happen to mobile gaming. You start off with a handful of unknown players, earn money and purchase as you go. Play it so good and you could unlock legends like pele, maradona etc, what’s more,it has a multiplayer mode that works with Bluetooth and local internet connection for both Apple and Android users.


Flick Kick Football Legends

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were stuck in a 70’s football game? Then this game is for you, perfect retro gaming graphics coupled with comic book interface like its 2007 again and you’re reading the Supa Strikas. Don’t front on this one.


Score! World Goals

Made by the same company which made the Score! Hero game, this is a perfect one for people who watch football religiously as the game takes you back to your favourite matches to relive the goals your favourite team scored, however this time, you can score the goal however you please.


Top Eleven Manager

4 stars, Editor’s choice and with over 100 million players in the world, Top Eleven Manager is perfect for the football manager type people. You can join a football team, build your players and play against any of the 100 million people who use this app.