The Guy Codes Every Guy Must Be Familiar With

The Guy Codes Every Guy Must Be Familiar With image

According to Urban Dictionary, the bro code or guy code as I’d rather call it is a sacred code held between Bros. It doesn’t answer to logic or reasoning and isn’t open to any form of re-evaluation, it just is what it is... You follow it because it says so, not because you think it’s the right thing to do.

The code provides Bros with the necessary information on how to behave properly with your homies and to break this code with any of your Bros is considered Bro Treason and its consequences dire.


The Guy code

  • If a girl inquires about another bro’s sexual history, a bro shall honour her request by playing dumb – The code of silence.
  • A bro never lets his bro get a tattoo of a girl’s name.
  • A bro never wears pink.
  • Unless a bro is married with kids, a bro is never to be seen wearing his phone on a belt clip.
  • A bro never brings more than two other bros to a party.
  • A bro automatically enhances another bro’s job description when introducing him to a female.
  • No sleeping with your bro’s ex.
  • Even in a fight to the death, a bro never hits another bro in the groin.
  • If a bro for whatever reason becomes aware of another bro’s anniversary with a chick, he shall endeavour to make that information available to his bro to save him from lady drama.
  • When using the urinal, a bro is only allowed to look at the wall, avoid small talk, and keep at least one urinal gap.
  • The bond between a man and a man is stronger than the bond between a man and a woman because on the average, men are stronger than women – That’s just science.