Game Of Thrones Recap: Fire, Ice And Everything Nice

Game Of Thrones Recap: Fire, Ice And Everything Nice image

Ever been so moved by the sheer brilliance of what you had seen a week ago, or by the prospect of what you’re about to witness that you let the 145 second theme song blare out in the background while you passionately sing out loud knowing well that this is going to be the last time for a long time? That was me watching the season finale of Game Of Thrones.

Everything about the finale was perfect; the cinematography, the plots, the scripting, the score and the attention to the little details which in general has been the hallmark of this amazing Tv show. I might say “Oooh, not another long wait” but the happenings in the season finale are more than enough to chew on for 10 months.

I had a hard time picking a title for this post but this really does it and don’t worry, my other title options are coming as sub headings in this pulsating recap.


The Weight Of The Crown


Right from the start of this episode, you could sense something special was cooking up especially with the awkward silence hanging in the air, it was Sir Loras and Cersie’s trial day and just one of them was present and you can guess who that was.

Sir Loras had confessed to his crimes and was willing to join the seven fully aware he would be giving up his Tyrell name, his lordship in Highgarden and his bloodline. Missing from the trial was the queen mother herself and her son who she stopped from attending – You could already put two and two together, this wasn’t a trial, it was the greatest plot in the history of television overseen by Cersie herself. Curious and furious, Margaery  who got nervous a little too late demanded that the building be cleared out but the high sparrow wasn’t having any of that, a decision that cost all present their lives and made Cersie a few new enemies. The type that call out for blood right away.

The idea was simple, kill them all... the means, cruel even by her standards. She unleashed a weapon four seasons old as she blew the citadel up with wildfire. At that point, my thought was “Really, Cersie, you don’t need more enemies now, DAENERYS IS COMING”. Having seen what happened from the throne room miles away, King Tommen does what he thought logical; drop the crown and take your own life... This is not a game for little kids.

After the death of the king, Cersie having run out of male children to make king was crowned queen all over the seven kingdoms. That would be a good thing but trust me, her reign will be short...death is coming for her across the seas on both sides.


Ice: His Name Is Jon


Having secured the North, Jon and his half... or is it step now? Ooh, wth? Jon and his stelf sister Sansa made their way to Winterfell. Surveying the great dinning, Jon took a trip down memory lane telling Melisandre how he used to be with the true born Starks. Sir Davos made his way into the scene forcing Melisandre to confess to her earlier crimes working with Stanis. Jon hearing all of that banishes her from the North and that could well be the end of her role on this show.

The North is up for taking and Baelish wants to have it with Sansa by his side but that’s just hopeful talk as the North agree to Jon being the White wolf who avenged the red wedding.

By the way, who is Jon?

In another one of Brandon’s time travel epistles, he goes back this time to see who Jon Snow really is. Apparently, Ned Stark the man of honour isn’t Jon’s father, but rather Ned is an uncle to Jon who is son to Lady Lyanna, Ned’s sister... ugh, I’m sure there must have been a better, less complicated way to put this.


In other less interesting news, Arya strikes Walder Frey off her list as she puts an end to his pervy little run on the show. Also, Sam Tully has found the well of infinite knowledge, where he shall drink and learn to become a maester.


Fire: The Red Capes Are Coming


After the whole thing in Kings Landing, Olenna Tyrell is out for revenge as she sets up a meeting with the Dawnish who have as good a reason as any to want Cersie’s head in a spike... Who set up this meeting you might ask, well, Lord Varys. The only other dickless person on the show that isn’t a soldier.

Why did he set it up? Lol, easy... Daenerys who has acquired ships, dragons, dickless fighters, Dothraki fighters, and the wisdom of Tyrion her queen hand is going to do either of the following:

  • Join forces with the two houses and storm Kings landing all dragons blazing
  • Wait for Cersie to battle the other two united houses and attack when she’s out of resources

Either way, Cersie is in deep deep shit.






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