Game Of Thrones: Arya Stark's Fate, Three Equally Terrifying Theories

Game Of Thrones: Arya Stark's Fate, Three Equally Terrifying Theories image

Warning: this post contains spoilers from the sixth season of this Tv show.


If you thought season five signalled the ending of funeral arrangements in the Stark family, think again. The last episode of the tv show saw Arya (Maisie Williams) brutally stabbed by the waif after the nameless girl snuck up on her disguised as an old woman. Arya did manage an escape by throwing herself helplessly over the side of the bridge and staying totally submerged under water till the waif presumed her dead and left. With several stab wounds, she managed to drag herself back into the streets of Braavos where a couple of things could happen to her.

A couple theories have sprung from nowhere as regards this issue as some believe Arya’s actions before the incident suggested she saw it coming and played her cards beforehand. Reddit user iPlayNL wrote

“We are led to believe Arya got stabbed, however there are some problems with what happened on this episode, First off, Arya seemed different from the start. Her scene with the merchant, her walk all seemed very confident, which is unusual after the events this season. … Also, where did she get the money from? Why was she not carrying Needle [her sword] with her? How come after all she knew about the faceless man she just stood there on a bridge not paying any attention?”

Expanding on this postulate, another Redditor gave us Arya’s interaction with Lady Crane as an indication that she planned it all along with the help of the actress to pull off an escape believable enough to fool the waif.

“So I believe she has 1 or more pigs blood pouches around her body. She knows where and how to do this because last episode… she saved the actress. The actress then provided her help to make the scene on the bridge large and realistic. … She then leaves the water and leaves a trail of blood…. to lead her [enemies] to her. Expecting an unarmed (because she choose not to show needle during the fight scene) and injured girl; they will instead walk down a dark alley and be met with an uninjured girl who knows how to fight in the dark and carrying a sword.” Passingwisdom wrote.

Now here is another “Angu”

Some believe the person stabbed wasn’t even Arya but rather Jaqen H’ghar to begin with. Pointing to the obvious fact that Arya must have been with her sword, froschkonig wrote “She wasn’t aware that [Jaqen] said not to make her suffer, so making a big show of her suffering doesn’t make sense. It was [Jaqen] testing the waif, and by stabbing her in the stomach and not just slashing the throat, she disobeyed orders just like arya did. [Jaqen] is gonna lay some faceless justice down.”

Now these are just theories but whatever the case turns out to be, episode eight is going to be grand.


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