University Of Lagos Shuts Down Indefinitely

University Of Lagos Shuts Down Indefinitely image

It’s always one thing or the other in the University of Lagos when examinations draw closer, every graduate of Unilag can testify. This time it began with a peaceful protest by members of the ULSU (University of Lagos student union) a few days ago following the lack of proper power supply and ongoing scarcity of petroleum products – problems the whole nation has had to bear with for a while now. As angry protesters marched through the roads of Unilag, other more reasonable students well aware of the nature of the crisis stayed indoors to wait it out. This aggravated the ULSU protesters ever more as they went straight into hostels forcing and apparently beating students who decided they weren’t taking a part in the whole thing.

With the whole school turned on its head, management of the University of Lagos, Akoka announced earlier today at around 10 a.m. that students are to vacate the hostels immediately.

With the school gates closed shut, students have had to “scale” the fence to get out of the university premises.


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