Nigeria Is The 20th Worst Place To Be A Woman

Nigeria Is The 20th Worst Place To Be A Woman image

“If you are a woman living in Nigeria, your life is among the most difficult for women all over the world” Says

Nigerian women have it tough living in terms of indexes as economic, educational, health and political opportunities, a World Economic Forum (WEF) research has shown. 

The global gender gap published in 2015 ranks 145 countries in terms of opportunities available for women to live fulfilling lives and Nigeria came in at 125. In all sub-indexes, Nigeria has decreased since the first publication in 2006, falling seven places from 2014 to land on the 125th position in 2015.

The global struggle for gender equality has been generally slow and according to research done, women earn today what men earned in 2006. According to thecable, in 2006, global average annual earnings for women was $6000 while men earned $11, 000. In 2015, women earned $11,000 and men earned $21,000.

If nothing is done about this pace, WEF says “it will take the world another 118 years – or until 2133 – to close the economic gap entirely”.

“Progress in the economic and political worlds has been proven to be self-reinforcing, so interventions such as quotas – which have been demonstrated to have wider positive effects – offer insight into how the gap could be closed further in future,” WEF said in its report.

But things don’t look so bright for women in Nigeria as the nation’s legislative arm, in March, shut down a bill to promote gender equality in marriage, education and economic opportunities.

Only three countries in Sub-Saharan Africa made it to the top 20 of the general ranking. Rwanda at 6th position, Namibia at 16th position and South Africa at 17th position.  Finally, the lowest performing countries from the region are Nigeria (125) Côte d’Ivoire (133), Mali (137) and Chad (142).