Male Birth Control Pills Are Coming Faster Than You Think

Male Birth Control Pills Are Coming Faster Than You Think image

Vasalgel, a non-hormonal male contraceptive owned by the medical research organisation THE PARSEMUS FOUNDATION is set to hit the market in 2018 for men who find wearing condoms uncomfortable or not satisfying enough.

Over the years, birth control organisations have shifted their focus on women but the simple truth is that it’s just as concerning to men as it is to women.

Vasalgel is essentially a polymer that’s injected under local anesthetic into the man’s sperm-carrying tubes, accessible through the scrotum — not in his penis or testicles as some authors have erred. It works by blocking sperm and is expected to be reversible through a second injection that dissolves the polymer.

Its efficacy and full reversibility have not been proven yet but trials later this year will ensure the public know what they are getting into once they decide to get the pill.

According to Telegraph Uk, Another advantage of Vasalgel is that while it blocks sperm, other fluid can still pass through. This should reduce any risk of pain due to back pressure, an occasional issue with vasectomies. This could make Vasalgel a best-seller, even among men seeking a permanent contraceptive option.

There are other options and among them is Gendarussa, another non-hormonal contraceptive, has gone through phase II human trials in Indonesia. The method is hypothesised to work by preventing the sperm’s ability to fertilise an egg.

Vasalgel is set to begin trials later this year and enter the market in 2018 if results are positive.