How The New Spectranet Prices Rank Amongst Other Popular ISP’s

How The New Spectranet Prices Rank Amongst Other Popular ISP’s image

On the 15th of March, Spectranet made effective their new data prices and although it had been in the news a long time ago, a lot of Spectranet subscribers didn’t take it with kindness. The new data plans cost almost two times their previous prices but what you probably don’t know is that Spectranet is still without any doubt the cheapest internet service provider for heavy downloaders and residential users.

If you are a heavy downloader, you wouldn’t be thinking of going back to the basic cellular data MTN or Airtel can provide you. With download speed of up to 4mb/s on peak hours, Spectranet is still your best bet. How about the price? Here is what you do not know, even with the increase; Spectranet is still more affordable than Swift and Smile.




Here’s the trick with smile, their Mifi, or SMifi as they call it is actually the cheapest there in town. It goes for 5,500 and comes with free internet for one month but what happens when that one month is done, LOL. That’s easy, you basically have to pay for all that free internet with you subsequent tariff.

Smile unlimited – 19,800

5GB – 5,500

3GB – 4,000

1GB – 1,500

Night plans.

20GB – 14,000

10GB – 7,500

Suddenly, Spectranet doesn’t feel that bad.




Among these three ISPs, Swift has been around the longest and is your best alternative if you’re planning to leave Spectranet after the price hike.


Swift budget – 300MB for 500

Swift budget plus – 1GB for 2,000

Swift economy – 3GB for 4,000

Swift essential – 14GB for 7,000

Swift club – 20GB for 10,000


Night plans.

5pm to 9am – 34GB for 8,000


You can tell from the plans and prices listed that although the prices have been jacked up by a little too much, it still stays cheapest amongst the top ISPs around now.


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