Uru Eke’s Attempt At Producing Fails To Pack A Punch

Uru Eke’s Attempt At Producing Fails To Pack A Punch image

Remember me tells the story of Harida a young woman who has an uncanny gift of foreseeing events that are going to happen. In the wake of mysterious events taking place in her life, her husband David who works for a multinational organisation stumbles upon some incriminating evidence on one of the company’s projects involving an illegal land deal in the boarders of Cameroon, this spins off into a series of events that tests Harida’s gift and has her risking her own life.

The story practically attempts to do an exposition on corruption in ‘high places’ and the length they will go in hiding their mess. Uru Eke’s first attempt at producing has good intentions but a good number of things didn’t seem to play out properly. Izu Ojukwu the ace director of Alero’s Symphony was the able D for this picture and he just seemed to overlook certain basics, the scene where a frightened and screaming Harida (Uru Eke) saw those vultures or whatever the poor visual effects aimed to deliver in her room and Martin (Eyinna Nwigwe) came in to support her, as opposed to what is expected, he kept his stare on Harida all through even though she kept looking at a direction that screamed danger, he was supposed to have being conscious of the direction and the character  and the scene where Harida and Michael Tamuno (O.C Ukeje) were on the run and had to hide initially, for people running for dear lives, they should have at least had their voices lower and should have appeared more like people who just escaped death, since the aim of movie making is believability at its core. The acting didn’t  impress honestly, with David (Femi Jacobs) who plays Harida’s husband practically re-enacting his role as Mr M from the meeting and Uru Eke failing to emote enough as one will expect from someone who just lost two key persons in her life and O.C Ukeje’s character Michael was an extension of the Confusion na wa guy with no pidgin, his scruffiness not adding any value to the fact he was supposed to be an  investigative journalist, this could get him an AMAA and AMVCA nomination since he is favourite to those awards for anything. Among the cast Eyinna Nwigwe, Chigurl and Anthony Monjaro stood out in the portrayals of their characters. The cinematography was most apt for this picture though a bit too dark in a few scenes, the scripting was tight and heavy on rich dialogue, the music scores was also well suited especially the last scenes where orchestras were played.

One could hand Uru Eke a cookie for her attempt but certain little pieces should have been better put in place, example how did O.C Ukeje’s character make it back into the corporation even after he was sent out? And why did the movie end so abruptly? That piece is the basic part of any picture and it was taken for granted, it felt rushed at the end. Heroic movies like this always give that gallant lasting impression that heaves the attention of the audience with smiles and not leave them disappointed, it is fair to break conventions in film making but this has to still be done to please the audience, the title not connecting with the movie was enough convention already shattered.


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