The Smoothie Modus Operandi

The Smoothie Modus Operandi image

Most people might not know this but a vitamin-packed smoothie is a great way to start the day and also a perfect afternoon pick-me-up. It’s also a great way for parents to get their kids to drink a healthy beverage without even knowing. So here’s how to make the perfect smoothie;


First you have to go decide what flavour of smoothie you would like to prepare (I’m more of a citrus kinda guy), I would recommend overripe banana (that’s right overripe; the riper the sweeter) and that’s simply due to its sweetness and creaminess when blended. At this point there’s no right or wrong, the choices are endless. In fact go crazy, experiment, have some fun, what’s the worst that could happen. We learn every day. So keep on trying out new mixes until, what was the word? That’s right Eureka! you get that mind blowing, palette tingling mix. After that’s done you wash and chop up your fruits to blendable chunks, by the way if you have some frozen fruits you would like to use that would be a great option (I’ll let you know why later).


You then pour in your liquid base into the blender. Your liquid base could be water, milk, yoghurt or fruit juice depending on the kind of taste you’re going for. For those of you trying to get a more wholesome taste I recommend yoghurt unless you want a pure fruit smoothie, then water is better suited.

SIDENOTE: Always pour in liquid first to prevent the risk of damaging the blades of your blender and to also help uniform blending throughout the mixture (Trust me you don’t want to try a chunky smoothie).


Add something frozen which could be ice, fruit juice or frozen fruit. This acts as a thickener for your smoothie, although ice is the obvious choice, frozen fruits could be a better option if the fruits have been picked at its freshest point. Also the texture of the frozen fruits adds a level of consistency and improves the all-round quality of your smoothie.

SIDENOTE: If you’re taking your smoothie as a complete meal and not as a side beverage, add some protein powder to your mix as it gives you the much needed energy boost to start your day. And for those looking to improve the goodness of your smoothie you can try adding vegetables like spinach, kale, carrots etc. And if you’re looking to sweeten your smoothie just pour in a little honey.



This point is where you begin the blending process. First start at a slow speed then work up momentum to move the larger chunks of fruit to the base so the blades can chop them finely. Let the increase in speed be a gradual process because if you start too fast you run a risk of having chunky bits which you would eventually have to scoop out. Once ice cubes or frozen fruits are done blending, turn off the blender and let it set for a minute.


Pour your cool smoothie into a tall glass, open an issue of NG and enjoy ;)