The Most Savage Nigerian Celebrities On Social Media

The Most Savage Nigerian Celebrities On Social Media image

It’s the social media revolution and everyone is joining in; from the regular consumers to the big cooperate bodies, everyone seems to be having a little fun but is there such a thing as too much fun? Certainly not on twitter, there isn’t. There practically isn’t a time of the day where you can have a little cyber peace especially now that everyone has one gizmo or the other in the palms of their hand and with people like Subdeliveryman and the man of the moment, TrailerJamShow, it has become increasingly difficult to just go about your online business without running into one or two hilarious jabs dealt usually at people who don’t know how to mind their business. This has become such a regular part of cyber communication that the cyber community has developed a name for these soulless ghouls who dish out clap backs with consummate ease – Savages are what they are been called these days and I’m going to be showing you three of the worst celebrity savages Nigeria boasts of.

First on my list, David Adeleke; the grand pioneer of urban Nigerian twitter comebacks. Davido unlike most of the successful artistes we have in the nation today didn’t get up there because he had music as his only shot at being anything and isn’t new to the “money rolling in” aspect of things. Born to Lagos billionaire Dr.Deji Adeleke, Davido certainly didn’t lack much growing up, he definitely shows to us on twitter every now and then that the money is really no big deal dashing out money and so much more to his fans on the social media. Here are just a few of his glorious clap backs.



Step forward Young Olu. Olubowale Victor Akintimehin, better known by his stage name Wale is a black American rapper from Washington. “They call me Whale but ma name Wa-Le” Wale has never been one to hide his African roots paying visits to his country Nigeria fairly regularly and keeping in touch with the Nigerian music industry. Wale definitely makes our cut for savage Nigerian social media users.

I don’t know what Tj Maxx is but i really feel bad for this guy.

Ben Murray-Bruce

Your eyes are not deceiving you unfortunately, Ben Murray- Bruce, Nigerian politician and founder of the Silverbird group and more recently, pioneer of the #BuyNaijaToTheNaira makes our list. He has over the last year or so made his way into our hearts as practically the only sensible Nigerian politician out here.

Ben Bruce, the man who started the Common sense revolution has dished out quite a number of famous twitter comebacks so good you begin to wonder if he has his twitter account managed for him; whatever the case, this spectacular man has made quite a name for himself on twitter as the saviour Nigeria might need who is brave enough to speak his mind on matters most politicians turn a blind eye to. It’s a mystery how he manages to cook up tweets like these: