ORIJIN ZERO, why should you try it?

ORIJIN ZERO, why should you try it? image

We all know Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Zero, well Guinness Nigeria Plc’s Holy Grail Orijin which was originally launched in 2013 has been given a new dimension this month with what is called Orijin Zero. I know you want to dismiss this one as another of those alcoholic experiments gone wrong but i suggest you hold on to that thought until you try it out for yourself. With the original alcoholic drink gaining thumbs up from every consumer and practically overtaking Star lager beer as Nigeria’s favourite drink, everyone wants to have a taste of it, even religious “extremist” and self righteous friends who wouldn’t drink alcohol for some reason or the other.  If that is your case then believe me when i say the new Orijin is just as awesome as the original orijin. This new carbonated beverage just like the original contains 100% natural herb and fruit extracts and is bubbling with the same bitter-sweet goodness Orijin enchanted us with. The carbonated drink comes to go in an attractive can for just 100 naira and is also available in the traditional bottle for us simpler folk for 90 naira.

The Managing Director of Guinness Nigeria Plc, Mr. Peter Ndegwa had this to say about Orijin zero: “At Guinness Nigeria, we are known for our consistency in delivering great brands with ground-breaking innovations that gives our consumers unique experiences. Orijin Zero is a brand that is positioned to redefine the experience in the carbonated beverage market as it is masterfully crafted …to re-awaken consumers to “rethink their soft drink”.

Having tried out this new Orijin, i can guarantee you it’s worth the price. You can take my word for it. Grab one today and rethink your soft drink.