How To Get The Best Prices While Shopping In The Nigerian Market

How To Get The Best Prices While Shopping In The Nigerian Market image

Parents get the best deals while shopping and it’s no surprise; they really do understand the marketers from their years doing business them.

Mothers go really reckless with their “pricing” but still end up getting their way. The last time i tried that, i was chased away with a mop-stick. That prompted me to look into the Nigerian market and how to get the best out of these marketers. If you are a person like me who wouldn’t shop at expensive stores with fixed prices but would rather shop the traditional way where you have a say in how much you spend, here are a few helpful tips.

  1. Find out before hand: Always try to find out how much your item costs before proceeding to the market. Of course you should carry along extra cash but this gives you an idea of how much you are likely to spend.
  2. Don’t start the conversation in English: This sounds silly but really does determine how the seller perceives you. Speaking in your local dialect can be a helper especially if the seller speaks the same language. It creates a friendly and warm environment to do business.
  3. Be careful with your beat-down price: When a seller gives the price of an item, the next thing to do is to suggest a counter offer i call the “beat-down” price. This is the most important phase of any transaction. It should be a price low enough to avoid being swindled and high enough to still be considered a serious buyer.
  4. Better too low than too high: While suggesting a counter offer, remember it’s better to go low and run the risk of being insulted than going high which could mean going higher than the originally intended selling price of the seller. Knowing this is important; the counter offer sets a marker as a price you cannot go less than during the “pricing” that follows.
  5. Be a reckless pricer: If there is anything shopping with your mother teaches, it’s that persistence pays. Don’t be ashamed to go as much as 10 rounds with the seller. If he calls an amount, call yours... go back and forth... better to waste time than money.
  6. Lie if you must: You could say you already got a better deal somewhere else and that store wasn’t the first you visited that day.
  7. Take your money elsewhere: Whether or not the seller agrees a suitable price, it’s always good to move around to find out what the average cost of the item is. If at the end of the day, he calls a price you think is a bit over the edge, hit him with the “let me check another store” stun gun.
  8. Be patient: If the first two or three sellers don’t help your case, have some patience, shopping takes time and strategy if you’re planning to go home happy. Check around some more, there is always that seller not doing so good and would settle for any patronage.
  9. Don’t be scared to check back: After a few stops, compare the prices you got at various stores. Do not be scared to check back even if the cheapest amount you got was the first.
  10. Collect their contact and promise to be back: This gives the impression that you are going to be a frequent customer and that they shouldn’t be scared to make a loss now, after all you’ll be giving them several other opportunities.