Every Man's Guide To Watch Selection

Every Man's Guide To Watch Selection image

With almost everyone owning a smart phone and/or a smartwatch, wearing a wristwatch could seem pointless... at least from a utility standpoint. Nonetheless, it goes without saying that you cannot complete the gentleman look without sporting a wristwatch. Unfortunately, matching the right wristwatch with the right occasion can prove a difficult task but that is why you have us, i guess.



This is the everyday watch; every man should have one of these as they are ideal for work, hangouts with friends and even a late night out with your significant other. The metal watch goes well with any formal or semi-formal outfit and shimmers day or night. In terms of colour picking, this is your pick as it goes really good with any outfit colour.

It is usually advised to go with the ones that weigh less, they are a lot easier on the hand and tend to cost less. Suggested brands include Casio, Hublot, Seiko and Rado.



This belongs in a very peculiar class and could be worn on a Friday at work, at the gym, hangouts and when having fun or being active in general. The rubber sport watch wouldn’t be any good on a formal outfit and wouldn’t make any sense on traditional attire either and so should be limited to casual outings.

One particular characteristic of the rubber watch is its durability which makes it ideal for fun events. Suggested brands include Casio, Diesel and U.S. Polo Assn.



My personal favourite and pick of the bunch by the NG fashion experts: The leather watch stands out in every outfit be it formal, casual or even traditional attire. The leather watch oozes style and sophistication and can be worn to work, hangouts or quick trip to the barber or the grocery store.

The leather watch is known for its light weight and usually comes in black or brown strap; the black strap for a modern sharp appearance and the brown for a vintage look. We recommend leather watches with missing numbers on the clock face for a more sophisticated look.

Leather watches are usually high-end and so for the sake of clarity, we’ll have to draw a thin line.

Affordable: The Fifth Tribeca, Curren.

Splurge: Patek Philippe, Rolex, Omega, TAG Heuer.



These are not too common but they could come in handy if you’re trying to recreate a proper vintage look or trying to impress that girl or dressing up as Jidenna for Halloween. They wouldn’t blend smoothly with the usual formal outfit but would go well if you’ve got the whole Jidenna thing happening with the walking stick and multicoloured suit. From a traditional attire standpoint, this is a must have.



If you’re going to be appearing wearing a 3-piece suit to that function and hope to turn heads, then you probably should get yourself a pocket watch. This is the gentleman’s ultimate symbol and as such should be kept out of sight except you’re going for that elegant prince charming look.

The first known pocket watch came to be in 1675 when King Charles II of England introduced a new concept of waistcoats that featured pockets perfectly designed to fit most pocket watches. Despite pocket watches existing prior to 1675, they were normally worn outside of the pocket due to sharp edges of the pockets. While originally intended for women to wear, the pocket watch has indeed become the “gentleman’s timepiece” and has such should be worn only when you’re deciding to go all out with the gentleman look.