Dawn Of Justice, A Visual Spectacle

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Before i begin, i would like to apologise because what you’re about to read contains spoilers you could do without if you haven’t seen the movie but i guess that’s part of the reason you are here; to see what you will be getting yourself into if you’re thinking of purchasing a ticket.

We’ve been spoiled by the Marvel franchise over recent years and the first hour and a half of this movie shows you why we shouldn’t take that for granted. DC fans have had to wait years to see their beloved Justice League take centre stage and go toe to toe with Marvel’s Avengers. With Dawn of Justice signalling the beginning of a new era of DC movies, one would assume it’s going to be DC DC DC from here.

A movie that quite frankly begins just after over one hour of screen time, Dawn of justice is a slow burner. I personally had a hard time watching the first half of this movie which shuffles between lengthy scenes scarce of any proper dialogue which wouldn’t be so bad if we weren’t inside Batman’s hallucinations half of the time.

The movie begins with Thomas and Martha Wayne’s funeral then turns focus to Superman’s glorious beginning and reign as “God”, a title that received full criticism right away from people who barely managed to stay alive from the large scale destruction caused by Clark Kent during his first few moments on earth. Then comes Lois Lane, award winning journalist who is willing to go to the ends of the world trying to prove to the world that her superhero boyfriend isn’t who the world thinks he is.

It began to look like there wasn’t going to be any action in this one and i remember thinking to myself how bad this review was going to make the movie look, but one stupid Wayne financial employee, one court hearing, one silly Jessie Eisenberg character and 5 cool Superman landings was all it took for before Bruce realizes he had to end Superman’s reign. Realizing this, it was time for a trademark Batman scene showing Billionaire Bruce lift some weights and do a few pull-ups like he was fighting a mere mortal.

It seems like a mismatch if you’re going to think about it logically with Clark being in his prime and Bruce in his 40’s but trust Superman to rely so much on his physical strength, he forgets to think at all... For the love of God, if you’re going to get hit by gaseous Kryptonite the first time, one would think you should evade the next shot instead of trying to catch it, you’re certainly fast enough.

Seeing this movie really made me think about how awesome the possibility of Man of Steel 2 would have been instead of this - what’s the word now... over-glorified superhero matchup which gets a little irritating when Batman completely steals the show.

Fortunately, things would get interesting and soon too as Batman puts aside his bruised ego to team up with Superman and Wonder woman when Lex creates Doomsday from the remains of Zod. A move that probably saved this movie as the whole “Batman vs Superman” thing was shoved aside pretty quick... If you follow the Justice League animations, you wouldn’t be surprised to see Batman completely missing from the fight the instant there’s an extra-terrestrial superpower on board. I wouldn’t be too critic if i said the only thing good about this movie are the fight scenes which got better as the movie progressed.

Lois Lane got a little too much screen time, Wonder Woman had a bit more than the cameo appearance we were promised which i’m forever grateful for cause the movie looked like it could use another hero.

Apart from the first half of this movie being extremely painful to watch, there is the issue of Lex Luthor, who i’m afraid doesn’t fit well into any version of Lex Luthor i’m familiar with... he just seemed to be off, too edgy. Starting off with a few good lines and a villainous laugh that got my interest from the start, he became less appealing very quickly.

Then for the grandmaster of all movie spoilers in the history of theatre, Superman probably dies in this movie...Yes, he actually dies... pierced straight through the chest by Doomsday meters away from a foot long Kryptonite. The movie ends with his funeral by the way.

I wouldn’t be so quick to compare this with the Avengers or Iron Man 3, i mean, the acting was top notch and the writers could have done a better job but coming from Man of steel, you could say it’s a step in the right direction. If i’m going to recommend this to a friend, it would have to be because of its visual splendour and kickass fight scenes and hey, it’s the only time Batman and Superman go head on so i guess you just have to see this.

Overall, if you think of BvS and its effect on the DC franchise you will feel slightly encouraged when you take a look at the line-up of Superhero movies coming from them and with this level of visual beauty, up is the way to go.


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