Dating For Dummies: Don't Take These Days For Granted

Dating For Dummies: Don't Take These Days For Granted image

Hi there, I’m no relationship expert but if you’re like me and don’t know the first thing about what women want or how to keep her satisfied in a relationship, you should take a look at this piece cause it definitely helped me. If you’re worried that I’m the source of the advice, you can rest easy; I got this from my parents who’ve been married for 20+ years and my couple friends who are 3 years and going on strong. Being happy in any relationship is usually the result of feeling highly appreciated by your partner in the little things that they do. A constant reminder of genuine love not just in word but action will go a long way to ensure your relationship keeps going.

Here’s the tip: Remember the days.

It sounds vague but I’ll get to explaining it. In any relationship, there are days that are of more significance than others and have high sentiment and emotion attached to them. It’s crucial not to ever forget the details of some of these days or to especially celebrate your partner on others. It’s a bit of work but when you find the girl that’s worth it, it’s a lot easier.

Day #1: Birthday

This is a pretty straightforward one and on no occasion should you ever forget your partner’s birthday unless of course you want them mad at you for days or are looking to get the cold shoulder. If you forget their birthday; you are just about a step closer to the end of that relationship.

Day #2: First Time You Met

One of the most romantic things a guy can do for his babe is remember the date and details of the day they met; where, how and even how she smelled are all important details. No matter how long ago it’s been, you’ve got to remember so you can blow her away this simple gesture.

Day #3: Valentine's Day

The odds of remaining in a relationship after forgetting Valentine's Day are just about as high as the odds of me dating Kim Kardashian. Everyone is showing her love including folks who wanna seize the bae and if you fail to remind her of your love with the grandest gesture you can afford, I guarantee that she starts entertaining that guy she told you not to worry about.

Day #4: Anniversary

The day you finally professed your attraction to her and made your relationship official is usually impossible to forget but in case you're that forgetful you'd better make a song that'll help you remember. A nice dinner at home or out is usually a must and appreciating her for being in your life never fails to charm. You can even go as far as saying it's the best decision you ever made.

Day #5: First Time You Slept Together

Remembering the first time you slept together will help put her mind at ease that she's more than just another body count and she isn't in a situationship. Pen it down somewhere along with some details and pull this card if she ever begins doubting how much she means to you. Works every time!

Day #6: First Big Break/Graduations

Getting a college degree (Bachelors, Masters or Doctorate) is no mean feat and the euphoria of graduating is only rivalled by that of her first big break/payday. Make sure you let her know how proud you are of her achievements and be ever present that day cause you're the first person she wants to share that euphoria with.


There are many other days/moments that can be special to your partner for each distinct relationship and it's up to you to understand that and figure them out but you can never go wrong with these ones.

I hope this helps your relationship going forward and be sure to come back for more tips on "Dating for Dummies 101". Ciao!