T.L.O.P. Not A Complete F.L.O.P.

T.L.O.P. Not A Complete F.L.O.P. image

The stakes have never been this high but grade-A asshole Kanye West sure delivered when it mattered the most.

We all thought the charade at Madison Square Garden came off as bogus for a $160 ticket price especially when all we got to do was sit and watch Kanye play 60% of the actual album off his laptop and watch people model with already worn clothes which isn’t a big deal if you can’t just sit at home and stream straight through the internet. The album which was originally intended to be titled swish... or waves... or So help me God finally dropped and i’m still trying to take it all in.

I’ve been a fan of Mr West for quite some time now and have grown to appreciate his music and his influence on pop culture even if those happen in some rather unpleasant ways. His works over the years have been nothing short of breathtaking and my love for his abilities even saw me through the auto-tune phase. Right from his first album, Mr. West has been producing Grammy winning materials, at least up until his last album; an album some people call revolutionary which still went on to go platinum btw.

“By contrast, the lead up to The Life of Pablo has been a brush fire. Over the past year huge singles were released and then abandoned, a new weekly series was announced and then faded into the fog, album titles were adopted and then discarded like Kim K trying on shoes, album covers were revealed that looked like they were done in Microsoft Paint, all while Kanye took to Twitter with the reckless abandon of a drunk college freshman.” Dj Booth.

This would have been really bad for Kanye if he hadn’t done such a bang up job with the album. Albeit a day late, The life of Pablo turns out to be a decent effort from our favourite jerk. Some will say “why not? Coming from Yeezus, anything he puts out will sound genius” but no, that’s not the case here. It actually proves to be an amazing work of art; you can actually tell from the tracklist he really wanted this one with the amount of samples he had to slot in.

You don’t have to listen too long or hard before you find some really nasty lyrics on this album, the most revolting being his jab at Taylor Swift intentionally leaving out the fact that before he interrupted her acceptance speech at the ‘09 MTV VMAs Swift’s second album had already sold 5m copies in America alone, gone platinum in 10 countries and enjoyed the decade’s longest run at the top of the US. And i’m not going to mention the Ray J line which i don’t know whether it’s intended to hurt Ray J or his own wife.

An album reminiscent of all of Kanye’s earlier works and worthy of competing with the modern Rap culture which involves mostly twitter beefs and name calling on instagram.