All The Right Things To Do To Her This Valentine

All The Right Things To Do To Her This Valentine image

Valentine’s Day can seem pretty challenging, especially if your relationship is fairly young and you’re still trying to figure her out. You’re trying to walk the thin line between doing too little and going overboard with Christian Grey planned activities but what doesn’t help is the fact that you spent nearly a fortune during the Christmas period with no significant bonding happening. If this is you, well, we have got you covered... at least to some extent - women are hard to understand, not gonna lie.

Start it off just right

If you’re in a relationship, whether you believe in the spirit or significance of this holiday, you’re simply going to have to celebrate it regardless and a simple way to get things started is a text message or a simple phone call but take note that this isn’t done with the motive of wishing her a happy Valentine’s Day but simply to tell her how much you love her and how incomplete and lost in the world you would be if it weren’t for her in your life....You know, that type of stuff.

Show it, somehow

Once you’re done with the first step, she already feels extra special that day and truth be told, if you’re short on cash, it’s fine provided you really execute the first step superbly. If you got a little money to spare, you may proceed.

Now you’re left with showing her how much of those words you meant and a good way to do this is by spending time together but this is where it gets tricky, but we’ll try to talk you through the do’s and don’ts.


  • Nothing beats an early gift; try to grab something for your lover on the way to your rendezvous point. As traditional as greeting cards can be, they should do just fine.
  • Spoil her. Don’t just grab a greeting card; get a bouquet of flowers or some simple jewellery. Something to bring out the reds in her cheeks.
  • If you usually go on dates separately, today isn’t the day I’m afraid, try really hard to get a taxi to get her before proceeding to wherever. You can get an uber but these days, we’re not sure that’s a smarter option.


  • Avoid doing the regular; do not go see a movie, it’s a day to spend quality time together, save the movies for later. Ideal is a simple but not so expensive dinner at any restaurant of your choice.
  • Do not go short with the compliments; keep them coming, attack attack attack.
  • Whether you’re going to get dinner, lunch or going somewhere to have fun, do not leave after the event is done, try to spend extra time to talk and do some sightseeing.

Well i think that is that but before i leave to start planning what type of day i’ll be having myself, if you have more than one girlfriend before Valentine’s Day, remember all of them or you’d be surprised you’ll have none the next day.