Vic O: The Plague That Just Wouldn't Go

Vic O: The Plague That Just Wouldn't Go image

The fact that anyone would consider him a musician of any kind is beyond bemusing, but Vic O is persistent that he is a rapper. What’s even more bemusing is that he believes that he has actual musical talent. Vic-O is totally convinced that he is a rapper, amongst many other things (he tweeted that he directs, acts, sings and writes as well).It is a puzzle as to how he manages to keep gaining so much attention for his music despite how terrible it has been over the years.

My first encounter with Vic O was on Twitter when he decided it was time to end the Drake and Meek Mill beef with a diss track of his own. This of course seemed to be a joke to me and I pegged him down as one of the new comers in the internet comic brand that has become a fad in Nigeria. After some research, I discovered I was wrong and he had ‘supposedly’ been making music for the past six years. In light of this new info, the first that occurred to me was how easy it would be to produce a top-notch track to diss Vic O. His face looks like it’s been in way too many cosmetic trials, and let us not even get started on his ridiculous accent. Of course, the mere notion that Drake or Meek might come across that track is laughable at best.

The man is very confused and that’s the first thing we should establish here. This is a guy who says he was contacted by Jay Z’s team for a certain collaboration that didn’t materialize because he lost his mobile device afterwards. How entirely ludicrous does an individual get? I think someone needs to call him to order, sit him down and talk some sense into him. Beyond that there is a possibility that he also needs urgent medical attention.

He recently tweeted that he was going to give away five hundred thousand naira after being inspired by Don Jazzy and all people needed to do was tweet what they loved about him. This was incredibly amusing to me and I had a good laugh and that was it. It then came as a shock to me when people began to reply with words of praise, and it was high praise indeed. Of course, there is the chance, it was done in good fun but this only serves to fuel his delusion. Even M.I managed to encourage him after tweeting ’10 reasons why Vic O is the greatest of all’. I can only guess people indulge his delusion because it makes him even funnier.

After the recent Grammy nomination list was released, here’s what Vic O had to say: “The people that compiled the list of @TheGRAMMYs nomination are very FOOLISH! I want to believe they don't know what they are doing....” Haha, surely he thinks he deserves a Grammy nomination. After all, he killed both Drake and Meek Mill with his own 2 in 1 combo diss track.

Of course, all of this would make much more sense if he came out and said he was a comedian because it is obvious to all that he provides good comic relief, but that is not the case. What makes this situation even more difficult is the fact that his delusion is one of the reasons he is such comedy gold. The mere fact that he considers what he does music is bound to have you in stitches. The problem however is that the attention he gains as a result only pushes him to do more. I would like to believe this is all an act, that he is aware he is a comedian and his feigned ignorance is all a part of the act as well but all evidence points to the contrary.

I end this piece by saying that despite all the facts and what is clear to everyone, Vic-O is not one of the upcoming comedians in the country and it is with a heavy heart and a sad, sad countenance that I say this: Vic-O is a ‘rapper’. He believes himself to be one and there is no changing that. Does he flow well? Do any of his hooks make sense musically? No. On all counts. Yet, he has two studio albums out. I have friends with real musical talent who haven’t been able to put an album together. He is good for the laughs (sure) but a much more deep-seated issue of his mental state is one his team needs to take more seriously. He may actually be making money from this whole charade (I doubt that) and this may lead those close to him and his team to not be concerned about it but there is the chance it may deteriorate and wouldn’t we be all sad if Vic O couldn’t make us laugh anymore.

Submitted by Temi Durojaiye