Simple Steps To Avoid Gaining An Extra Pound During The Christmas Period

Simple Steps To Avoid Gaining An Extra Pound During The Christmas Period image

Throwback a couple of years and you probably wouldn’t be reading this. Everyone loved the Christmas season, not because Jesus was supposedly born during this period but because of all the goodies it brings along and the simple reason that schools are forced to round things up before then. With a lot of us not minding too much what we look like so long as the Christmas is filled with chocolates, drinks and tons of jollof rice, Gaining an extra pound or two was not a thing of concern in the past but with most of us desperately trying to “seize the bae”, returning to school or work in January with a protruding tummy is a no no.

It’s very common to gain an extra pound which may prove difficult to burn after the festivities are over so we have got you covered. Here are a few tips for you to consider before digging into that bowl of chinchin and groundnuts.


Avoid starting the party from home: Before you head out to that party, get something light and healthy to eat. This will keep your hunger level to a bare minimum and should stop you from gorging on everything served at the party.

Choose fresh seafood over fried foods as they contain less fat.

Go for dark over milk or white chocolate. They contain less sugar and could contain antioxidants.

Liquid calories are the undoing of a lot of us. Swap the sugary sodas for a soda water and fresh lime. If alcohol is on the cards than try swapping your champagne for a vodka soda and fresh lime.

Serving nuts? Opt for cashews over the regular peanuts they contain way less calories and fat for those prone to acne breakouts.

Have some control. This requires discipline but is a good compromise. Don’t feel bad for tasting just a few goodies; complement yourself for not eating the whole bunch.

Share your food! If you are given chocolates as a gift or someone brings a cake or baked goods, make sure you share them then and there. Give everyone some cake to take home. Saves you having to finish the whole thing off over the next few days!


Enjoy the season with your family and loved ones but try your best not to go out of control with the eating and drinking if you’re still interested in seizing the bae and living healthy. Merry Christmas.