Fashion Thanks The Gays

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My friend, Jen only just got back from the States after an eight year absence and since we are real close, I allowed her crash at mine until she decided to get her own place. I hadn’t seen her since junior secondary school and although we had kept in touch throughout her stay, I wanted to spend as much time with her as possible (there’s a chance I had a crush). We talked long into the night about everything; her exes, school, the city, internships, horrible bosses, wonderful bosses, sex (yup, we were that close) and then she hit me with a bombshell; she was gay.

At first when she said it, I thought she might be messing with me as that was a timeless tradition between us. After a good laugh, I asked her if she meant it and wasn’t playing a prank on me and she was affirmative. I was left speechless; shocked beyond words and the look on my face was spared from her view thankfully, cause it might have hurt her. It was a mix of horror and shock like I’d just seen a ghost or a naked Caitlyn Jenner.

Because you are tall and frail, you will need to compensate for that, somehow. Avoid lighter fabrics; they hang on your body like a thin layer making you look all the more thin.

We got to the bottom of it and she explained how she had made out with her roommate at a party in freshman year and hadn’t been able to get enough of women since. It was shocking how she’d kept it from me so long but I began to look out for all the tell-tale signs I’d missed. Her tweets had taken on a different and cryptic direction since then but I didn’t read too much into it. Her Instagram posts had also markedly changed but that still didn’t seem a big deal until now. The most obvious change had to be her style and even now I had always wondered why there was such a huge transformation in her style. It all made sense now.

Gay people almost always have a distinct style and dare I say, better fashion sense than most straight folks. From scarves to the finest cut jeans, the gays always do bring the swag. Thanks to unwritten societal rules, most straight folk have an embargo placed on what’s suitable to wear and a somewhat limited fashion scope. With gay people, all rules go out the window and the only concern is looking as stunning as possible; whether as a guy or girl. They seem to set a lot of fashion trends and a lot of celebrities are opting for gay stylists, hairdressers, personal shopper mostly cause like me they know if there’s one thing a gay person kills at; it’s being stylish.

Of course, this doesn’t mean all gay people are stylish or that all straight men are boorish and lack any sense of style, no it doesn’t. This is simply a gay appreciation post for their overall boundaries breaking fashion. Sure, you may think gay people get a lot of things wrong (especially their sexual preference) but here’s one thing they almost always get right. Some gay guys do tend to be a lot more flamboyant with their style and I don’t expect any straight males picking up tips from them anytime soon.

So, I guess that concludes this post. Thanks gays for scarves, prints, patterns, colour blocking, blazers, cargo shorts, ripped jeans, skinny jeans (they probably was tryna show their junk with this) and countless other fashion items and trends you may or may not have set.




This post was a gay appreciation post and their influence on the world of fashion may have been overstated. Also, if you find this post irritating, revolting, disgusting because it appreciates homosexuals, Get over yourself! It’s none of your business what anyone does with their junk.