Cinematic review of Moses Inwang's Last 3 digits

Cinematic review of Moses Inwang's Last 3 digits image

Let us start from here, I saw road to yesterday not with high hopes of something way above the ordinary or anything of that sort because I had read some reviews already and one silly girl had spoiled it a bit for me on the movie’s instagram page, but just like majority of Nigerian cinema goers who appreciate the revolutionized Nollywood, I was happy for a Genevieve come back since it has been quite a while we saw her on the big screen. Well, let me not bore you with too much story and get down to business but FYI, this is a ‘user review’ not a ‘critic review’, fans of IMDb will know what I mean.

Road to yesterday is a road trip movie that tells a story mostly in flash backs about a couple who agreed to travel for a funeral and in the process started coming to terms with the many issues that have bedevilled their relationship and marriage. I wouldn’t want to go too hard, but for a comeback and a first production from ‘the entertainment network’ which happens to be Genny’s production company this movie was too flat and bland. I wouldn’t judge the script writers (Emil Garba and Ishaya Bako) for this one, since the story was from the executive producer herself (Genevieve Nnaji) who had the writers apparently dancing to her own tune but just for the records, every storyteller and writer know that the beginning of every piece MUST never be joked with, this movie was an exception. The acting had people talking in my screen room, the lead actor lacked this naturalness and flexibility, most scenes with him felt like a pre-read, though aunty Genny brought it on well here and there but you know what happens when palm oil stains one finger, Chioma Omeruah aka ‘Chigurl’ did her best with comic relief and Majid Michel was good, Ebele Okaro Onyiuke and Deyemi Okanlawon were what I tagged ‘expensive extras’. The able Director (Ishaya Bako) couldn’t have done more to salvage this movie, he did his best. The cinematography, picture and sound quality were quite commendable. One of my best scenes was the cemetery scene mostly because the aerial view was beautiful. Overall this movie had people in my theatre leaving before it even climaxed, hisses and na wa! was rife in the theatre and ensuing scenes were also well predicted as we went along, I kept on encouraging the girl by me to ‘be strong’ a twist was coming, this never happened.

The only advice I’ll give as one who believes in the ‘New Nollywood’ is that for next time, the story and characters be more complex, twisted and complicated so it leaves an imprint in the mind of the audience and the story should not have the very talented Genevieve snoozing in her comfort zone. If you missed Genevieve as much as I did you can go see this one, continuously seeing her face should palliate all that disappointment you should be feeling!