Adele Goes Missing After Every Album But We Really Don't Mind

Adele Goes Missing After Every Album But We Really Don't Mind image

Adele goes missing after every album but we don’t see it as a problem because she always comes back with a classic.

She certainly did this time with the release of her third studio album. After “19” and “21”, Adele had made a name for herself as arguably the best female vocalist in the music industry. Her sophomore album “21” won her 6 Grammy awards in 2012 but as usual she took some time off to grow older and four years after that she’s here to win our hearts once again with “25”.

She seems to always draw her inspiration from failed relationships although we never hear much about the relationships in the first place.

A while back, The English singer and songwriter released her first single “Hello” off the “25” album and immediately topped charts worldwide. It became the first ever song to sell a million digital copies within a week of its release. The song was so good it has had well over 480 million hits on Youtube including tons of covers from both foreign and local artistes here in Nigeria. The success of this song can’t be overstated as it even had its own game “The hello challenge” all over the social media. It was indeed the best song she could have led with.

As far as pop goes, this could be the album of the year by fine margins and although the album just got released officially, we Adele fans already listen to it with a bit of sadness.

Who knows what her next album will be called. 30?

That’s way too long


Top 5 Tracks

  • Hello
  • Water Under The Bridge
  • Send My Love
  • I Miss You
  • When We Were Young