About Us

We are National Glory and we are here to celebrate the amazing entrepreneurial endeavours of the Nigerian youths in our monthly digital magazines.

We are firm believers in the youths and what we represent. We play an important role in bringing Nigeria back to her Glory days hence the name National Glory.We are assuring you of our total commitment to the recognition and appreciation of the very many young and gifted Nigerian youths involved in one craft or the other. We believe we are the ones going to shape the future of the Nation.

If you’re an entrepreneur, a fashion designer, or just another hopeful Nigerian youth with passion and drive to evoke meaningful change in the Nation with what you do, you are why we are here.

Our goal is to promote the average effort put in by our young and gifted citizens while also inspiring more to follow their passion through our digital magazine or our blog posts so feel free to contact us if you’d love to be featured.